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waste sorting bin

Pollution is constantly evolving, and the environment is deteriorating more and more. Environmental protection is becoming a susceptible subject. To protect the environment and give the next generation a better life, the question of ecology must be addressed. Have a better living conditions and offer our descendants their own nature; each of us must take sincere steps without thinking back. To make a contribution to a better world, families, and businesses must opt ​​for the waste sorting bin. In addition to being a responsible product, the recycling bin solves a small part of the number one problem at the moment. However, due to its great practicality, a wide choice of sorting bins exists on the market. So you have to have a compass to find the best bin. Our guide will help you find the best recycling bin, thanks to our advice and tips.

For more information on recycling bins, how they work, and how to choose them, this guide is for you.

Our opinion on the best recycling bins are

Simplehuman Dual Compartment Step Recycler for Kitchen

Simple Human rectangular recycler with a plastic lid has two inner buckets and a space-efficient shape that make it easy to separate trash and recyclables in one place. The strong steel pedal is designed to last, and our patented lid Shox technology ensures a smooth, silent close every time.

Trash and Recycling in One Convenient Place

Dual compartments make it easy to sort your trash and recycling in one space-efficient place with one side for trash and one side with a recycling bin for all your recyclables.

Waste Sorting Bin

Features At a Glance:

  • Code H & V Custom Fit Liners – Enhance your trash experience with extra-strong and durable trash bags that fit this can perfectly for a cleaner trash experience.
  • Dual Compartments- One side for trash, one side for easy disposal of recyclables; Non-skid base includes rubber pads that are gentle on floors
  • Strong Steel Pedal – Engineered to last 150,000 steps; that’s more than 20 steps a day for 20 years
  • Silent Close Lid – Patented lid Shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent, quiet close – no banging or loud noises
  • Dent-Proof Plastic Lid – Durable black plastic won’t show dirt or fingerprints
  • Lid Won’t Bump Wall – Internal hinge allows you to place this can right up against the wall without scratching it
best recycling bin
simplehuman 46 Liter / 12.2 Gallon Rectangular Kitchen Dual Compartment Step Recycler, Stainless Steel trash can, 30/16 liters / 8/4 gallons, Brushed Ss With Plastic Lid

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SONGMICS 16 Gallon Step Trash Can Double Recycle Pedal Bin


With two separate compartments and a clean look, the 60L trash can neatly sort your trash and recyclables in one convenient, space-efficient space.


The foot pedal gives the trash can a hands-free opening; the ABS plastic lid closes slowly, silent, and airtight and keeps germs at bay.


Features 2-foot pedals and lids, you can use a recycling bin without opening the trash bin and vice versa; the rectangle shape allows you to place it directly against the wall and out of the way.

best recycling bin


Heavy-duty stainless steel in a matte finish is fingerprint-proof; side handles for easy mobility; removable plastic inner buckets for easy disposal of the waste.


We are always available to provide professional customer service before and after your purchase, so don’t wait any longer and enjoy it right now.

Why Choose SONGMICS Recycling Bin?

  • Sleek and stylish
  • Durable with high quality
  • Smart and convenient design
  • Order this trash bin now and upgrade your home!


  • Color: Silver
  • Material: 410 Stainless Steel, PP Plastic Inner Bucket, ABS Plastic Lid
  • Product Size: 23.1”L x 12.6”W x 25.6”H (58.6 x 32 x 65 cm)
  • Inner bucket size: 10.6”L x 10.6”W x 23”H (27 x 27 x 58.5 cm)
  • Total height with lid open: 37” (94 cm)
  • Weight: 20.1lbs (9.13 kg)
waste sorting bin
SONGMICS 16 Gallon Step Trash Can, Double Recycle Pedal Bin, 2 x 30L Garbage Bin with Plastic Inner Buckets and Carry Handles, Fingerprint-Proof Stainless Steel

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Automatic Waste Sorting Bin – Simplehuman Motion Sensor & Voice Activated Recycler

High-performance voice and motion control

Our sensor can, with voice control, open at the sound of your voice and has a motion sensor that opens the can with a wave of your hand.

Dual compartments mean recycling is made easy.

One side features an innovative liner pocket that stores and dispenses liners inside the can. The other side has a handled bucket for easy lifting and disposal of all your recyclables.

Waste Sorting Bin

Fingerprint-proof coating

Our fingerprint-proof coating protects stainless steel from fingerprints and germs and helps keep the outside of the garbage can looking spotless and shiny.

