12 Best Trash Can For Diapers: Reviews And Buying Guide

Best Trash Can For Diapers

Taking care of a baby and looking after all kinds of hygiene and safety can be tedious, especially for first-time parents. A diaper pail deserves a special place in a nursery to make their lives easier. They cut off all bad odors and make diaper disposal a breeze during busy hours so that you and your baby can wake up to a fresh morning. To save you some time and hassle, we have listed the 12 best trash can for diapers. If you are looking for a top-quality diaper pail, do not forget to check our buying guide for some extra tips.

FAQs About The Best Garbage  Can for Diapers

Can You Use a Regular Trash Can for Diapers?

You can certainly use a regular garbage can to dispose of diapers but diaper cans are specially designed to keep away odors from spreading around your place and are specifically hygienic for disposal of diapers.

What is The Best Trash Can for Diapers?

Different brands and models are best to tackle different problems related to diaper disposal. Among the top picks, Playtex Diaper Genie, Ubbi, and Dekor Diaper Pail definitely reserve the top spots.

Are Diaper Trash Cars Worth It?

Yes, diaper trash cans are a better way of disposing of stinking diapers. They are specially engineered that way to lock all bad odors and prevent germ contamination besides many other advantages. So, they are better solutions and are also hygienic than normal trash cans for disposing of diapers. Besides, most diaper trash cans don’t cost much of a fortune, so they are quite effective and worth investment.

How Do You Use a Trash Can for Diapers?

All diaper pails come with an adjoining user guide that makes diaper disposal easy and hygienic. Most pails can be operated by putting the used diaper in the compartment, closing the lid, then releasing it into the trash bag. Using a diaper trash can is made to be super easy, especially for parents’ and babysitter’s convenience.

What Can I Use Instead of A Diaper Genie?

You can use Ubbi Garbage can for diaper as an alternative to diaper genie. While there can be no exact replacement for a diaper genie, you may consider some of these alternatives in case a diaper genie or other alternatives are not within your reach for the time being:

  • Regular trash can
  • Pet poop bag
  • Waterproof trash diaper pail bags

Is UBBI vs. Diaper Genie Better?

Both Ubbi and Diaper Genie are top-notch choices for separate reasons as both have their advantages and disadvantages. Ubbi costs a little more in the long run as you need to purchase a special trash bag. Overall, a Diaper Genie can be the best choice for any baby caregiver or parent.

Do I Really Need a Durable Diaper Pail?

While it is true that you can do away without a diaper pail, you might have to form the habit of breathing through your mouth rather than your nose. It is always recommended for any house having a kid or a nursery to use diaper pails as they are more hygienic than regular trash cans for the disposal of diapers.

How Many Adult Diapers Can It Hold?

This depends on the capacity of your diaper trash can. A 10-gallon of diaper pail can easily hold around 35 adult diapers. So, check the capacity before you buy an adult diaper pail.

How Do I Dispose of Diapers Without Diaper Pail?

In the absence of a diaper pail, you can use recycled plastic bags to wrap used dirty diapers to lock in odors and dispose of them in normal trash cans or dog poop cans. It is recommended to not know diapers openly into a trash can as it will make your survival next to impossible because of obvious reasons.

Does This Come With Some Liners?

Some diaper pails can include a liner(s) in the package, while you may need to buy one separately for others. Overall, it is a good practice to use liners in your durable diaper pail.

12 Best Trash Can for Diapers: Product Reviews

Skip Hop Diaper Pail

Diaper disposal with this diaper pail is an easy job. It is perfect for anyone looking for an affordable, convenient yet not-so-sophisticated pail. Skip hop diaper pail has an extremely slim body that occupies the least space wherever you put it. It is still a pretty spacious bin despite its slim size, so you can use it for a long, odor-free time. Besides that, the construction and many other features included are much suitable for a nursery or house.

