11 Best Storage Shed Hider for Outdoor Trash Can 2022

outdoor trash can storage shed

Think of your home where people are getting detracted from curb appeal, and that is because of the stinky old garbage cans out there. The cans that are overflowing with trash, surrounded by a big chunk of flies! It could really be pathetic to see your back door, deck, or patio in this kind of state. So what do you need to avoid such scenes? It’s the outdoor trash can storage shed or outdoor garbage can hider that can be the solution to all your problems. They provide you with an amazing shelter to store your trash and recycling bins.

In fact, you can make more out of them by securely storing all your outdoor essentials, whether it’s the patio furniture, garden tools, lawnmower, swimming toys, bicycle, or anything else. These sheds can be a home for many of these belongings, while you can also use them as your outdoor trash can storage.

As you’ve found out what you need, now it’s time to get to know the best outdoor trash can storage sheds available out there. Thinking if it is easy or not to find the best trash storage shed? Well, as you are with us, you can be sure to get some top-notch suggestions for outdoor trash can storage. In this article, we have rounded up the 13 best outdoor trash can storage sheds based on convenient design, decorative appeal, quality construction, price, and customer reviews. We’ve included a couple of suggestions for the shed kit accessory and privacy screen in this list that will help you to hide away the garbage cans. Let’s take a look a look at the detailed reviews here.

Rubbermaid Outdoor Split-Lid Storage Shed

Rubbermaid is a prominent brand for providing household products that make your life simpler. They’ve done a great job of offering some great outdoor storage solutions with convenient access. The Rubbermaid Plastic Horizontal Split Lid Outdoor Storage Shed is one true demonstration of that. We’ll find out more about this here to see what this storage shed has to offer.

Store the Way You Want

This storage shed comes with enough space to take care of your outdoor storage. So you can store stuff like the trash bins or your most used lawn and patio equipment in it. As it’s compact, keep it wherever you want.

Solid Construction

Rubbermaid makes sure that its outdoor storage shed includes solid construction. Its double-walled resin construction shows its durability. Plus, it’s dent, leak, and water-resistant, and that keeps it protected from rust or rot, unlike the wood or metal sheds.

Convenient Storage

This outdoor trash can storage provides great convenience of use. To utilize the storage capacity to the highest, you can use it with an additional shelf that will complement to keep things more organized. You can also easily access this storage as the split lid allows you to do that from either side. And it’s easy to assemble as well.


Specs do matter when it’s about storage. The Rubbermaid storage shed is lockable(lock not included) for additional security. It also comes with 1 wooden shelf and a heavy-duty floor mat in the packaging. Its outside size dimension is 4’7″ L x 2’4″ W x 3′ H and the inside size dimension is 3’11” W x 1’9” D x 2’5” H. The storage capacity of this shed is 18 cu ft.

What Customers Say

Planning to store your gardening tools, toys, patio cushions, or gardening equipment? Then, you are on the right track as people have found it great for storing such things. Slightly higher in price, but considering its features, it can be a great investment that will provide long time value.

garden storage shed

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Suncast Tremont Storage Shed 8×10

The Tremont Storage Shed can be a great outdoor trash can storage shed. It can make an ultimate outdoor organization for you. Besides being efficient for storage, it also comes in a stylish design and durable quality. Let’s find out more about this storage shed below.

Outdoor Storage w/ Large Capacity

This beautiful outdoor storage has a size dimension of 8ft x 10ft, making a storage capacity of 574 cu ft. It also has wide double doors and windows to help you put even the oversized stuff.

Professional Looking

This outdoor storage comes with a professional look and convenient construction. It doesn’t rot nor rust, and you can easily clean it. So it’s worth considering for your tractor, lawnmower, or other heavy pieces of equipment.

Solid Construction

The Suncast outdoor storage shed includes a solid construction with multi-walled blow-molded polypropylene resin panels. And that makes it sturdy, durable, and stable. Its heavy-duty floor is a plus that can endure any rough treatment. The sturdy weatherproof plastic roof compliments the construction and is reinforced with a metal truss to battle the elements.

