Find The Best Galvanized Trash Can To Put On A Rustic Charm To Your Place

The trash cans are generally made either of metal or plastic. However, a metal trash can is always preferred, as it’s more robust and more durable. They are more enduring to the harsh conditions, providing a reliable way of garbage disposal. The metal cans become more special when they undergo the galvanization process. It makes them highly resistant to rust, making them last for years. Getting galvanized trash can help you deal with garbage or yard waste and is also an excellent option for birdseed & pet food storage.

This article aims to help you get the best galvanized trash can that suits your needs. Here we have a shortlist of these trash cans so that you can choose one much conveniently. While coming up with the top recommendations for the galvanized trash cans, we’ve emphasized the high-quality galvanized construction, contemporary design, suitable size, convenient pedal operation, lid options, versatility, price, and, most importantly, the customer reviews. Remember, the galvanized trash cans will help you –

  • Add a rustic farmhouse charm to your home or office decor.
  • Use both indoors and outdoors as they’re generally rodent-proof and resistant to rust and other weather conditions.
  • Have it in service for its maximum durability and strength due to the high-quality metal construction.
  • Use for different utilities as they’re not merely simple wastebaskets.

We’ll check out the detailed reviews of these products below, but let’s find out some of the FAQs’ answers before moving into that.

Answering The FAQs

Where to buy non galvanized trash cans?

What could be a better place than Amazon to buy galvanized and non-galvanized trash cans! You can also check them out in the supermalls or hardware shops near you.

How to spray paint graffiti on a galvanized trash can?

First, you’ve to treat the galvanized trash can with a primer, a specific formulation to etch galvanized metals. Once you’ve primed your trash can, it’s ready to accept paint. Now you can apply the spray paint graffiti. Make sure it has a particular and durable finish to avoid peeling off in the future.

How to clean galvanized steel trash can?

Cleaning the galvanized steel trash can may take some conservative to more aggressive treatments depending upon the stains and marks on the can. For general cleaning of contaminants and specks of dirt, regular laundry soaps are enough. You can use a low-pressure wash like a gurney gun or use the car/truck cleaners for stubborn stains. You can also use the distilled vinegar solution or neutralize alkaline deposits to rub the solution into the metal can. Finally, rinse off with water and dry thoroughly.

Which is better for the outside trash can, stainless steel, or galvanized?

As for outside or outdoor trash cans, the galvanized ones are better. It’s because they are resistant to rust, rodents, chemicals, and weather.

Reviewing The 5 Best Galvanized Trash Can

Autumn Alley Galvanized Bathroom Trash Can with Lid 

Autumn Alley comes into the light with its quality farmhouse, rustic, primitive & transitional home decor. The galvanized trash cans are one such product that they specialize in. Here we have their tiny 5L Galvanized Waste Basket, an excellent addition to any rusting home accessories. We’ll check out more of its functional features below in the article.

Modern, Farmhouse Appealing Design

The Autumn Alley Galvanized Trash Can comes in a perfect look to suit farmhouse-like homes’ functions. Its galvanized, classic matte black finish & embossing style add a rustic charm to your room decor. The 5L wastebasket is a compact unit to complement your home’s bedroom, living room, bathroom, or outdoor units.

Well-Built Trash Can

It’s a well-built unit that’s constructed with a combination of sturdy metal and durable plastic. So you can use it for years. This galvanized trash can is made for indoor use; however, it’s hard-wearing enough to use outdoors as well.

Galvanized Bathroom Trash Can with Lid

Sturdy Liner

The Autumn Alley galvanized trash can includes a removable plastic liner for convenient trash disposal. You can easily lift out the liner pail with the firmly attached metal handle, allowing suitable disposal of trash, lint & pet poop.

Convenient Push Pedal

It includes a smooth push pedal operation that enables hands-free disposal while keeping the trash covered and out of public sight. It also keeps the home odor-free for a healthier home.

What Customers Say

People who want to add rustic charm to their homes find the Autumn Alley galvanized trash can to be a perfect choice. It’s a well-made trash can that can take care of the trash handling well enough. The users mostly praise its compact size, reasonable price, and functional features, along with its rustic look.