Odor Locking System

The Skip diaper pail comes with a dual air-lock system to lock in bad odor and offer a long odor-free time for your baby and you. Its high-grade steel bin also ensures it doesn’t leak any unhygienic odors.

best trash can for diapers

Childproof Lock

More conveniently, the childproof locking system keeps you worry-free as you can concentrate on all other household chores and not worry about your child messing up your room accidentally.

Built-in Storage

You also get a built-in storage space that has enough capacity to hold most essential diaper things. So, besides disposing of dirty cloth diapers, you can use its space to temporarily store some things while you’re in the process of changing diapers.

Space-saving Design

Lastly, the pail is rather slim and doesn’t even take up much space in your room. So, it is convenient to use it in any space and even carry it wherever you go.

What Customers Say

Skip is a great product with some very useful features that make it easy to dispose of dirty diapers safely and hygienically. If you have rather short floor space, this will be the best option for you as it is very slim and also contains a storage rack beside the waste compartment.

best trash can for diapers

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Ubbi Steel Odor Locking

Ubbi is undoubtedly a top choice in diaper pails, and it is evident from its superior array of convenient features. This award-winning pail will serve you the best during your initial days. This undoubtedly makes for one of the best trash can for baby diapers


This award-winning pail has a solid steel body that, unlike plastic, locks the bad smells inside the bin. As it is not made of porous plastic, there are no chances of odor leakage. Moreover, it has been built with rubber seals around the rim. This is an excellent feature to lock in bad odors and keep your space fresh.

No Special Refills Needed

This ubbi steel diaper pail can be lined with any normal bag or cloth liner and does not require any special pricey refill.

Child Safety Lock

Other notable features of this pail are its child safety lock and slow-close lid. This makes it extremely safe to use around infants.

High Capacity

The Ubbi steel diaper pail has a sufficiently high capacity to make it one of the first choices among parents. It can easily contain 20 of the biggest-sized diapers and up to 55 newborn ones.

What Customers Say

This award-winning ubbi steel diaper pail can be the best garbage can for diapers for you because it offers all the convenient features a parent can need. On the brighter side, it has been tested to meet all safety standards, and you get all of these at a rather cheap price tag.

best trash can for diapers

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Dekor Hands-Free Diaper Pail

Decor Classic undoubtedly makes for one of the unique high-performance diaper pails that stands out among the rest for its thoughtful features. The best feature worth mentioning is its hands-free operation, perfect for any newborn’s care. Moreover, it has a unique construction that not only locks in odor but also prevents odor from getting absorbed in the pail.

Hands-free Operation

Dékor pails provide a 100% hands-free operation as they come with foot pedal systems. Just like any other foot pedal machine, you just need to step on – no need to use your dirty hands or bend down for diaper disposal.

Best Diaper Trash Can


No worries since you can use this Dékor pail even after your children outgrow their diaper age. This is a multipurpose pail and fits equally well in a bathroom, kitchen, or garage. You can even use this as a pet trash can to dispose of pet excreta as they have non-absorbing technology.

Odor Lock Technology

What’s even better than an odor-locking system is its body is made up of ABS closed-cell that does not allow the odor to be trapped in the body even on standing for long.

What Customers Say

This is best if you want a long-lasting diaper pail that can also be used for disposing of other wastes. It has many innovative features that are not present in other top-notch options in the market like not absorbing odor, and also multipurpose functionality.

Best Diaper Trash Can

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Creative Baby Tidy Diaper Pail

This is a great substitute for high-end features at a pocket-friendly price as it offers some convenient features that are not commonly found in average options. It is great for those who have to look after twins as its one-hand operation works quite smoothly.

Odor Locking System

The Creative Baby is a decent option in terms of the odor-locking system. It is comparable to other similar diaper pails and satisfactorily keeps out odor from the room and also from the pail. However, this feature may be compromised after quite some months of use.

Convenient Operation

It is superiorly engineered to provide an easy one-hand operation which is a great advantage for any parent or babysitter.

No Special Liner Needed

It is also compatible with disposable diaper bags, and you don’t need to buy any special cloth liner for diaper disposal. So, it can be satisfactorily used for a long time with any kind of garbage bag.

