6 Best Cigarette Butt Receptacles Reviews & Buying Guide

Cigarette Butt Receptacles

Cigarette butt receptacles are an absolute necessity if you have public space or an open smoking area. They help in keeping your space free from unnecessary litter and ensure a great impression. Having said that, there are a lot of options in the market, but we have thoroughly researched and picked out the 6 best cigarette butt receptacles for your ease.

6 Best Cigarette Butt Receptacles Reviews

In this section, we reviewed the 6 best cigarette butt receptacles for you! Let’s see the following list:

  1. Eagle 1202 Galvanized Steel Poly Tube Cigarette Butt Receptacle
  2. Justrite 26806D Polyethylene Personal Smokers Cease-Fire Cigarette Butt Receptacle
  3. Eagle 1206BLACK High-Density Polyethylene SafeSmoker Cigarette Receptacle
  4. Eagle 1206BROWN High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) SafeSmoker Cigarette Receptacle
  5. Justrite Cease-Fire Cigarette Butt Receptacle
  6. ELITRA Wall-Mounted Outdoor Cigarette Butt Receptacle

Eagle 1202 Galvanized Steel Poly Tube Cigarette Butt Receptacle

Eagle Abrasives is a leading manufacturer of cigarette butt receptacles with a wide range of product lines, each with specialEagle 1202 Galvanized Steel Poly Tube Cigarette Butt Receptacle features. This 1202 Galvanized steel receptacle is also a premium one made by them and is a widely preferred option for several reasons.

Outdoor Receptacle

It has a galvanized steel body that makes it highly resistant to outdoor atmospheric conditions. So, you can place it outdoors to prevent littering the ground with cigarette butts. There is no need to add a layer of sand in the bottom or to tie it to something.

Smokeless Ashtray

This has a great smokeless feature that keeps away smoke from cigarettes not to pollute the surrounding area. The design is engineered in such a way that it keeps away oxygen from entering the receptacle and thus extinguishes cigarettes quickly.

Odor Resistant

This cigarette butt receptacle is designed to be resistant to rain which keeps out the water and doesn’t allow odor to form inside the receptacle. Hence, it is a great option as an outdoor receptacle.

Great Capacity

It has a satisfactory capacity of 1.5 to 2

Approved Quality

Manufactured in the US, this premium quality receptacle is approved by FM. The build is sturdy and lasts for a long time if the corresponding safety instructions are followed.

What Customers Say

This is one of the best outdoor cigarette butt receptacles in the market, and you won’t regret buying it. From its superior built to its excellent features, making it ideal for the outdoors, this Eagle receptacle is worth all the penny.

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Justrite 26806D Polyethylene Personal Smokers Cease-Fire Cigarette Butt Receptacle

This Justrite Cigarette butt receptacle is another top choice with its incomparable features. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the quality is approved by FM and deserves all the fame. The special features that make this cigarette ashtray stand out are as follows.Justrite Cigarette Butt Receptacle

Outdoor Features

The receptacle has a robust flat polyethylene that prevents rusting and cracking of the ashtray. It is one of the best outdoor ashtrays that is accompanied by a tie-in knot to secure it in extreme weather conditions.


The internal space of the bucket has disposable bucket liners that are super easy to clean on the go.

Safe to Use

It is built with a safe, self-extinguishing construction that prevents smoke by cutting off oxygen entry inside the receptacle. The steel body can accumulate up to 1000 bodies of cigarettes in one go without spreading any odors.


The body keeps water from accumulating inside and keeps away odor even on rainy days.

What Customers Say

This is one of the bestseller cigarette butt receptacles best for outdoor use. Its sturdy steel construction makes it ideal for keeping away odor and rust even on long usage.

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Eagle 1206 BLACK High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) SafeSmoker Cigarette Receptacle

With a whopping capacity of 5 quarts, it is ideal if you want to install an outdoor cigarette receptacle to keep your area clean. It has all the necessary features that are needed for a long-lasting cigarette receptacle.Eagle 1206BLACK High Density Polyethylene SafeSmoker Cigarette Receptacle


The cigarette receptacle has an adjoining collection bucket that is disposable. It is easy to clean and replace.

Resistant to Extreme Weather

The manufacturer has included several superior features that make it ideal for any outdoor space. It has a highly weather-resistant HDPE body that can stand extreme rain conditions and still does not allow water accumulation. This is the best cigarette receptacle that keeps out odor at all times.

Approved Quality

A reliable feature of this material is that it has been approved by FM, which ensures it can stand the toughest tensions.

What Customers Say

Users speak highly of this receptacle. You can easily use it for 2-3 weeks without replacing the container as it has a great capacity. The product offers as it promises and is of high-grade quality. It is approved by FM and has reliable performance.