Trash Can with Lid

check price and more details

Walford Home Galvanized Trash Can Bucket

It’s time to check out the galvanized trash can by Walford Home. Walford specializes in farmhouse, vintage, country-style home, garden, and kitchen products that combine the decorative look and functional features. This metal trash can here’s a perfect option to elevate the look of your bedroom or bathroom decor while helping you to keep the space tidy. Let’s find out more about this trash can here.

Decorative & Sturdy

Walford brings you a decorative trash basket to add a rustic, vintage charm to the home decor. It features an all-metal .27mm galvanized steel construction. And that makes it a sturdy and heavy-duty wastebasket for everyday use. It measures 10 x 6.77 x 12 inches (T x B x H) and weighs around 1.25 lbs. So it’s compact and light enough to fit anywhere at home. There’s also a handle for comfortable carrying.

Eye-Catching, Antique Decor

If you love the old-antique appeal of your trash can, this is the right trash can to go for. This silver-colored steel trash pail keeps your space tidy in the most eye-catching and stylish accent. Now place this trash can in your bedroom, bathroom, or office to bring a perfect farmhouse-style, country decor look.

Multi-Functional Pail Bucket

Walford galvanized trash can is a multifunctional utility pail that gives you the versatility for different applications. So it’s not just a decorative waste can but rather a multi-purpose bucket. You can use it to decorate with floral arrangements, or potted plants, or for holding, organizing, and storing items. Being strong and durable, this wastebasket is capable of enough to meet all your storage needs.

What Customers Say

Walford Home is a trusted brand that has many happy customers with its utility pail. People find this wastebasket to be a decorative addition to their homes. It also makes a great addition to any home for the way it keeps the space tidier and cleaner. And most of it all, the durability of this wastebasket is what convinces people the most.

check price and details

Behrens High-Grade Steel 6 Gallon Silver Galvanized Steel Storage Can With Locking Lid

Behrens is a prominent brand when it comes to producing high-quality metal containers, including its High Grade Galvanized Steel Storage Can. It’s mostly known for its high-quality metalware that includes an entirely sustainable and recyclable design. It’s not just a wastebasket to deal with your trashes, but doing it in style even more than that. Let’s find out more about its details below.

Reliable Brand

Behrens is a highly committed brand that creates industrial metalware, including the best galvanized trash can. Their products carry a rich history of application that even went through generations. You can trust this brand for its highly durable cans that are resistant to chemicals, weather, and rodents. Behrens is a vintage-inspired brand that ensures the finest craftsmanship with its durable and built-to-last household accessories that include galvanized trash cans as well.

Perfect Specs

Behrens Storage Can comes in high-grade, galvanized steel construction. It includes a 100% recyclable design and is constructed with 100% sustainable materials. It measures 13.5 x 13.5 x 12.8 inches (L x W x H) and weighs around 24 pounds. The trash basket also has a decent 6-gallon capacity.

Highly Durable & Resistant

It’s made of highly durable materials that are resistant to rust, fire, and heat. It’s also rodent-proof so that it won’t absorb odors. Also, it won’t fade or crack like plastic. However, it’s not a leak-proof unit, so dry storage is recommended.

Trash Can With Lid Locking & Large Handle

The Behrens small metal trash can with lid lock feature allows it to seal tightly to keep the trashes from spilling. It also has a large handle allowing for easy transport. There’s also a lid cover that keeps waste tidy, hidden, and odor-free.

Versatile Applications

This vintage-style basket is not merely a trash can; rather, you can use it for multiple applications. Some of these applications include storage for pet food, grass seed, bird seed, and bedding. So there’s every chance you’ll make the most of this wastebasket.

What Customers Say

Coming across the customer review, we find that it’s more than just a galvanized trash can as people happily use it for multiple applications. However, people like it as a trash basket as well for different indoor and outdoor uses. Its durability and functionality leave people with sheer satisfaction.

behrens Galvanized Storage Can

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Autumn Alley Galvanized Trash Can with Oval Label and Turned Wood Handle add Farmhouse Charm.

