10 Best Dog Proof Trash Cans: FAQs and Reviews

Best Dog Proof Trash Can

Both wild and pet animals are attracted to food smells coming out of garbage cans, making it extremely difficult to keep them from littering garbage around your place. Although you can arrange something to keep them away for some time, these might not solve the problem permanently. This tends to be a severe problem if you have dogs at home. You can solve this problem by choosing the best dog-proof trash cans that are embedded with motion control. In this article, we have discussed some useful FAQs you might have in mind regarding keeping animals away from trash cans. Lastly, our reviews of the top 10 dog-proof cans for the kitchen (and all other spots) are sure to sort you out of this problem.

FAQs About Dog Proof Garbage Can

  • What Is The Best Trash Can Keep Dogs Out?

Considering all useful features, the iTouchless trash cans are the best dog-proof bin, although you might find some other options better for your needs. There are a lot of different and sophisticated options available, each having unique advantages over the other.

  • How Do You Dog-proof a Trash Can?

Mostly, dogs can push open a trash bin with their noses which can be prevented in different ways. If you have some bucks to spare, the best thing to do will be to get a motion-activated trash can so that it opens only with a gesture of hand at a specific point. Other alternatives could be closing the lid with a heavy weight on it like a brick, etc. However, this method is neither convenient nor applicable to all models of garbage bins. Lastly, you can try putting the bin in an inaccessible location or height difficult for your dog to reach.

  • What Can I Spray On My Garbage to Keep Animals Away?

Smelly substances like ammonia, diluted bleach, etc., can be used to keep animals away for some time. But it is not a permanent or efficient solution, just as you yourself might feel troubled by such pungent smells surrounding you all the time.

  • How Do I Keep My Dog Out of The Dust Bin?

There are many ways to keep your domestic dog away from the trash bin, including training them and scolding them to teach it is not acceptable. However, if these techniques don’t work, it is best to either keep the trash can out of the reach of your dog or create separate boxes to hold in the trash can that cannot be opened without human acts. Lastly, make sure you properly feed your dog to keep it satisfied which solves the problem most of the time.

  • Why Does My Dog Keep Getting In The Trash?

Dogs may show this behavior to seek the attention of the owner or just because it is a part of their habit. Many dogs find it a game and are amused by rewards found in the trash bin, especially when they get their favorite food items by digging in the trash. Otherwise, look if the pet’s diet needs are being met or if you are under-feeding it.

  • How Do You Keep Animals Out of Your Trash?

Keeping animals out of the trash is no joke but can be done through strategic techniques. One of the first things you wanna do might be to get a trash can with a lid too heavy to be opened by animals. If this doesn’t work, try spraying pungent-smelling liquids like ammonia, or diluted bleach which should do the work. Lastly getting a motion-activated trash can is the best as it can only be opened by a particular human hand gesture near a specific point of the trash can.

  • Why Do Dogs Eat Bathroom Trash?

Most commonly, your dog may have sniffed the smell of their favorite food in your bathroom trash. This is a simple explanation of why your dog eats bathroom trash and how you can solve the issue.

  • How Do You Bear-proof A Garbage Can?

Bears are most of the time attracted to food garbage only and throwing these in locked trash or garage until garbage throw-out day is the best thing you can do. Alternatively, you can add lime or other strong smelly substances to eliminate the smell of foods and keep away bears. You can even use a motion-activated trash can that cannot be opened by bears unless damaged.

  • How Do You Hide A Trash Can?

If you don’t have a fence to protect your trash cans, you can camouflage them with potted plants, shrubs, etc. Alternatively, you can also build a small trash closet to keep the trash bin hidden and locked in there. This way it doesn’t hamper the sleep look of your apartment nor get detected by animals.

  • Does Vinegar Keep Animals Away?

Yes, vinegar is very effective in keeping animals away as the smell of it is strongly disliked by all animals. Even if it has dried, the smell is enough to keep away raccoons, dogs, cats, deer, etc.

  • What Do Squirrels Hate The Most?

