10 Best Hands-Free Automatic Trash Cans Reviews

Automatic Trash Can

Allergic to touching trash cans? And, looking for an automatic, hands-free option? Your quest is worth it, especially in this time of Covid-19 when the touchless operation has become a vital part of our lives and everyday chores. It goes the same while dealing with waste management issues, more smartly and hygienically. The only option you have is to switch to the hands-free automatic trash cans as they use an intelligent sensor mechanism requiring no manual touching to the automatic trash can lid.

Moreover, some new models support voice control to open/close the lid. If you haven’t got one yet, it’s high time to check out the best recommendations and get one. Even if you already have one that’s not working as desired, you should watch for this review to replace the old one with something far better. So let’s start the discussion and see how technology has pushed this particular home-essential so ahead.


  • What to consider when buying an automatic trash can?

There are several factors to consider while buying hands-free automatic trash cans. Some of the most critical factors include the size of the trash can, aesthetics, sensor & automaticity, ease of cleaning and maintenance, convenience of operation, lid mechanism, etc.

  • How long do the batteries last in an automatic trash can?

The batteries in the good automatic trash cans generally last up to a year; however, you can buy one or two models that promise to last up to 18 months, depending upon the use.

  • Can I use regular garbage bags in a hands-free automatic trash can?

The answer is ‘yes’ for most of the automatic trash cans. Generally, the hands-free automatic trash can doesn’t require any unique trash bag unless any model specifies that.

Best Hands-Free Automatic Trash Cans Reviews

iTouchless Deodorant Bin

When it comes to hands-free automatic trash cans, the brand that strikes your mind immediately is the iTouchless. So here we have the iTouchless 4 Gal – 15 L Touchless Sensor Trash Can, an all-in-one solution to keep the environment free from trash odor and fill with the scintillating fragrance of your space in the office or home. We’ll be checking more of this product below.

A Promising Brand

iTouchless is the “Touchless, Do More” brand that provides convenient and healthier everyday products that can make your life a lot easier. Their smart and innovative housewares have been serving the houses for decades. iTouchless shows maximum promise to ensure complete customer satisfaction regarding parts and customer support.

hands free trash can

Perfect Odor Control

iTouchless comes with a replaceable Odor Filter – AbosorbX, which completely absorbs trash odors. It includes an Activated Carbon Odor Filter and a Lemon-Scented Fragrance Cartridge, making it one of the best automatic trash cans to use in the kitchen, bathroom, or office.

Durable & Beautiful

Besides excellent performance, the iTouchless trash can comes with high-quality construction. It includes a steel can body and ABS plastic lid. The steel appears with an elegant matte finish and a beautiful silver-colored lid. The exterior is easy to clean and fingerprint-resistant as well.

touchless teash can

More Features

This automatic trash can comes with a unique sensor-operated lid that provides a convenient lid status alert. Its solid green indicates the lid’s Stay Open Mode, and the blinking red indicates the lid’s About to Close Status.

The Refix Technology can sense if you’ve moved the hand back in to reopen the lid automatically. It also has versatile power options allowing you to go with batteries or stay battery-free using the iTouchless AC Adapter (both sold separately).

What Customers Say

Customers find this trash can from iTouchless to be one of the best automatic garbage cans to check out. People are highly impressed with its size and other functionalities that keep the space odor-free and amazingly fragrant.

iTouchless Deodorant Bin

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EKO Phantom-T 50 Liter / 13.2 Gallon Vertical Motion Sensor Trash Can

Next on the list, we have the EKO Phantom-T 50 Liter Vertical Motion Sensor Trash Can. It’s another demonstration of a state-of-the-art trash can for hands-free operation. From its exterior finish to the smart mechanisms, you’d love how it takes care of your trash management. Look at the features below to know more about this intelligent trash can.

Excellent Construction

The EKO Motion Sensor Trash Can comes with excellent construction. The exterior is fingerprint-resistant and includes a brushed stainless steel finish. It also features a vented plastic base to help the cleaning procedure and control the odor better.

Stylish & Space-Saving

Phantom T Motion Sensor Trash Can is a fantastic unit where style meets functionality. Its space-efficient vertical design & dual-wing lid looks impressive while ensuring the ease of hands-free trash management. In addition, its design takes up less height, making it suitable to place under any counter in your home or office. With a smaller footprint, this no-liner variant comes with an immense trash volume of 50L & 13.2G.

Great Attention To Details

Some great attention to detail makes this trash can a worthy checking option. Firstly, the intelligent sensor mechanism quickly detects when to open and close. Then, there’s the soft-close lid that quietly and gently descends for maximum convenience.

