AmazonBasics 23 Gallon Commercial Slim Trash Can Review

Commercial Slim Trash Can

AmazonBasics 23 Gallon Commercial Slim Trash Can, No Handle, Green, 2-Pack

  • 23-gallon capacity trash can (2-pack) helps keep workspaces clean and tidy
  • Tall, slim profile (no side handles) for out-of-the-way, space-saving placement
  • Step-on groove at the base for bag-removal leverage; air channels prevent difficult-to-pull vacuum effect (bags not included)
  • Rugged plastic construction for long-lasting strength and rigidity; solid Green color


Commercial Slim Trash Can


Durable Design:

The trash can’s heavy-duty polymer construction offers long-lasting strength and rigidity for reliable performance.

No Handle

Designed without side handles, the commercial slim trash can slides nicely into smaller spaces. It works well for designated placement or less-mobile applications.


Commercial Slim Trash Can

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