Any natural and robust pepper scent, be it sweet or not, is hated by squirrels. They cannot stand the smells of black or white pepper, peppermint, etc.

  • What Smells Do Raccoons Hate?

Raccoons have very strong smell instincts and cannot stand the smell of onion, garlic, peppers, peppermint oil, etc. You can use these in your trash can to keep raccoons away, even though this might only be a temporary solution.

10 Best Dog-Proof Trash Cans: Reviews

iTouchless 13 Gallon Pet-Proof Sensor Trash Can

The iTouchless pet-proof trash can is perfect for any house or office with pets. iTouchless has included some extremely convenient features that make this easy-on and easy-off trash can among the top choices of homemakers. You will really fall in love with its functioning once you start using it, and it is sure to fit in any stylish space. It is motion-controlled and keeps pets from opening the lid.

Cuts Odors

This trash can is provided with a replaceable AbsorbX Odor Filter that absorbs all bad odors from the trash and prevents the garbage that stinking around you. The AbsorbX Odor Filter also traps VOCs to keep you as healthy as possible. Moreover, you also get an activated Carbon Odor Filter with it.

Sophisticated Technology

It has a number of noteworthy and thoughtful features that will ensure you get the best out of the price you pay. The first is its Reflex Technology which prevents the lid from falling on your hand. While it is closing, this feature reopens the lid on its own if it senses you have put your hand back in. Next, a green light indicates the trash is open, while a red light means it is closed. The bin also has two chagrin options – batteries as well as an AC adapter.

High Capacity

The trash bin itself has a 13-gallon capacity that is apt for any domestic-use space. Moreover, it makes taking out the trash much easier with an extra-wide opening lid.


Lastly, the trash bin is easy to use because of its automatic pet lock and easy-to-clean stainless steel body. This makes it pretty long-lasting, elegant, and a convenient option to include in any space with pets.


If you are worried about warranties on this product, you also get a 1-year manufacturer’s service included, which is a great advantage.

What Customers Say

This is undoubtedly a superior option to consider if you have pets at home because it satisfies all the performances it claims to offer. Moreover, it helps you keep the surroundings odor-free in such an affordable way.

iTouchless 13 Gallon Pet-Proof Sensor Trash Can

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Simplehuman 12-gallon Semi-Round Step Trash Can

If you have a separate trash closet to keep your trash bin locked in, this can be a good option for a household having pets. No doubt, it is very convenient to use with its impressive features, although you will find better dog-proof cans at a comparable warranty and price range.


This trash can accompanies a 10-year warranty on the material that is engineered to last for years without any corrosion or damage.

Custom-fit Liners

You also receive some custom-fit garbage liners that have been made to be compatible with this trash can so that you have a hygienic and convenient garbage disposal experience. The custom-fit liner rim in the trash can ensures this by flipping down to hide and fix the liner.

Strong Construction

The overall construction of the trash can is made to last for years, even with rough use. The pedal and the body are made with stainless steel that resists changes in the weather, corrosion, and much more. The stainless steel body also makes it easy to clean as it resists fingerprints and smudges.

High Capacity

Capacity is also not an issue as it has a 45-liter trash capacity that is sufficient to keep you worry-free for a few weeks.

Impressive Technology

Lastly, the trash bin closes with a lid Shox technology to make no noise and also prevent any bumps against walls, etc. Moreover, you don’t even need to use your hands to open it when they are dirty. You can open it just by stepping on the pedal, which is super convenient to use.

What Customers Say

The warranty is probably the most attractive feature of this product besides its convenience. However, although it can be a good option if you have pets at home, you might want to avoid it as pets can often learn how to operate the foot pedal to open the lid. Moreover, the price is comparatively higher than other motion-controlled trash bins that are more animal-proof in a way.

simplehuman stainless steel 12 gal./45l step trash can

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Rubbermaid Step-On Dog proof Trash Can Kitchen

Rubbermaid is a well-known name in trash can manufacturing and builds high-standard products to ensure maximum hygiene. Besides having hands-free use, it is also animal-proof. Moreover, if your household or office has to deal with infectious waste, this is the perfect trash can for you.