If you prefer manual operation over automatic with this trash can, you simply do it with a flip of a switch to set it to completely manual mode.

Innovative Removable Rim

This Phantom trash can from EKO features the newly introduced removable rim. This rim secures the disposable trash bags and conceals them from sight. The inner ring also secures these bags and helps for more rapid and more effortless change.

What Customers Say

For hands-free garbage cans, the Phantom T Motion Sensor Trash Can seems to be a much-loved option. People like its design and intelligent sensor mechanism. Also, its inner rim and soft-close lid are the features that make people happy with the trash handlings.

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NINESTARS Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can

Want to stay touchless with your trash can? Why not check out one of the topmost hands-free automatic trash cans – the NINESTARS Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can. This Amazon’s Choice has everything for the smartest trash management. We’ll have a look at some of its excellent features here.

From The Pioneers

Nine Stars lead the way for touchless automatic trash cans for recycling purposes. It offers maximum efficiency in home, office, commercial, or other recycling areas. Moreover, nine Stars make sure that they equip it with cutting-edge technologies and features to make the trash handling experience the easiest one.

High-Quality Product

Ninestars automatic trash can features a sturdy Stainless Steel Base and Water-Resistant Infrared Motion Sensor. The base is fingerprint resistant, and it’s designed in an easy-to-clean way. In addition, the sensor helps prevent any accidental spills and moisture from damaging the product.

Technological Advancements

This automatic trash can comes with some advanced technology that makes it a joy to use. Its Delay Sensing Technology helps to preserve the battery life. It also helps to prevent unwanted openings, whether by the children, pets, or any walking by. Quiet closing is also a plus for this trash management box.

Stay Touchless

The Ninenstars come with the Touch-free Motion Sensor Lid Closure, which gives you the best experience regarding trash handling. Now seal the trash odor in and eliminate any cross-contamination of germs.

Convenience of Use

There’s also a detachable ring liner that holds the trash bag perfectly in place and keeps it from overhanging for a neater and cleaner appearance. It’s a battery-operated unit that requires no electrical outlet. The hassle-free warranty policy makes it even more convenient for its users.

What Customers Say

It’s a well-received automatic trash can by its users. Regarding its build quality, most of the functionalities seem to work as advertised. The only issue to notice is its automatic lid opening/closing feature. Some find it to be a faulty feature; however, most people find it alright.

Automatic Trash Cans

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iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter and Lid Lock

It’s time for the best seller for hands-free automatic trash cans to enter the picture –  iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can. There’s a lot to talk about this great trash can with a lot to offer for your home and office’s perfect garbage management. Let’s start exploring its features here.

Fantastic Odor Control

This iTouchless trash can not only mask the trash odors relatively eliminate them. It features the Carbon Filter Gate that uses activated carbon to neutralize the odor completely. So you get a clean and fresh-smelling home. Its non-scented deodorizer has excellent odor-absorption capabilities, and also it’s safe for pets and children. Its AbsorbX filter creates a natural odor, filters out harmful VOCs, and covers a wide surface area.

Excellent Design

It comes with an excellent, thoughtful design. Its stainless steel exterior is fingerprint-proof and germ-resistant. Its modern design with an efficient rectangular shape fits perfectly with the tight space and corners of any kitchen or office decor.

Unique Lid Design

It has an extra-wide lid to open that allows the disposal of a more massive amount of debris. The lid is powered by advanced infrared sensor technology that automatically opens the top when approached within 6 inches. And it gets automatically closed and not on your hands once you walk away.

Large Capacity For Bulky Trash

iTouchless trash can come with 25% more capacity than regular ones. Its 12-inch wide lid makes way for bulky trashes like pizza boxes, milk cartons, etc. This garbage bin is designed to don’t require any inner bucket.

More Features

There’s more to this automatic trash can. The extra-long battery life only draws when needed. The other premium features include switching the lid lock on/off, manual operation buttons for opening/closing, a non-skid base, and air vents to create airflow for quickly removing the bag.

What Customers Say

People can’t help but love a trash can like this, and it seems a delight to have this trash can at home and office for many out there. This high-quality trash can is powered by cutting-edge technology. Moreover, the reasonable price and its immense features make it a joy for the users.

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simplehuman 45 Liter Rectangular Hands-Free Kitchen Step Rubbish Bin with Soft-Close Lid

It’s time to check out another top-rated option in the list of the best automatic trash cans. The simplehuman Hands-Free Kitchen Step Rubbish Bin makes an excellent addition to the list. It comes with features to keep you smartly touchless regarding trash management. Let’s check out some of the features here.