More Convenient Features

The natural lighting of this outdoor storage is powered by its 2 wide windows and 10 ideally placed skylights. So you can easily navigate through your shed in the daytime. To make things more convenient it comes with 6 corner shelves for optimizing the storage space and keeping tools in a more organized way. It also features a padlock hasp to help you lock the doors securely.

What Customers Say

People find it as a great outdoor trash can storage shed. Especially, its quality and design are something that stands out. However, people think it would’ve been better to find it in a more stable structure.

Suncast Tremont Storage Shed 8x10

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Rubbermaid Large Vertical Resin Storage Shed

When it comes to outdoor trash can storage sheds, you’ll always find Rubbermaid as a frontline option. There is little you could say about this amazing brand, and they come up with some great variants of the outdoor storage sheds. This shed here is a vertical storage version that comes in a compact size for the limited outdoor space. We’ll have a better look at its features below.

Durable Construction

It comes in a double-wall construction for increased durability. Plus, it’s resistant to all odds like leak, dent, or weather. So you can expect long-lasting performance from it. It also includes a heavy-duty impact-resistant floor.

Perfect for Limited Outdoor Space

This storage shed comes with a versatile design to accommodate different objects at adjustable heights to maximize limited space. This is ideal for storing small items like patio supplies or taller ones like umbrellas or other long-handle tools.

Great Storage Capacity

This Rubbermaid storage shed has an inside dimension of 47″ W x 25″ D x 71″ H. It has a storage capacity of 52 cu ft. that can accommodate smaller and longer outdoor items with ease.

Convenient Storage Shed

This is a convenient storage shed that doesn’t rot or rust. It’s almost a maintenance-free shed for you. This one also provides ease of assembly and can accommodate additional wood shelves (up to 5) for more versatile storage of your smaller items. You can also buy additional locks as it is lockable to make things more secure.

What Customers Say

People seem to find it as one great outdoor storage shed. And the reasons for that are its compact yet convenient storage options, sturdy construction, ease of assembly, and convenient maintenance.

Garden storage shed

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Suncast 6′ x 4′ Glidetop Horizontal Storage Shed

Natural Wood-like Outdoor Storage for Trash Cans and Yard Tools

The outdoor storage should not be a problem anymore with the amazing Suncast GlideTop Horizontal Storage Shed. This outdoor trash can storage shed has great quality construction while featuring the smartest storage options for your outdoor items. Let’s take a look at its features below.

Convenient Outdoor Storage

The Suncast Glidetop Horizontal Shed is a medium-size shed that comes in a size dimension of 4ft x 6ft. Its 102 cu ft storage capacity is spacious enough to store your patio furniture, lawn and garden tools, garbage cans, bicycles, snowblowers, and more.

Durable Construction

Its construction is very much durable as it includes resin panels that are made of multi-walled polypropylene. And that helps it gain long-lasting stability and strength. The heavy-duty reinforced floor helps it withstand any abuse to support your lawnmower or any other heavy pieces of equipment.

Uninhibited Access 

This Glidetop Slide Lid Technology offers convenient corner-to-corner access to all your belongings so that you can get things quickly and easily.

More Convenient Features

There are some more convenient features associated with this amazing outdoor storage shed. One of them is its lockable doors that come with padlock hasp to help you make your things securer. It’s compact with a sleek, low-profile yet professional-looking design. The resin construction makes sure it doesn’t rust or rot and is easy to clean as well.

What Customers Say

This design and size seem to have impressed many for their outdoor storage solution. And also, its quality, accessibility, and versatile storage option make it one standalone outdoor trash can storage shed.

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Keter Store-It-Out MAX Outdoor Resin Horizontal Storage Shed

Time to check out a horizontal outdoor trash can storage. The Keter Store-It-Out Outdoor Resin Horizontal Storage Shed is a great way to store your important belongings. It can also be a handy outdoor trash can hideaway. Let’s have a deeper look at this product below.

Looks Stylish

The look matters, even if it is your storage shed. Its stylish wood-looking texture with neutral colors like brown or beige can complement your home.

Solid Construction

Keter comes with a solid construction that includes durable and weather-resistant polypropylene resin plastic. Adds to that is its steel reinforcement that ensures long-lasting durability. Plus, it is weather resistant and can withstand any harsh environment in your outdoor use. You can also be relaxed about taking its care as it’s almost maintenance-free.