Hands-free Operation

This Rubbermaid trash can features a pedal-operated lid that offers hygienic, hands-free use. This not only makes it convenient for the user but also prevents pets from opening the lid and creating a mess.


As this trash can complies with OSHA standards, it is completely safe to use by anyone and also near kids and pets. Furthermore, this trash can has a high standard that offers safe containment of infectious waste and blood-borne pathogens.

Sturdy Construction

Lastly, this is a satisfactorily long-lasting option as the trash can is finished in a red powder coat.

High Capacity

The trash can has a 24-gallon capacity which is enormous to keep you going for over a week without refills easily.

What Customers Say

If your household or office generates infectious waste, this bin will be the best option for you. With sturdy construction, these can be used as dog-proof trash cans for the kitchen or bathroom.

Best Dog Proof Trash Cans

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iTouchless 13 Gallon Wings-Open Sensor Trash Can

iTouchless is known for its thoughtful range of highly sophisticated dog-proof bins. This too is embedded with convenient gesture-identifying technology that opens and closes the lid making it a top choice as a dog-proof garbage can (kitchen and bathroom).

Touchless Operation

This iTouchless trash can offers one of the best touchless experiences as a hand gesture is enough to open the lid. The same goes for closing the lid which can be done without touching the bacteria-containing surface. Moreover, you get two low-clearance lids for easy cleaning of the trash can, which is super convenient.


Besides hygienic use, this has a patent-pending PetGuard lock feature. So, it is the perfect trash can for any house with pets in it as it keeps away pets from messing with the trash.

Odor Locking

If you are still looking for a better option, this will also take away your worries about the stinking smell surrounding your kitchen and bathroom. It has an ABS plastic lid that locks in odor and keeps fresh air prevailing in your room. Lastly, the pack includes an AbsorbX Natural Activated Carbon Odor Filter for better-smelling homes.

What Customers Say

It is safe to say this is one of the best pet-proof trash cans for kitchens and bathrooms, as you cannot get almost any of its impressive features at this price point. Moreover, careful handling also ensures the greater longevity of the product.

Best Dog Proof Trash Cans

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Ubbi Steel Odor Locking

Ubbi is a popular choice for pet parents to keep their homes hygienic and mess-free. It is suitable for pets in the house and curious kids at home. Moreover, it has some convenient features provided at affordable pricing, which makes it really good for any household.


Ubbi Steel trash bin has a solid steel body that locks the smell inside. Moreover, it has been provided with rubber seals around the rim to strengthen the odor-locking effects.

Easy Refilling

This diaper bin can be lined with any normal bag or cloth liner and does not require any special cloth liner.

Child Safety Lock

This garbage pail is even fit for homes with children as it has a child safety lock and slow-close lid. This makes it extremely safe to use around infants.

Enormous Capacity

This will satisfy all your waste disposal needs in terms of capacity as it has adequate capacity to keep you worry-free for a long.

What Customers Say

This award-winning diaper pail can be used in any place as a dog-proof trash can (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc.) as it accompanies all useful features a dog parent needs at home. Advantageously, you can also use it in a household if you have kids because it also has a childproof safety lock.

Best Dog Proof Trash Cans

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Simplehuman 58 Liter Rectangular Hands-Free Dual Compartment Recycling Kitchen Step Trash Can

If you are looking for the ultimate doggie trash can to make your life easier, this is it. From an enormous capacity of 58 liters to dual trash compartments to separate recyclable materials, this has all the features you can need for hygienic living.

Separate Compartments

The trash bin has separate compartments for recyclable and non-recyclable trash in the bin which makes recycling and waste disposal a breeze.

Impressive Technology

The trash bin features a patented lid Shox technology that closes the lid silently without any loud thuds.