Exclusive Exterior

It comes with an exclusive exterior that’s not only elegant but also ensures your perfect hygiene. In addition, you’ll find a finger-proof coating infused w/ Agion – an antimicrobial agent registered by the EPA. Agion is a proven agent that inhibits the growth of fungi, bacteria, mildew, and molds on these stainless steel surfaces. With a size dimension of 15.9″ W x 13.3″ D x 25.8″ H (lid closed), it makes an excellent choice for anywhere in your house or workspace.

Stay Hands-Free W/ Wide Steel Pedal

Its sturdy and complete stainless steel pedal is highly durable and built to last for a minimum of 150,000 steps, which is more than 20 steps per day for 20 years. Its specially designed dampers gently open the lid.

Patented Silent-Closing Lid

This simplehuman trash can comes with the patented Lid Shox Technology that smoothly controls the lid’s motion for a perfect closing without any bang or loud noise.

hands-free trash can

More Trashes, Less Effort

simplehuman comes with their 45-liter rectangular step trash can that’ll offer you the same performance as an automatic trash can. Its liner rim can come with 25 percent more capacity to let you fit it up with the maximum trash. Hence, allowing you to take it out less often.

Perfect For All Kitchen Trash Bags

This hands-free trash can will fit most of the kitchen trash bags. Using the liner storage pocket, you can also use the custom-fit and extra-durable code M liners. That’ll allow you to dispense these bags faster. The stainless steel liner rim flips up and keeps the trash bags slipping.

What Customers Say

This simplehuman stainless steel step can have become a people’s favorite for some of its fantastic features. Its most-loved features are its elegant & functional design, built-to-last quality, liner pocket, etc. In addition, it offers a tremendous experience for hands-free trash handling.

Automatic Trash Can

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SensorCan 13 Gallon Battery-FREE Automatic Sensor Kitchen Trash Can with Power Adapter

Here we introduce to you another hands-free trash can that’s worth considering. SensorCan 13 Gallon Battery-FREE Automatic Sensor Kitchen Trash Can is Amazon’s Choice with some of its power-packed features for smart trash management. Let’s check out some of them here.

Stainless Steel Design

The SensorCan stands out well in the exterior aspect as well. The elegant brushed stainless steel powers its stunning look can body. In addition, the body is smudge-resistant, fingerprint-proof, and easy to clean. Its modern and stylish design can suit any state-of-the-art office or kitchen.

Automatic Trash Can

Stay Touchless W/ Smart Lid

This hands-free trash can has a smart lid to offer. During the closing, the lid won’t close on the hands. Its unique Refix Technology helps reopen the lid automatically once it senses you’ve moved the hand back in. So you can stay 100% touchless with its infrared motion sensor.

It also has the unique lid status alert, where the solid green indicates the lid’s Stay Open Status and the blinking red indicates its About-To-Close status.

Space Saving W/ Great Capacity

Besides its exterior aesthetics, this garbage can’s size dimension makes it a space saver that fits almost anywhere. It’s versatile, adaptable, and slim, having an oval design to suit your office, kitchen lobby, store, office, etc.

Energy Efficient & Versatile Power

Energy efficiency is one of the critical features of this SensorCan garbage bin. It draws power only when needed. It comes with batteries lasting up to 18 months that’s three times longer than the traditional ones. You can also go battery-free with an AC adapter as well.

With the 12.75-inch width, it does a great job with bulky trash management as well. So you can quickly dispose of pizza boxes, milk cartons, and other such bulky trash.

What Customers Say

People who look to have hands-free automatic trash cans to stay touchless find this to be a worthy option to consider. The factors customers love the most about this hands-free garbage can are compact size, decent capacity, smart lid, trash odor control, energy efficiency, etc.

Automatic Trash Cans

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EKO Mirage-T 50 Liter Motion Sensor Trash Can

Time for a stylish addition to the best hands-free automatic trash cans list. The Mirage T Motion Sensor trash can comes with an excellent exterior while ensuring maximum performance to give you a touchless trash handling experience. We’ll check out more of its features here.

Stunning Design

This modern Mirage Motion Sensor trash can has an excellent, brushed stainless steel finish with a fingerprint-resistant coating. So you can find a perfect sanitary addition to the home. It offers incredible convenience for entirely hands-free operation for trash management. There’s also the right aesthetics of your space that fits flush against any wall or cabinet.

Takes Up Less Space, Holds Big

This trash can is a no-liner version that allows a bigger inner capacity to hold a bulk of trash. Yet, it takes up less room having a smaller footprint. To save space while managing the garbage on a big scale.