Trash and Recycling All in One Place

The simplehuman 58 liters/15.3 gallons dual compartment rectangular sensor trash can makes it easy to sort your trash and recycle in one convenient place with one side for trash and one side with a recycling bin for all your recyclables.

Fast, Accurate Voice Recognition

Throwing trash away has never been easier or more efficient with this sensor garbage can. If your hands are full, say, “open can,” and the sensor trash can’s voice control sensor opens the lid automatically so you can toss the trash in from wherever you are. It’s hands-free, so you never have to touch a lid or a pedal to operate the can.

automatic waste sorting bin
simplehuman 58 Liter/15.3 Gallon Dual Compartment Can Recycler Motion Sensor, Voice Activated, Black Stainless Steel Trash Receptacles

Just Wave Your Hand

This touch-free sensor trash can also has a motion control sensor with infrared fields that sense the area above and in front of the can, so when you wave your hand, it opens the lid automatically. And it’s smart enough to adapt to you and the surrounding environment with no false triggers no unexpected lid closures. It’s a hands-free operation for a cleaner, more hygienic trash experience.

Just say ‘open can.’

With fast, accurate voice recognition, the sensor trash can’s lid opens automatically when you say, ‘open can’, so throwing trash away is quick, efficient, and hassle-free.

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Suncast Recycle Bin Kit

Suncast Recycle Bin Kit Features:

  • RECYCLING: Multi-colored bin kit ideal for recycling plastic, paper, glass, or metal
  • STORAGE: Multiple bins for storage of dry goods, tools, or toys
  • FRONT FLAP: Easy access front flap that stays partially open for ease of use
  • STACKABLE: Bins stack on top of each other with or without a lid for compact storage in any space
  • ORGANIZATION: Three color-coded bins for classification of specific recyclables or dry goods

suncast recycle bin set of 3

These Suncast recycle bins are a fantastic solution to your recycling needs. Color code your recycling with different colored bins. The easy-access front flaps allow for convenient access to all three bins. These bins are also stackable to use space in your home or garage efficiently. Great for general storage as well, such as sporting equipment, seasonal accessories, and so much more.

suncast multi colored recycle bin kit
Suncast Recycle Bin Kit – Stackable Organizer Stores Recyclables, Tools, and Toys – Storage Bin with Front Flap Ideal for Dry Storage – Multi-Colored

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Three Compartment Recycling Bin – Tiptiper 14 Gallon Trash Can


Fingerprint-proof stainless steel makes it durable and neat, and easy to clean. The modern and stylish design will definitely bring a touch of beauty to your room, which looks great at home or in the office.

best recycling bin


Two separate sturdy steel pedals make you free your hands and throw away rubbish quickly and easily. And the comfortable and durable pedals provide a great convenience for adults and children to step on. In addition, the trash can has three separate compartments for a clean sorting of trash and recyclables.


Our trash can lids are designed with ABS hydraulic deceleration technology, which can easily open the lids, but provides enough resistance to make the cover automatically and slowly and gently close without humming or loud noise. And the lids have a strong sealing ability.

Waste Sorting Bin


Double garbage cans are rectangular, ideal for walls or any plane. The side handles are easy to move; the removable plastic inner buckets make it easy to handle the waste. It is ideal for any room in your home, whether it be a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, or office.


Our products have a full range of after-sales services and quality assurance. We hope you have a pleasant shopping experience. If you have any questions, let us know by email, and we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.

3 compartment recycling bin

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Rubbermaid Recycling Container with Universal Recycle Symbol

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products resin wastebasket/recycling can is a space-efficient, economical, and effective way to get rid of waste and recycling.

Features at a Glance:

  • Space-efficient, economical, and an easy and effective way to recycle
  • All plastic construction won’t chip, rust or dent
  • It fits under a standard height desk
  • Great for conference rooms, registers, admissions, display rooms, gift shops, housekeeping, offices, shops, and more
  • Rolled rims add strength and are easy to clean
  • A solution for home, office, and more
  • Recycling and side bin options are available
  • Material type resin

Rubbermaid FG295673 Blue Medium Deskside Container

The Rubbermaid Commercial Deskside containers are space-efficient and an easy and effective deskside solution. All-plastic construction won’t chip, rust or dent. Rolled rims add strength and are easy to clean. Fits also under the standard-height desks.