Convenient Design

The trash bin comes with a convenient steel pedal that offers hygienic, hands-free use. Moreover, the steel pedal is long-lasting and is built to sustain over 100,000 steps. Lastly, the stainless steel body is made fingerprint-proof to leave no smudges. It is also infused with Agion, an EPA-registered antimicrobial agent. This keeps the surface free from bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew.

Enough Capacity

The dual trash can also has an enormous capacity of 58 liters which is the perfect trash can for disposing of pet wastes in the house apart from kitchen waste.


The product itself has a reliable ten-year warranty that proves it has a solid construction to withstand rough use for years.

What Customers Say

The item is one of pet owners’ favorites and environment-friendly peeps alike because of all the above-mentioned impressive features. You get such massive capacity within a sturdy steel construction that comes with antimicrobial technology. This will be best for you if you can bear the expenses as it also has ten years of warranty, which justifies the price tag.

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Safco Trash Can

Safco’s’ trash can is ideal for cafes, restaurants, hotels, homes, offices, and hospitals. It has a UV-resistant construction that does not allow the color to fade away even on long use. It is pretty weather resistant from its construction and design that can withstand windy weather when anchored properly.

Elegant Design

This trash can features an extremely unique yet elegant five-fluted panel sides design. It is made with molded plastic to blend in naturally with any interior and keep your space litter-free in a stylish way.

Fit for Indoor and Outdoor

Whether you want to place it outdoors in a harsh climate or inside your room, it can sustain both conditions superiorly. Being made from high-density polyethylene, it can resist UV rays from the Sun which makes it suitable for outdoor use. Moreover, the construction also resists the fading away of color on long-standing. It is resistant to windy days, too as it can be anchored to the place in multiple ways.

Great Anchorage

The bottom of this dog-proof rubbish bin can be anchored or even heavy-weighted by putting in sand or bricks that keep away animals from messing with the trash.

Hands-free Operation 

This trash can lets you dispose of garbage without touching the lid. This is one of the top features anyone looks for in a trash can that ensures

What Customers Say

This is one of the best weather-resistant trash cans apt for any public place. Even at home, it makes a stylish statement to fit any elegant interior and also provides a hygienic waste disposal experience. The price might seem higher than average but the material of its construction is so long-lasting that it justifies the price point in the long run.

best dog proof trash cans

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Sterilite Locking Trash Can

Hands-free Use

The trash can has a step-on pedal that lets you use it hands-free to prevent the spreading of disease-causing germs.

Safe Locking

The locking system of the lid is superior in preventing pets and kids from messing up the litter. This is a perfect choice for households with pets as the lid stays closed even when tipped over.

Great Fit

It has a D-shaped design that fits compactly against any wall to give a put-together look in any space. The bin itself also looks pretty elegant to fit in any corner to give a sleek look.


This bin features a 12.6-gallon capacity which is enough for any household. Moreover, you can use it with a standard 13-gallon cloth liner you use in any regular trash bin.

What Customers Say

Everything works as claimed by the manufacturers although you will certainly get the best dog-proof trash cans with better features. However, the lid might not work if it is tipped over, and pets can mess up the trash in it. So, it is better to look for other options that have a better animal-proofing system.

best dog proof trash can

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SONGMICS Dual Trash Garbage Can

Songmics trash can is an elegant choice to fit most interior spaces and offers a great storage capacity. It has a hands-free operation and is long-lasting if you want just basic features in a trash bin.


The trash bin has an elegant silver silhouette that is an eye-catcher in any kitchen, bathroom, or other space.

Hands-free Operation

The trash bin also allows a hygienic and convenient hands-free use that is superior to preventing the spread of germs. Moreover, it is convenient and hygienic when your hands are dirty from doing the trash.


The bin is made from sturdy steel which ensures that the bin lasts for a long time. The lid is also fitted with a thoughtful mechanism that closes it softly without any sound. Lastly, the bin comes with a convenient metal handle to lift it if you need to.


The trash bin has an impressive capacity, with dual bins adding up to 60 L of storage space. It is enough to keep going for a week or two without refills.