Great Size & Capacity

This is larger than the patio bench; has an interior size dimension of 51.97″ W x 29.92″ D x 43.31″ H and an exterior size dimension of 57″ W x 32″ D x 49″ H. it is total storage capacity is 42 cut ft that is good enough to hold a couple of 240 L/63 G trash cans. It has a capacity of floor weight up to 30 PSF and a roof weight of 15 PSF.

More Details

It comes with some more convenient functions. Its front opening doors allow you to use it as an outdoor trash can storage shed. Its convenient top lid opening with hydraulic pistons makes it an extra-large deck box with easy mobility.

Built-in Shelving & Lock Support

The Keter has built-in shelving support that allows you to use additional shelving or plywood to organize your smaller tools more efficiently. It also gives you the ease of accessing the items. In addition, there is a lockable latch that comes with the shed to keep your stuff more secure. You can lock it in 2 ways or add your lock.

What Customers Say

There are some great responses to this outdoor trash can storage, and people find it good storage shed for the price. However, there are complaints noted regarding its structural frame. Some think it is thin and needs to be improved.

check price and details

Suncast Elements Outdoor 40-Inch Wide Cabinet

Want to have an outdoor trash can hideaway and deck storage cabinet simultaneously? Watch out for the Suncast Elements Outdoor Wide Cabinet, an amazingly versatile solution for the home and yard. Let’s take a look.

Large & Versatile Storage

This Suncast outdoor storage shed comes with ample space that includes an adjustable shelf to meet your outdoor storage needs. You can use it to store trash cans, patio cushions, grill supplies, gardening tools, yard gloves, sports equipment, pool toys, and more.


Deck Storage Cabinet

This is a sleek plastic deck storage cabinet that has a capacity of 97-gallon to store different outdoor essentials.

Durable Construction

The Suncast storage box comes in a size dimension of 23″ W x 42″ D x 35″ L. It features durable construction that includes water-resistant poly resin that resists rust and fading to make it look new even after years of use. It makes a perfect fit for any living.

More Convenient Features

It provides great convenience of accessing your tools with the amazing chest design and hinged lid. It’s also space-efficient, so you can tuck it away easily. It endures all weather odds to keep your things intact and protected. Especially, the rain just flows off it leaving your things dry and free from rust and mildew.

Outdoor trash Can storage

What Customers Say

If you’re looking for something more than an outdoor garbage can enclosure, you should surely watch out for the Suncast Outdoor Storage Cabinet. The combination of stylish look and efficient functions shows why it’s been received so well by the customers.

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RubbishWrap Outdoor Garbage Carts Storage – Garbage Storage Shed -Triple Unit

If you are up for an exclusive outdoor garbage can storage shed, the RubbishWrap outdoor garbage cart storage can be the right solution for you. This outdoor trash can storage shed comes with a triple unit, making it a perfect option for your trash and bins. In addition, it has some more amazing features to check out, and we’ll do that below.

Outdoor Garbage Can Enclosure

Amazing Capacity

The RubbishWrap is a simple, beautiful, and full outdoor garbage can enclosure for all kinds of residential trash bins. What sets it apart from other trash storage sheds is its unique capacity to accommodate the 3 most significant USA 96-gallon trash bins.

Exclusive Design

A great combination of function and fashion keeps your trash and bins in the most convenient manner. It comes in a modular ‘Simple Snap’ design, so you need to spend only five minutes on setting it up with its Multi-Bins Configuration. Perfect outdoor trash can hideaway improves the curb appeal of your home and controls the odor as well.

Outdoor Garbage Can Enclosure

Durable Construction

The RubbishWrap trash can storage shed comes in paintable panel construction. It is resistant to the weather odds like wind, UV, and mold to let you use it for years to come. This unit is also fade-resistant and maintenance-free.

Convenient Installation

Setting up this storage shade takes nothing. No hardware, tools, screws, nuts, or bolts. Convenient to install and convenient to use.