What Customers Say

The Creative Baby Diaper Pail can be a great substitute for other high-end options since you get an excellent odor-locking and non-absorbent system. Also, since it has a convenient one-hand operation, it will serve you better than average pails, but its lid flip may not work properly at times. So, if you can bear a better option, try looking for a more smooth-functioning pail.

best trash can for diapers

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Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer

The Munchkin Step Diaper pail has got some useful features like dual refill compatibility, a self-sealing lid, etc. that make it stand out. Although it is a bit high-priced, it has lasted long enough for most consumers and is a decent option.

Dual Refill Compatible

The Munchkin Diaper Pail has an innovative cloth liner fill that is compatible with both rings and snaps cloth diaper bags.

Self-Sealing System

The innovative technology included in this system works flawlessly to lock the system so that it won’t easily if your cold messes with it in your absence. It twists the refill to tighten the lock and help prevent mishaps.

Step Pedal

This is another top-notch feature that makes this diaper pail a very popular one among millions of parents. Its convenient, easy-to-use foot pedal and hands-free operation cannot be praised any better as it ensures no unhygienic events occur when you’re handling a filthy diaper in one hand and your newborn in the other.

Lavender-scented Step

This diaper pail includes a sweet smell of Munchkin lavender-scented Puck. This keeps the space fresh and sweet by absorbing all bad odors.


The Munchkin Step Diaper Pail is an award-winning pail and a holder of the 2020 Best Overall Diaper Pail by Good Housekeeping Award. Hence, its features work very smoothly and are of a high standard.

ChChildproofocking System

The childproof locking system keeps you concentrated on your work at hand and prevents your child from accidentally messing up your room.

What Customers Say

This is undoubtedly a long-lasting and highly convenient pail and will keep you worry-free throughout your days of parenthood. It has many useful features to maintain all hygiene standards and keep your room fresh and clean.

best trash can for diapers

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Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail

Worrying about a child’s safety is a major thing in a parent’s mind, and for this reason, the Safety 1st Easy Diaper Pail can be the best diaper trash can you choose. It is odor-resistant, built of good quality material, and is also successfully tested by regulatory bodies for its safety.

Odor Resistant

The body of the pail is made of 100% plastic, which means there will be no odor leakage outside, even on long-standing. This is the primary reason for getting a separate diaper pail, and this one surely meets this standard.

High Safety Standard

The pail comes with an instant sealing ring that is innovatively designed to meet the highest safety standards. Besides, it has passed all safety tests by the UL, FDA, and LFGB for safety, including food safety.


This pail is quite cheap compared to other popular options and still works very well to maintain the safety and hygiene around your kid.

What Customers Say

If you are looking for a satisfactory diaper pail, you can invest in this. It is cheap, affordable, and passed most quality tests by regulatory authorities. It may not work for the longest time but is still worth a shot if you are unable to invest in a pricey durable diaper pail for now.

best baby diaper trash can

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Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail

This is the best baby diaper trash can with a bunch of sophisticated features that wraps almost all unique features combining a lot of different options in the market. It has a sophisticated, effective odor control system, foot pedal for hands-free use, anti-microbial properties, and much more. Moreover, it comes at a fairly competitive price as well which makes it one of the most in-demand items among parents.

Odor Control System

The diaper genie is one of the best diaper pails with a sophisticated odor control system that is going to make you fall in love with it. It is perfect for keeping all bad odors locked inside so that you and your baby can enjoy and live in a fresh and hygienic environment all day round. Lastly, the Double Air-Tite Clamps give a superior 7-layer odor locking result.

Hands-free Use

Playtex’s tallest models, too, come with an easy-to-use one-step foot pedal that is extremely useful when you have to handle your baby and dirty diapers all by yourself. So, now, no bending down and adding on to the pain at the end of the day to take care of your baby.


