Best Kitchen Trash Cans: Useful and Decorative

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The trash has existed for a long time, but it is only in 1884 that it is given this name. Originally garbage containers were made of iron or wood according to what they had to collect. Iron for household waste and ashes, wood for everything that is compostable or brought to the animals (chickens, rabbits, pigs). The Kitchen Trash Cans have changed, we do not hide them in a corner. There are now for all styles of cooking. The outer garbage cans, for their part, for sorting, are the same for everyone.

The Sliding and Built-in Kitchen Trash Cans

If the kitchen is not very big or you do not want to expose its trash in the sight of everyone, we can select the one that is sliding to install under the sink. It’s a long time since the little plastic trash can lift its lid when you open the door. The system has improved a lot, it has even become aesthetic. From the simple trash can to selective sorting, the brands are decorated to offer us more and more powerful products. Double collector side by side or 3 compartments one behind the other, they have a good idea to slide. The bins are detached and removable for easy cleaning.

sliding and built-in trash can
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The Pedal Kitchen Trash Can

Lillie Evelyn Moller, better known as Lillian Moller Gilbreth invented the pedal trash can in the 1920s (Foot pedal Bin) in America. A good idea of ​​this mom of 12 children who had to find solutions to save time, when we have only two hands, why not use the feet? Among her many professional activities, she was an industrial engineer. His idea was taken up and highlighted by the brother of a Danish hairdresser. He wanted to make it easier for him to pick up the hair quickly and easily, ensuring that the trash remains in the room without offending the rest of the objects in the hair salon.

Holger Nielsen, developing the VIPP bin: a big steel cylinder, painted with its last paint pot that had the merit of being beige, a chrome lid, a rubber-resistant pedal resistant to any test, and two Bakelite handles on the sides. The design of the trash recalled the helmets of the living room and blended into the decor. This trash is still relevant even if it could change a little look under the claw of some designers like Philippe Stark.

pedal trash can

Of course, since the trash can system has been taken over by other companies to become accessible to as many of us as possible. Trash for all budgets. It can be a cylindrical, rectangular single, or double compartment, all styles to match our kitchen. Very trendy, the trash London or USA. It is very affordable and has a rather young look.

The Automatic Kitchen Trash Can

The automatic kitchen trash cans lift their lid when approaching the hand thanks to a sensitive infrared system to 15 cm, it is possible to keep the lid in the open position by clicking on the button provided for this purpose. It’s nice when you have both hands full and barefoot or heels. In this case, pressing the pedal is not very pleasant. It works on battery. If unfortunately, the lid breaks down, it is possible to order it alone without having to buy the whole bin. They often consist of a body and an inner tray in which we add a garbage bag. Average capacity from 42 to 50 L.

autometic trash can

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The Sorting Trash Bin

The sorting trash bins stored in the yard or garage are to be released on public roads to be emptied on certain days of the week. We must ask for its replacement if it is broken.

The sorting bins in the heart of the house can separate waste over the days. When the bins are full, we can take the contents to throw in the containers of the public road provided for this purpose.

Stainless steel bins with 2 or 3 sorting buckets, careful to choose the size that suits us to not be disappointed.

A curiosity that this trash multi-sort. Top household waste, glass bottles standing down, and even a compartment for compost. Several models, sizes of bins are available. A storage bin for the bags is located in the large upper compartment. An odor-resistant carbon filter is integrated into the lid.

Another metal trash bin for sorting is surprising and aesthetic. It is a tactile bin, just touch it to open, then the lid closes without noise, it is cushioned. It has 2 bottom of 24 L side by side.

Best Kitchen Trash Cans

The Trash Can Design: A Decorative Element

We can also find decorative trash, but just decorative in its small size and useful in large size! Vintage style as this replica of galvanized trash, small, medium or large, colorful, powdery.

Retro style for this trash pedal. Narrow but high 68 x 30 cm in diameter, it requires trash bags of 50 L

With a capacity of 45 L, this bin has a design that fits very well into a very feminine and elegant kitchen. An integrated system allows you to put the roll of garbage bags ready to unroll and use, just pull, put it in place, the bag and fill it, it will cut easily at the next bag change.

But what is this piece of furniture? It is a trash design on foot. There is enough to surprise more than one. A capacity of 36 L for the removable tray. It exists in many colors to fit into any kitchen.

How to Maintain a Kitchen Trash?

All bins are not as easy to clean as each other. Some are very deep and if you put your arm, you do not see the bottom of the trash. For these trash cans, you have to send a splash of multi-purpose household products or a little washing-up liquid, use the jet of the garden hose with pressure out and dry it quickly, so that the trash cannot rust if it is metal.

If the tray is not too big or deep, it is easier to clean, it can be done in the kitchen or at worst in the bathtub. A sponge soaked in detergent will suffice.

Large outdoor trash cans must also be maintained regularly. A simple shot and a scrub brush (a broom brush) are enough.

A tip “feels good”. Before putting the trash bag, pour a drop of lavender essential oil in the bottom of the trash, this will prevent bad smells and imprison those present.

It is important not to put some food in the trash when it is hot. Better to throw them away in an outdoor bin, in a small bag. Food leftovers made from tomato sauce, yeasts, pasta, rice will tend to “work”. In mushrooms, heat caused by food decomposition is a risk for people prone to asthma or other fragile people in the lungs. Indeed, at each opening of the bin lid, particles will escape and remain suspended in the air.

The Best Brands of Kitchen Trash Cans

Can we say that one brand is better than another? Let’s say that it suits us better for its value for money, for its strength, its looks, its capacity. There are so many criteria that come into play that each of us has its favorite brands.

Often, before the mark, it is the lid opening system and the capacity that play the most important roles.

Popular and Recommended Trash Can Brands:

  • Simplehuman
  • Brabantia
  • iTouchless
  • Step N’ Sort
  • Rubbermaid
  • Nine Stars

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  • Where to buy kitchen trash cans online?
  • What size are kitchen trash cans someone should prefer?

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