What Customers Say

It is worth checking out this RubbishWrap storage. People find it amazing with the storage capacity and also the quality to take care of your recycle bins and trash in style.

Outdoor Garbage Can Storage

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KINYING Horizontal Storage Sheds Outdoor with Floor

Be ready for a more amazing outdoor storage shed option. It is a convenient outdoor garbage can storage that can take great care of your outdoor essentials. Check out its features and see how amazing this outdoor trash can hideaway be.


Outdoor Trash Can Storage

Easily Assemble & Disassemble

KINYING storage shed comes with simple and easy instructions. Its parts are bagged and labeled separately to make it more convenient to assemble and disassemble. Also, it’s easy to anchor this shed to the ground for a stable structure.

Durable Construction

This outdoor storage shed comes in a durable construction. It includes High-Density Polyethene materials. The frame is thicker than the others. Its roof has a solid construction with iron bars that prevent any deformation and can also withstand strong sunlight.

Convenient Drainage

Its cover has the right concave and convex to drain down the water flow during rain and cleaning. So your roof and items remain protected.

Multifunctional Storage

The KINYING outdoor trash can storage shed comes with multiple opening directions. Plus, the lever can support its flip cover to store items in a faster and more convenient way. Moreover, it features a couple of latches to make it perfectly fitted with a lock to keep your items more secure.


Versatile Storage with Great Capacity

This storage cabinet provides versatile storage options with a large capacity of 26 cu ft. It can accommodate a couple of 35-gallon trash cans easily. You can also store different sundries, tools, and other outdoor essentials such as mowers, firewood, weed eater, garden tools, and foldable toys. It is suitable for use on different occasions in your garden, yard, balcony, or indoors.

Outdoor Trash Can Storage

What Customers Say

This KINYING can be a great outdoor garbage can enclosure. It’s been so far so good regarding its customer response, and you can indeed consider this storage shed to have it in your yard or garden.

check price and details

KETER Manor 4×6 Resin Outdoor Storage Shed Kit

The KETER Manor Outdoor Can Storage Shed is another great addition to this prominent brand. It makes it more convenient to store your outdoor essentials and also access them. It has some more amazing features that need to be checked out.

Ideal Size

This Keter shed provides a decent storage capacity of 131.8 cu ft. It has an exterior size dimension of 51.2″ W x 75.6″ D x 78″ H and an interior size dimension of 43. 7″ W x 69. 7″ D x 74. 8″ H.

Solid Construction

You expect solid construction from Keter, and you do get it in this version. It includes polypropylene resin plastic and steel reinforcement to ensure durable construction. This shed is waterproof, weather-resistant, and UV-protected. So it’ll not rot, peel, or rust, and you never need to paint it as well.

Great Design

The Keter features a ventilation vent at the peak to help the air circulation. It is a skylight as well and has a window to let the natural light in. The wood-like texture makes it attractive to compliment your home. These design features let the shed cope with any kind of weather.

Outdoor Trash Can Storage Shed

More Details

This storage shed is lockable to keep all your belongings safe. The lockable door only needs you to add a padlock. It includes versatile uses to let you store and protect things like garbage cans, lawnmowers, yard tools, patio furniture, garden tools, bike, and so on.

What Customers Say

The customers find this storage shed to be good-looking, low maintenance, and has decent storage capacity. There are some issues noted regarding its roof installation, and you can contact them if you face any inconvenience.

check price and details

Leisure Season Large Horizontal Refuse Storage Shed

We now have a decent outdoor trash can storage shed on the list. The Leisure Season R S S2001L makes a good addition here, with all its features capable of satisfying you. However, this is not the topmost one, and your expectation should not be too high regarding its performance. For the price, it’s worth watching the features of this amazing storage shed.

Outdoor Garbage Container

This wooden outdoor trash can storage shed includes solid wood construction of the Cypress Tree Family. And it makes this outdoor storage shed enduring from any use and abuse.

Larger Fixtures

It can accommodate larger fixtures and comes with a size dimension of 66″ W x 38″ D x 53″ H. So you can be relaxed to keep all your bins or other outdoor essentials securely placed in this shed. It also ensures to keep them dry and protected from any bad weather.