Intelligent Mechanism

This Mirage Motion Sensor Trash Can makes an entry to the list of hands-free garbage cans due to its intelligent sensor mechanism. Its smart sensor makes it open only when you want it to. Also, the soft-close lid descends gently. There’s a touch switch to hold the lid open for a more extended period if needed.

Well Designed Inner Rim

The newly designed inner rim is a perfect addition to the trash can. This inner rim is an easy-to-use one that holds the trash bag perfectly in place while facilitating easy replacement and removal.

What Customers Say

EKO Mirage-T 50L Motion Sensor Trash Can comes out as the right choice for many people out there. Especially for the people who are looking for hands-free automatic trash cans. Its motion sensor works great, and its other features, including design, size, lid, and inner rim, seem to be impressive for most customers regarding their trash management.

automatic kitchen garbage can

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Simplehuman 58 Liter Dual Compartment Rectangular Hands-Free Kitchen Trash Can with Voice and Motion Sensor

There’s more to check out from the simplehuman brand when it comes to automatic, hands-free trash cans. This time we have the simplehuman Dual Compartment Rectangular Sensor Trash Can that comes with some excellent features to handle all your trash management with ease. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Smart Motion Sensor

This simplehuman trash can addition comes with an infrared motion sensor that can open the unit with the wave of your hand. It’s also smart enough to adapt to the excellent movement’s surroundings without any false triggers or unexpected lid closures.

hands free trash can

Excellent Exterior

simplehuman hands-free automatic trash can always stay ahead of the competition with its fantastic exterior. The exterior has a fingerprint-proof coating infused with the antimicrobial agent Agion that’s registered by EPA. It inhibits the growth of fungi, bacteria, mold, and mildew on the stainless steel finish to keep it clean and shiny.

Perfect Liners & Liner Pocket

You can now have durable and extra-strong trash bags to fit the can perfectly to have a better trash experience. Its innovative liner pocket makes it easier to dispense the liners serially from inside the can for a rapid liner change. The liner rim flips down to secure and hide the liner.

simplehuman Automatic Trash Cans

Smart Voice Control

This Dual Compartment Rectangular Sensor Trash Can has smart voice control features. And that makes the can open at the sound of the voice, even in busy, loud environments. All you need to do is say, “open the can,” and the lid automatically opens/ So you can quickly throw away the trash in a more hassle-free and efficient way.

Long-Lasting Durability

Besides a fantastic finish, this trash can is also built to last. It includes the best materials and perfect engineering so that the products stay in any harsh environment.

Super Efficient

It’s highly efficient as it conveniently sorts the trash and recyclables. With the liner pocket on one side, it also has a handled bucket for maximum convenience. So you can easily lift and dispose of the recyclables.

What Customers Say

This simplehuman dual compartment trash can is a worthy inclusion to the best automatic trash cans list. People find this to be a thoughtfully designed trash can that ensures handling the trash most efficiently. And the fact that it keeps one hands-free with some cutting-edge technological features, people love it for trash handling in their homes and offices.

Automatic kitchen Trash can

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AmazonBasics Automatic Stainless Steel Trash Can

Now time to check out a set of two automatic trash cans from the AmazonBasics Store. Their Automatic Stainless Steel Trash Can Set with a 12-liter and a 50-liter container is a perfect combination of modern design, convenience, and functionalities. Check out more of its features here to experience the best waste management tool for your home and workspace.

Excellent Waste Management Tool

This automatic trash can from AmazonBasics is a handy receptacle. It complements the existing appliances and ensures a neat waste enclosure with an automatic lid & fitted rim. With its touch-free, motion-sensing open and close mechanism, preventing the spread of germs is a breeze now. So now don’t worry about using it even when your hands are full. Place it in any suitable place in the bathroom, kitchen, workspace, or anywhere a garbage can is required.

Automatic kitchen Trash can

Contemporary Design

The AmazonBasics trash container is an aesthetically sound unit that can fit many interior designs. This can’s stainless steel construction is lightweight, fingerprint-proof, and smudge-resistant. It also features a removable ring liner to secure and disguise the standard trash bags’ lips for a neater and cleaner look.

Touch-Free Convenience

A perfect touch-free convenience comes with the hands-free motion sensor lid that opens only when an object is above it. It also features delay-sensing technology and a soft-close function to preserve maximum battery life. Also, it prevents any accidental opening due to pets, children, or other residual motion. Furthermore, this automatic trash can completely contain odor and helps to avoid any cross-contamination of germs.