The pail & refill is innovatively built to prevent the spreading of disease-causing germs. It has been provided with anti-microbial properties that cut off bacterial growth. Its accompanying refills called the Max Fresh refills, also have inherent anti-microbial features.

Elegant Look

Last but not least, this diaper pail has a slim, elegant look that fits in any corner of your room or nursery.

What Customers Say

In most consumers’ opinions, this is the best option in all aspects. This is a total value-for-money product in what it offers at this price tag.

best trash can for diapers

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Munchkin Diaper Pail Baby Registry Starter Set

Munchkin is overall a well-known brand that is known for its standard diaper pails with a range of useful features that makes every parent’s job a bit easier. This is a cheap diaper pail and is perfect for traveling as it has some thoughtful features for making diaper disposal extremely hygienic and easy.

Dual Refill Compatible

Munchkin produces the only diaper pails that are dual refill compatible. You can use two types of cloth liners with these – rings and snap, seal and toss cloth liners.

Easy to Use

This is perfect for traveling or for long vacations as it comes fully assembled and adds to the convenience. Moreover, it also has a helpful side door that aids in the quick emptying of filled trash bags.

Perfect Gift

This Munchkin diaper pail includes up to a 1-month supply of refills. Hence, this makes for a perfect gift for any parent.

ChiChildproofcking System

ChiChildproofcks are a very important feature that every parent searches for in any item they bring to their household. Hence, Munchkin has included this thoughtful feature to help keep your baby safe by a button that keeps kids from opening the bin.

Fresh Smell

On top of its odor locking system, this diaper pail gives an additional layer of freshness to the air using lavender-scented baking soda.

What Customers Say

These are a few of the top-notch features that make this product flawless. Apart from these, the diaper pail itself has a very smooth and precise performance to keep out odors, prevent children from opening it, and much more. You are not going to regret investing in this one.

best trash can for diapers

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The Diaper One N Done

If you don’t like the idea of poop-filled trash bins in your nursery, this can be your best choice. It usually uses separate small bags to pack in each used diaper so that each time you open the bin to toss a new one, no sink comes out.


This is an extremely convenient diaper pail and is sure to make your diaper job a breeze. Cleaning it, emptying the trash, and tossing in a used diaper was never so convenient before this.

Extreme Hygiene

Most diaper pails do not have this feature which contributes to some odor leakage in the long run. Your bin can be odor-locking in nature, but if the individual diapers are not sealed, the moment you open the trash lid, the smell is going to pop out. To avoid this, the Diaper One N Done offers individual diaper sealing that provides an extreme level of hygiene and freshness in your room.

Convenient Setting

This diaper pail can be set in your small or big nursery in different ways. You can hang it from a hook or make it stand straight at a place depending upon your convenience and space availability. This feature also makes it very travel-friendly along with the sealing.

Money-back Guarantee

The Diaper One N Done offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their product’s performance.

What Customers Say

This is one of the best diaper pails because of this state-of-the-art sealing technology. Most individuals don’t like the concept of poop-filled trash cans in their nursery, and this is a huge relief to them as each used diaper is separately sealed inside the trash pail.

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Prince Lionheart Twist’r Diaper DisposalSystem

Prince Lionheart diaper bin has patented sophisticated technologies that lock and absorb odor inside tactfully. In addition, you cannot complain of stinking nurseries with this diaper pail as it contains activated charcoal to absorb odor.

Self-sealing System

Its self-sealing doors come very handful when both of your hands are engaged or dirty. It seals the door by itself to isolate dirty diapers and their odor.


Besides a sophisticated odor-locking system, it has been provided with activated charcoal that absorbs odors.


Last but not least, this diaper pail has a patented Twist Technology that locks in odor. This technology, in addition to a 7-Layer Bag, seals odor molecules inside the bag so that your kid can grow up in a fresh environment.

