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kitchen garbage bin

The choice of a kitchen trash bin is often underestimated and the investment undervalued. A kitchen trash bin suitable for your family and your lifestyle will nevertheless make your life really easier, while a poorly adapted choice will be felt every day. it’s best not to skimp on spending on this side.

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kitchen trash can

How Do You Choose Kitchen Trash Bin?

To decide between the different models available on the market and help you make a choice, we have gathered some important characteristics to consider:


This choice depends on your personal preferences but also on the capacity required. Some models are meant to be seen in a kitchen, while others can be hidden under a sink thanks to their small size. Some kitchens have even integrated them directly into their cupboards: the trash can opens and becomes accessible by simply opening the door.

The Type of Opening:

It will determine the dimensions and above all the size of the bin. If a pedal opening can be adapted to all bin heights, automatic or pressure systems will be much more suitable for tall bins, the lid of which is close at hand. They will thus be out of the reach of the little ones, which can be a wise choice.

The Compartments:

For people who practice selective sorting and who have room, it is practical to buy a bin comprising several compartments, in order to be able to deposit common and recyclable waste in one and the same place. The recycling buckets in the compartments for selective sorting do not always require a plastic bag for the objects to be recycled and are easily transportable in the container. Obviously, you must check the size of the different compartments so that it is suitable for your needs.

best dual compartment trash can


Like any trash can, it will be in contact with many wastes and bacteria. It is, therefore, necessary to avoid finding them everywhere in the house by having a dirty trash can. The ideal is, therefore, to opt for a bin that does not require that you touch it to open or close it (pedal or automatic models) and which is easily washable.


Most of the bins are made of stainless steel, which gives them great solidity while being easy to clean. A plastic trash bin for a kitchen is just as hygienic but generally less robust. While most models have an airtight lid that prevents unpleasant odors from spreading, the more sophisticated models have an odor filter that prevents odors from entering the kitchen.

As mentioned above, the trash bins are mainly differentiated by their opening system. Five types of openings are available on the market:

The Single-lid Trash Bin

It works, as you might expect, by lifting the lid. It is generally inexpensive and can be very large. The main disadvantage is that you need to have a free hand to open it and that if you want to use the trash can for a long period of time, you will have to put the lid (often dirty) somewhere, which doesn’t is always practical and hygienic.

single lid kitchen trash can

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The Pedal Bin

It is much more practical and hygienic since a pedal at the base of the bin allows you to open and close it by simply pressing with your foot (no need to get your hands dirty or have a free hand). Prefer, in these cases, a robust pedal (avoid plastic) and wide, for easy and durable use.

pedal trash can

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The Push Bin

It opens by pressing a little on the lid, which activates a mechanism that lifts it up. Just push the cover down until it “clicks” to close it. This type of bin is practical but requires physical contact and a few free fingers, which is not always obvious in the kitchen.

push door trash can

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The Built-in Trash Bin

It is integrated with a cupboard or a kitchen drawer, out of sight. This solution frees up floor space and hides the trash can. If it is well thought out, the mechanism will be practical and hygienic.

built in trash bin

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The Automatic Bin

This is the most sophisticated, with an infrared detector device that detects when one approaches and automatically opens the lid. In the same way, it will close by itself. This system is of course very hygienic and will, therefore, appeal to too many. Its price is generally quite high due to the technology used, but it is pleasant to use. It usually works with batteries.

Automatic Trash Can

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