Outdoor garbage Can Storage

Shelter Your Trash Bins

Don’t run out of space to place your wheeled waste bins anymore. This large refuse shed is lockable and provides a secure shelter for the trash containers and boxes.

Convenient Access

The Leisure Season shed features a pneumatic lid so that you can use it with one hand. It provides the convenience of access, and you don’t need to exert much effort as well.

Outdoor Trash Can hider

More Details

It comes in a stylish and convenient design and includes high-quality wood construction. So you can stylishly conceal the trash bins with a shed that is ready to withstand any heavy downpour or sunlight exposure. This shed is also floorless, making things easier to access and roll out.

What Customers Say

As we’ve said, it’s not a high-end product and provides a basic storage system for your outdoor trash can hideaway. For such purposes, it does what it says.

check details and price

Zippity Outdoor Products Premium Vinyl Privacy Screen

How about checking out a unique way to hide the unsightly items like the trash bins? Sounds interesting, right? The Zippity Outdoor Products Premium Vinyl Privacy Screen is one such option that can be an alternative to your outdoor storage shed requirement. Let’s check it out.

Simple Installation

Don’t worry about its installation. It comes with ground stakes for convenient installation. To install it on the concrete surface, you can get the galvanized L brackets separately. It takes little effort to install it, like driving the stakes in the ground with a sledgehammer. And it won’t fall over if you do your job properly following the instruction manual.

Outdoor Trash Can Storage Shed

Exclusive Outdoor Garbage Can Enclosure

Not only hide the unmentionable but rather add a curb appeal to your home with this amazing outdoor garbage can enclosure. It is almost maintenance-free, so you can relax about taking its care.

Premium Privacy Screen

This premium privacy screen is a great way to ensure your maximum privacy by hiding your trash bins, air conditioning units, or other unsightly things. It is made of weather-resistant premium vinyl, making it durable enough to serve you.

Personalize Your Enclosure

Zippity kit has 2 sections to make a perfect right angle and allows you to purchase more units to make a bigger enclosure. This is surely an advantage over the traditional outdoor trash can storage shed when it comes to hiding them.


Outdoor Trash Can Storage Shed

What Customers Say

The Zippity Privacy Screen is an Amazon’s Choice, and its great quality, diverse function, and price make it a deserving one. People love the fact that they can now hide their unsightly things in an amazingly stylish way.

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Rubbermaid Shed Shelving Accessory Kit

Now we have something more interesting than just the outdoor trash can storage shed. It’s the Rubbermaid Shed Shelving Accessory Kit. This kit will let you make the most of your Rubbermaid storage shed. Let’s check it out.

Kit Details

This Rubbermaid Kit includes 1 compact shelf, 1 utility hook, 1 handle hook, and other required hardware to install them. For that, you don’t need any drilling. You can use this with different Rubbermaid sheds except the models 1S84, 1S85, 3749, 3750.

Maximum Utilization

Utilize the maximum space by mounting all the tools to the walls. And have your floor space clear for further storage.

Personalized Storage

You can personalize your outdoor storage the way you want. Use the shelves, hooks, and other tools according to your need for keeping things in the most organized way.

Convenience of Use

You have countless outdoor activities, and you need the right support to do them conveniently. This kit is your support system to let you get it all you want. And they are durable enough to serve you for a long, long time.

What Customers Say

Those who look to customize their Rubbermaid shed will find a great interest in it. It is worth the deal, but make sure your version of the shed is compatible with this kit.

check details and price


In this article, we’ve tried to provide you with some great options to choose the best outdoor trash can storage shed. Some of them are high in features and prices, and others are decent with both these terms. Our list is mostly ruled by Rubbermaid, Suncast, and Keter, who have multiple entries on the list. You can check out all these options to find out. Buying any of these outdoor storage sheds will add a style accent to hide away the undesirable trash cans or bins.

We have enough variety on our list regarding the type, design, quality, and price of the outdoor trash can storage sheds from which you can choose your best one. Most of them provide versatile storage options to make them more than just outdoor storage can shed. So this is it, and we hope this should be enough to help you make an informed choice for the trash storage shed.

Image and Product Information Source: www.amazon.com

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