What Customers Say

Prince Lionheart has a highly sophisticated odor absorbing and locking system with in-built activated charcoal which is a rare feature. Overall, this can be considered a decent buy if you are looking for convenient basic features to last for some time.

best trash can for diapers

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Angelcare Nappy Disposal Bin

The Angelcare Nappy disposal bin is a popular choice because of its convenient push and lock system. It also has decent odor-locking technology as it is 100% plastic-made. Besides, it has much capacity to hold diapers for up to a week, and weekly emptying is enough.

Odor Sealing

The disposal bin has a multi-layer film in the cassette, which ensures a long-lasting and effective odor-locking technology.

Easy Push & Lock Disposal

The push & lock system makes it extremely convenient to throw off diapers. A single push of the clamp is enough to dispose of the nappy into the bag automatically.

Easy-to-use Refill

Each diaper in the disposal bin is hygienically contained, and the refills are easy to find and replace.

best didaper pail

Environmentally Friendlier 

The Angelcare disposal bin uses up to 4 times less plastic by eliminating the wrapping of individual diapers. It is hence comparatively more environment-friendly than other bins.

Easy to Empty

You can empty it easily, just like a regular trash can liner, and it approximately needs emptying once a week.

What Customers Say

If you are comfortable bearing its expenses, this is not a bad choice as it offers up to a week of non-stop use without emptying. It is sufficient for any newborn, and the odor-locking system also works smoothly. However, this may need careful handling to make the product last longer.

best trash can for diapers

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PurePail Go Diaper Pail

If you are looking for a thoughtful diaper pail with travel-friendly features, this cannot be replaced by another diaper pail. This is especially popular among travelers and busy parents for its user-friendly, quick, and safe mechanisms.


This diaper pail can contain around 12 newborn nappies yet folds down to 3.5 inches. It is an extremely travel-friendly option with other convenient features like a travel case with a handle.

Superior Odor Control

This has one of the most updated odor-blocking technology that is proven to be in the number one position for odor control. Moreover, each nappy is covered in a separate bag that remains sealed when the lid is opened.

Effective Odor Absorbing

It is also embedded with a charcoal filter that absorbs odor to provide freshness in your nursery without any added fragrance.

Easy Refilling

The pail is mainly built to be used with PurePail Go Bags, but it is compatible with even any regular and small trash bag if the particular refill is out of your reach.

Child-safety Lock

If you are worried about your child’s safety and hygiene, don’t worry anymore, as this product also has a safe child lock feature.

Hygienic & Convenient

The diaper pail itself has a user-friendly operation, and you can change the bag without any stink. Moreover, the pail is fully assembled, and you can start using it directly after purchasing.

What Customers Say

PurePail is a top choice and is evident from its list of sophisticated features that definitely make it easy to take care of your baby. Starting from its child lock to odor control and easy refilling system, there can be no complaints about it.

best trash can for diapers

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Buying Guide: How to Choose The Best Diaper Trash Can

The major parameters you must check in a diaper pail are all listed below, which shall help you make a correct decision as per your needs.


You must look for a diaper pail with enough space to work with minimal emptying. A diaper pail that can work with weekly or fortnightly emptying is mostly suitable for newborns and toddlers.

Odor Locking

An effective odor locking system is a must and should be appropriate in preventing odors in the nursery. Normally, the best diaper pails for odor control have metal bodies that do not allow odor to move out. Some might have other updated technologies to cut off odor.

Diaper Wrapping

Individual diaper wrapping is a useful feature that helps in cutting odor leakage when you open the lid.


This is an important feature if you are going to keep the pail within your kid’s reach as children tend to be curious and can open up bins and create a mess.


If you can get hold of a diaper pail that can be used as a regular trash can and also as a pet trash bin, it’s best as you can use it even after your kid has passed their diaper age.


We highly recommend going through our buying guide before making any decision as that will save you a lot of money and hassle. Moreover, our list of the 12 best trash can for diapers includes the most top-quality and updated technology products that will surely meet your all-around needs. These products have been shortlisted based on various convenient features, and each one is best for a different purpose. So make sure you choose the best baby diaper trash can that has all the handy features you are looking for and satisfies your checklist.

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