Rubbermaid FG295673 Blue Medium Deskside Recycling Container with Universal Recycle Symbol

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EKO Recycle Phantom Sensor Bin

Key Features:

  • Soft close
  • Inner liner
  • Fingerprint proof
  • Plastic Bag Fixer
  • Touch Switch

Stylish bin for waste separation made of brushed stainless steel with fingerprint-proof coating and two plastic inner liners (2 x 20 liters). The touch switch’s sensor mechanism allows the bin to open and close either by a sensor or touch button.

The slim design makes it perfect for small spaces. The Silent closing lid opens in two parts, making it easy to fit under countertops. The sensor provides a hygienic use of the bin. The removable top allows easy changing of the bag.

best recycling bin

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How to Choose the Best Recycling Bin?

It’s hard to imagine a house without a trash can. But why not opt ​​for a recycling bin? As the name suggests, the selective sorting bin is essential for sorting waste. This sorting is essential because it offers absolute cleanliness in the home while sorting out the different types of waste to make a little nod to the environment.

Even if the recycling bin is considered a very simple product, choosing the best recycling bin is quite difficult. Indeed, to find the trash that best suits your family, it is essential to take into account some selection criteria. To make your quest for the best recycling bin easier, here are the most important factors to consider.

How to Use a Recycling Bin?

A house, whether large or small, always needs a trash can. Without a trash can, where will you put your household waste? Currently, plastic bags are thrown into the dustbin and have given way to the recycling bin. It is becoming more and more popular as people have become aware of the importance of protecting the environment.

A small gesture, but one that is very advantageous, the use of the recycling bin helps to support the ecology. But, to properly use a recycling bin, it is essential to know the basic rules. The principle of the recycling bin is based on the different colors. So, to use it, you need to know the color modes and the waste to put in each bin.

simplehuman 40 Liter / 10.6 Gallon Stainless Steel Dual Compartment Butterfly Lid Kitchen Step Trash Can Recycler, Brushed Stainless Steel

Here are Three Tips to Help You Use Your Waste Sorting Bin

Find the Right Location

Even if the recycling bin is essential and in trend, it is better to place it in a place that is not very visible to everyone but very ergonomic. Generally, the bin is placed in the kitchen to facilitate its use. But, wherein in the kitchen should we put our recycling bin? The best place is to place it next to the sink. It’s a very convenient location out of sight.

Use Color Codes

Unlike other trash cans, the recycling bin uses color codes. So, you have to use them and know how they work. Glass jars and bottles are placed in the green bin. The blue compartment is used for cardboard, paper, newspapers, magazines, etc. As for the yellow color, it is designed for bottles and plastic bottles. Finally, we put in the brown bin leftover meals, diapers, anything that cannot be recycled.

best recycling bin
ANUANT Separate Recycling Waste Bin Bags for Kitchen Office in Home – Recycle Garbage Trash Sorting Bins Organizer Waterproof Baskets Compartment Container Big Size 4 Bags Set

Clean Your Recycling Bin

To prevent the growth of bacteria, it is strongly advised to clean your trash can. Cleaning should be done at least once a week. To do this, use water and disinfectants. Then it is essential to let your trash dry for a day. This is important to avoid stagnation of water in the tank.

Under Sink, Built-in, or Placed on The Floor?

This is the first question to ask. Both you have room outside your furniture and a recycling bin to be placed on the floor is suitable. It is generally fitted with pedals to open the compartment (s).

Or, for lack of space or simply because you want it, the selective sorting bin takes place in a cupboard. We talk about selective sorting trash under the sink because it is generally the place it will take. But this is not systematic, and the most generic term is recycled bin for selective sorting.

The Options

The choice of pedals is up to you. The visible part of the opening mechanism is essential for the easy opening of the selective recycling sorting bin. You will choose the pedals that suit you, often in metal or stainless steel, for more durability. The shape can be small or large, non-slip, and chrome.

The best selective waste sorting bins incorporate removable bin systems with handles for more comfort and hygiene. Doing without it will necessarily lower the grade, but it is necessary for an object to accompany you. Think of the ease of maintenance and the reduction of the risk of rupture of the bags, which are better held.

Some selective waste sorting bin also includes strapping rings that will keep your trash bags. True it will nevertheless be necessary to watch over their solidity as they are often the first to break in use.