What Customers Say

This is a long-lasting option at this price range and has a satisfactory animal-proofing mechanism. Moreover, it has dual compartments with an enormous capacity of 60L (30L each bin). Hence, you can consider this option for your house or office if you have pets.

best dog proof trash cans

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iTouchless 16 Gallon Dual Step Trash Can & Recycle

The iTouchless 16-gallon trash can is a satisfactory option if you have pets at home. It has convenient features to make trash disposal easy and hygienic. However, it may not be as long-lasting as other iTouchless options.


The large-capacity trash bins are color-coded for easy trash removal. The blue side is for recycling, while the black side is for disposable trash.

Hands-free Operation

The trash bin also has a smooth and easy foot pedal that ensures you can operate it conveniently even when your hands are busy. The lids are also constructed to make the lid closing sound-free.

Large Capacity

The satisfactory 16-gallon capacity is sufficient for any space, and the trash also needs the least floor space.

What Customers Say

iTouchless is undoubtedly a satisfactory animal-proof trash can. With its sophisticated features and enough capacity, it can be a good addition to any space. Overall, it’s a good choice, but you will get far better options and features in other products at this comparable price range.

best dog proof trash cans

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Dog Proof Trash Cans Buying Guide

Buying a dog-proof trash can is essential if you have a curious or mischievous canine companion. Here’s a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the best dog-proof trash can:

  1. Material:

Opt for sturdy materials like stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic, as they are more durable and resistant to chewing or tampering.

  1. Lid Type:

Choose a trash can with a secure lid that is difficult for your dog to open. There are various types of lids available:

Locking Lids: These can be locked or latched securely to prevent access.

Pedal-Operated Lids: Dogs typically can’t operate these.

Sensor Lids: Some trash cans have motion-sensor lids that open automatically when you approach and close when you’re done.

  1. Size and Capacity:

Select a trash can with an appropriate size and capacity to suit your needs. A larger capacity may be necessary if you generate a lot of trash, as it reduces the need for frequent emptying.

  1. Weighted Base:

A trash can with a weighted base is less likely to tip over if your dog tries to knock it down or jump on it.

  1. Odor Control:

Look for a trash can with a good sealing mechanism to prevent odors from escaping. Some models come with odor filters or liners to further contain smells.

  1. Accessibility:

Consider the accessibility of the trash can for humans. While you want it to be dog-proof, it should still be easy for you to open and use.

  1. Design:

Choose a design that complements your kitchen or living space. Some dog-proof trash cans come in a range of colors and styles to match your decor.

  1. Easy Cleaning:

Look for a trash can with a removable inner liner or bucket for easy cleaning. Dogs can make a mess, and it’s important to be able to clean the trash can easily.

  1. Price:

Set a budget and choose a dog-proof trash can that fits within it. Keep in mind that investing in quality trash can may save you money in the long run by preventing dog-related messes.

  1. Reviews and Ratings:

Read reviews and ratings from other dog owners to get insights into how well a particular trash can works at keeping dogs out.

  1. Training:

In addition to a dog-proof trash can, consider training your dog not to go through the trash. Positive reinforcement and consistent training can be effective in preventing unwanted behavior.

  1. Brand Reputation:

Opt for reputable brands known for producing quality, durable products. This can provide you with more assurance of the product’s effectiveness.

  1. Warranty:

Check if the trash can come with a warranty, as this can be helpful in case of any defects or issues.

  1. Customer Support:

Ensure the manufacturer provides good customer support in case you need assistance or replacement parts.

Remember that no trash can is entirely dog-proof, especially if you have a highly determined or smart dog. However, choosing a trash can with the right features can significantly reduce the chances of your dog getting into the trash and making a mess.


The best dog-proof trash cans are not difficult to find if you closely look at the specific features that keep away pets from messing with the litter. To sum up, look for a motion-activated lid-locking system that cannot be opened by pets in any way. We highly recommend going through our list of the ten best dog-proof garbage cans that have been reviewed by giving careful thought to important parameters like odor-locking, lid-closing system, warranty, budget, longevity, and so on.

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