Add a farmhouse look to your room or bathroom with the Autumn Alley Galvanized Trash Can. Its eye-catching look and solid build construction make it worth considering as the best galvanized trash can. It comes with more fun and functional features that are worth checking out here.

Stylish & Durable

Autumn Alley trash can is powered by durable and thick construction. It’s made of metal & wood combination with built-to-last durability, while its incredible galvanized finish evokes a refreshing and functional style to the place. It blends in like a breeze in any of your rooms and outdoors to add rustic charm to your home decor.

Compact Size

The Autumn Alley is a small metal trash can measuring 10-inch in height with a 9-inch diameter. It weighs little less than 2 lbs, yet it’s not merely a basic cookie-cutter tin trash can. It’s a compact unit that fits neatly under any cabinet, bedroom corner, or toilet alcove.

Small Bathroom trash can

Galvanization For Mega Rust Resistance

It includes a state-of-the-art galvanizing technique that protects this trash bin from corrosive reactivity. So the wastebasket remains in pristine shape for a long, long time.

Pure Farmhouse Style

Autumn Alley trash can comes with the casual & original ‘Trash’ label, embossed rings, and turned-wooden handle to add the ultimate farmhouse style. This classic, trendy, and tastefully designed trash basket lets you enjoy a VIP farmhouse finish while disposing of trash every time.

What Customers Say

This Autumn Alley galvanized trash can seems to be a favorite choice for rustic bucket lovers. The homeowners with farmhouse decor find this to be a perfect-looking trash can with excellent functional features. Moreover, Autumn Alley’s reliability makes people trust its products to have them at home.

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Behrens 1205 Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Utility Pail, 5-Quart, Silver

Behrens galvanized metal products offer countless benefits to your home, garden, and farms. The 1205 Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Utility Pail is one such product that you should have on hand. They promise handcrafted excellence and sustainability, and the galvanized trash can here guarantees to live up to that. We’ll check out more of its features below.

Built, for Now, Made to Last

The Behrens 1205 galvanized trash can comprises 100% sustainable, high-quality materials and is more durable than plastic. It comes in galvanized steel and hot-dipped galvanized steel, making it a hard-wearing pail. It includes a 100% recyclable design. And It’s also highly resistant to rodents and harsh weather conditions. This essential utility pail won’t absorb odors and won’t rust either.

Classic Design

Its design includes a classic finish to add a farmhouse charm to your home or office decor. In addition, there’s a zinc coating on its surface that provides a textured rustic finish and a watertight seal for maximum convenience.

behrens trash can

Versatile Applications

Like other Behrens utility pails, this bucket is more than just a trash can. You can also use it to feed the calves and do different clean-ups. It can also be an ideal choice for icing beverages, planting, storage, wet or dry carry, and so on.

More Features

There’s more to the feature list of this galvanized trash can. It’s sealed tightly and is leakproof. There’s also an offset bottom that keeps it off the ground. It includes a solid metal handle and a wire-reinforced top rim for enhanced durability and portability. So you get the vintage-style decor with sheer convenience.

What Customers Say

The Behrens steel bucket seems to be a joy for many rustic enthusiasts out there. It’s a wastebasket that’s more than just a wastebasket. People who look to add a classic, farm-style look to your decor find this worth considering for their homes and offices. Regarding durability and strength, there’s little you can complain about. All in all, it deserves to be your choice for the best galvanized trash can.

check price and more details


When you talk about the best galvanized trash can, there’s more than just dealing with trash. Because the galvanized style ensures a vintage farmhouse looks to your home decor. And probably this is the style you prefer most about your home. Besides, the galvanization of metal provides excellent resistance to rust, UV weather, and vandalism. So you can consider the galvanized and aluminum trash cans outdoor due to their high durability and sustainability. The galvanized versions are generally small and compact, unlike the stainless steel 20-gallon trash can. So they’re meant to use in homes and offices.

This article tried to touch on the significant points and discussed some of the top recommendations for galvanized trash cans. The Autumn Alley, Behrens, and Walford are all prominent brands for providing metal wastebaskets. So you can choose to go with any of them that suits your needs the most. This should be it for now, and we believe you are all good to make an informed choice for the best galvanized trash can.

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