What Customers Say

With this AmazonBasics Trash Can, people find no less than a perfect automatic, hands-free trash management experience. Its design is impressive, and other mechanisms/functionality work equally great to make its users happy.

hands-free trash can

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GLAD Extra Capacity Stainless Steel Sensor Trash Can with Clorox Odor Protection of The Lid

We can’t miss out on adding an extra-large sensor trash can. So here we have GLAD’s Extra Capacity Stainless Steel Sensor Trash Can. When size matters to manage trashes, you must check this out. It comes with features like odor protection, the convenience of operation, an impressive exterior finish, a sensor mechanism, etc. We are going to have a look here.

Big Capacity W/ Bag Compartment

The 20 Gallon size is enormous, and it’s 50 percent bigger than most similar trash cans. Even with the USA’s #1 Kitchen Bag, it comes out as a perfect choice. It features the convenience of a bag compartment. So you can store additional bags and save your time. It also makes dispensing the packs a whole lot easier.

hands free trash can

Clorox Odor Protection

Glad Stainless Steel Motion Sensor Trash Can comes with Clorox Antimicrobial Protection for the lid and its frame. It inhibits the growth of odor-generating bacteria.

Convenience of Use

You’d love the fact that the frame hinge and the complete lid stay open while taking out the trash bags from the can. Another delightful feature is that it keeps the bag slack out of sight. Its bag rings keep the trash bags secure and in place. So no excess trash bags are visible to keep the elegance of the trash can intact.

User-Friendly Operation

Glad Stainless Steel Motion Sensor Trash Can is a battery-powered unit with an automatic lid opening, with just a wave of the hand. So you can stay hands-free and maintain perfect hygiene.

It also has the open button option if you want to use it manually to dispose of a bulk of trash and a close button to close the lid manually.

hands free Automatic Trash Cans

Excellent Finish

It comes with an excellent, fingerprint-resistant exterior finish. So it looks clean, shiny, and elegant all the time. Now be rest assured about your waste management and focus on more important chores.

What Customers Say

Its reasonably large size and automatic opening are the two critical features most users like. As a result, it’s a highly recommended trash can that can make a great addition to any home, office, or high-traffic place where large hands-free automatic trash cans are needed.

Automatic Trash Can

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Trash Can with Automatic Sensor

Thanks to its motorized lid activated by infrared, you can place your hands 12 inches from the garbage, and it will open instantly. After your hand moves away, it closes automatically. It has a licked edge out to prevent the garbage bag from snagging. The retaining ring keeps the bag in place and out of sight. Its efficient design does not require an internal hub and provides more capacity.

Trash Can for Kitchen

It has an odor seal and eliminates cross-contamination with its operation dispenser. This trash can helps you keep the kitchen and dining areas clean and fresh smell. It has energy-saving technology that keeps the battery life up to 20% more. The body is made with stainless steel and is anti-fingerprint; you can use it in your kitchen and in offices, rooms, and rooms.

Automatic Trash Cans

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Why Buy a Hands-free Kitchen Trash Can?

Nowadays, technology has made everyday functions less boring and cumbersome, like taking out the trash, which will now look like a real amusement park with a kitchen trash can that you don’t even have to touch. There are a lot of reasons behind your decision to go with one of these bins; we explain them to you here:


This is a great advantage for all angles. First of all, by getting rid of it without touching yourself, you won’t have to waste time washing your hands every two or three, and you can continue quietly as before. Also, the less you touch it, the fewer germs there will be in your home, and if you have young children, the better!

Durability and Cost

Typically, these hands-free kitchen trash cans are made of heavy-duty materials, almost always stainless steel, so they will always last with proper maintenance, unlike plastic buckets, which tend to break over time. You won’t have to spend money now and then to replace a new one. Hands-free because they are stronger is more expensive, but it’s a one-time investment. If you take a closer look, spending a lot will save you more money than spending a little now and then.


Now the fashion is that you have a modern, remodeled kitchen in the house, with cutting-edge decorations and even landscaping elements; this scenario is a disagreement plastic bucket. So a hands-free cube, with its elegant designs, can be easily mixed with your kitchen decoration and at the same time is an aesthetic element that adds value to the view while same time allowing you to get away from it all.


Getting the best automatic trash can do half of your trash management job. Most importantly, it helps you stay touchless and maintain hygiene while managing waste. This article focuses on some of the most effective hands-free automatic trash cans you must include on your bucket list. To help you pick one or two, we’d say the ones from simplehuman and iTouchless top the chart for use in the hands-free Automatic Trash Can Amazon list. Their Dual Compartment Rectangular Sensor Trash Can & 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can, respectively, are the must-check-out options. You can also check out the automatic trash cans from Ninestars, SensorCan, Glad, etc. All can satisfy you regarding hands-free, hygienic, and convenient trash management.

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