The Number of Compartments

All the more reason to calmly choose the number of compartments you need. Trash can be classified according to two main categories:

  • Daily waste such as fermentable, packaging, or paper/cardboard.
  • Exceptional waste such as waste oil, batteries, household appliances, outdoor garbage.

The daily waste is regular, bulky, and not very dense. These will be the ones whose volume to sort will have to be estimated every day, and they will find their place in the selective waste sorting bin. While exceptional or external waste will find its place in the other waste category.

The most frequent use is sorting, on the one hand, daily degradable or fermentable waste, and on the other hand, packaging; two bins will suffice. If, in addition, the papers/cartons have to be sorted, choose a recycling bin with three compartments. Finally, we recommend that you choose compartments with removable bins to reduce the damage caused if the garbage bag is torn.

Step N’ Sort 900602R 16 Gallon, RED Dual Trash and Recycling Bin, 16 Gallons.

Appearance and Bulk

A wide range of trash cans is available on the market right now. They are generally either round or rectangular. Those looking for compactness at all costs will opt for rectangular recycling sorting bins. And optimize the footprint by taking the capacity strictly necessary.

As for colors, it is quite possible to choose black, red, white recycling sorting bins. But most often, stainless steel prevails in the market offer. So it remains to take the trash that is suitable for his home. Likewise, inside the bins, the containers can be vertical as well as horizontal.

To prevent unpleasant surprises when it is placed, you must first consider the floor space of the recycling bin. And a common trap if the bin is located under a piece of furniture or a shelf. Next, consider the height of the bin, with the clearance of the lid and passage of the removable bins. Often this means that nothing should be placed above the trash can, but it’s up to you.

FAQ on a Waste Sorting Bin

What are the advantages of a three-compartment recycling bin?

The recycling bin is an essential element in a house because it ensures the sorting of waste. Thus, the more the number of compartments, the more practical the bin will be there. A three waste sorting bin is a real asset. Indeed, thanks to the three compartments, you can assemble your own waste inside a single bin. It also makes sorting a lot easier. However, the price of a three recycling bin is quite high compared to a double compartment trash can.

best recycling bin
RecycleBoxBin Plastic Light Weight Large Triple Recycling Bin 25 Gallon Each with Changeable Label System, Holds up to 33-39 Gallon Bags

A Vertical or Horizontal Recycling Bin, Which Model to Choose?

Generally, two varieties of recycling bins exist on the market. On one side, there is the vertical recycling bin, and on the other side, the horizontal bin. The selection of one of its varieties depends on the characteristics of the installation of the recycling bin. Horizontal bins are very common and much appreciated because they are very affordable. As for the vertical bins, they are very resistant compact but cost quite expensive.

What is the Best Material to Choose for Your Recycling Bin?

It is important to emphasize that the material used to make the recycling bin has a great influence on its price. For this type of bin, the best material to adopt is stainless steel because it has a multitude of advantages. First, stainless steel is impact resistant and easy to clean. Furthermore, it is not as subject to rust, the primary enemy of the recycling bin. Then, it emits less noise than other materials. Finally, the recycling bin made of stainless steel is solid and durable.

recycling bin for kitchen
Stainless Steel 3 Compartment Trash Can, Step-on Smell Proof with Lid to Recycle Classified 27l Pedal Bin for Kitchen Office

Should We Consider the Design of The Recycling Bin when buying it?

Obviously, the design of the recycling bin must also be taken into account for the purchase of this device. Opt for the stainless steel models because they are resistant, elegant, and designed. However, even if the design is essential, this criterion is not essential. The capacity, the material, and the number of compartments must be considered before taking into account the aesthetic side of the recycling bin.

What are the Different Systems for Opening the Waste Sorting Bin With Lid?

There are two systems for opening the lid of a recycling bin: the pedals and the button. The most common mechanisms are pedals. In addition, this system is easy to handle to encourages you to carry out sorting regularly. However, the pedals are too fragile and wear out after a few weeks of use. In addition, it is also possible to combine the button system with the pedals, especially in the case of a vertical sorting bin.

Waste Sorting Bin With Lid


Ecology is becoming more and more a priority for our communities or on an individual basis. Therefore, the selective sorting bin is ideal for making its voluntary or forced contribution to this contemporary and responsible problem. A simple object at the base, choosing your best recycling bin is more complicated than it seems. Appearance, size, capacity, and the number of compartments are parameters to consider, to name a few.

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