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Eagle 1206 BROWN High-Density Polyethylene SafeSmoker Cigarette Receptacle

The eagle-safe smoker cigarette receptacle is a great choice when it comes to a cigarette receptacle. Available in a variety of designs, it offers indispensable performance in keeping smoking areas clean.Eagle 1206BROWN High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) SafeSmoker Cigarette Receptacle

Outdoor Ashtray

The receptacle is specifically built to place it outdoors. It comes with an HDPE lid that has UV blockers to prevent UV damage. Furthermore, the bucket inside is made of galvanized steel which makes it sturdy. Ideally, this is one of the best options for an outdoor cigarette ashtray.


This is also weather resistant because its rain-protective covering keeps away odor due to water accumulation.

Smokeless Ashtray

The outside construction of this cigarette receptacle is made such that it cuts off oxygen and extinguishes burning cigarettes.

What Customers Say

This receptacle offers a stable base even in extreme weather conditions through its secured wind protection. Furthermore, it is also easy to clean and takes the least time, which is a great side.

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Justrite Cease-Fire Cigarette Butt Receptacle

Justrite’s cigarette butt receptacle is a good choice, although you will get better features in this price range too. If you are looking for a small-sized receptacle that will fit inside any small cubicle, this product will give the best value for money.Justrite Cease-Fire Cigarette Butt Receptacle

High Quality

The quality of this Justrite cigarette receptacle is just the perfect quality that is FM-approved. The actual container is made up of UV-protected polyethylene that offers added protection against bending, rusting, and cracking.


The lid can be removed easily, and the galvanized container can be removed to clean it quickly. Moreover, the lid and a water-resistant design keep away water from entering even during heavy rains which makes it mess-free.


If you are looking for a large capacity container for half the price of branded items, you cannot go wrong with this. This has a whopping capacity of 4 gallons and can be used to store cigarette butts for up to 3 to 4 weeks easily, even in a highly crowded area.

What Customers Say

This is a great value for money if you want a high-grade product on a small budget. Overall, its capacity is enough to keep you going for a month or so. Plus, it is an extremely easy-maintenance option; remove the steel container and clean it.

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ELITRA Wall-Mounted Outdoor Cigarette Butt Receptacle

A fantastic innovation in the normal cigarette butt cans we use in daily life, if you want something with a nice sleek look to add elegance to your space, this wall-mounted cigarette butt receptacle is the best. It’s not much complex to use; mount it to the wall, and you’re good to go. It is an excellent choice for commercial buildings, offices, hotels, balconies, and even houses.ELITRA Wall Mounted Outdoor Cigarette Butt Receptacle


The receptacle works the same as a normal receptacle but has several advantages over the latter. The size is crisp and needs a very thin wall to mount it. The fire can be turned off and the butt put inside the receptacle easily. The disposal of waste is also easy and requires a turn of the key. There’s no need to unmount the receptacle to remove all wastes.

Requires Small Space

The receptacle requires just a thin piece of wall and can be attached using screws. It measures only 11.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide and is ideal for a very small cubicle.

Elegant Look

The sleek look of the receptacle makes it a great fit for any designed space.

What Customers Say

This item is a smoker’s dream because of its innovative design and compact size. It is better than normal free-stand receptacles from all aspects like size, installation, maintenance, etc. Plus, you get an elegant look to fit in any space you like.

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Cigarette Butt Receptacles Buying Guide

To choose a high-grade cigarette butt receptacle, you need to know the options first and consider a few important parameters that will help you compare various top options and choose the best for your needs. Among these parameters, major ones are size, capacity, maintenance, installation, quality, approval, and so on.


The size of a cigarette butt receptacle may be small, but it may offer a satisfactory capacity. The size of the receptacle matters when you decide to put it somewhere. For a cubicle, a wall-mounted receptacle is best while for a public space, a free-standing or tied receptacle is usually preferred.


For any public smoking area or large office area, a 4 or 5-gallon capacity is best to keep it going for a good 4 weeks or so. On the other hand, you can install a smaller capacity receptacle for your private space. In that case, a wall-mounted receptacle will be sufficient.


Most popular normal receptacles come with designs that do not allow water to enter the bin and keep away mess. However, you may still need to remove the inner container to clean it. However, if you want an easy maintenance option, you can simply go for the wall-mounted ones. Though they won’t give you enormous storage capacity, these can be cleaned pretty simply. Just move the key to empty the bin, and you are good to go.


Most of the normal outdoor receptacles can be tied to any pole to keep it in place during extreme weather conditions. If you are purchasing a receptacle to place it outside, make sure it has similar provisions. On the other hand, wall-mounted ones do not have such problems.


You must also make sure that the one you choose is of supreme quality and is water-resistant. Otherwise, the material will get rusted soon and may also crack in the outside Sun. To check if the quality is at a satisfactory level, check the FM approvals of the product. Approval by FM means a reliable construction. Preferably look for one with UV-protection, smoke-free qualities that offer resistance to rusting.


Cigarette butt receptacles come in several various designs ranging from marble printed to solid colors and even glossy finishing.


We have listed the 6 best cigarette butt receptacles according to their capacity, size, maintenance, etc. which will help you get a better idea about the different options in the market. To better understand, go through the buying guide to thoroughly decide which one should be best for your needs.

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