Best Trash Compactor Reviews For You 2021

A trash compactor is a useful device in any home. They are mainly used in the kitchen, but some are portable and can be moved around the house. They work according to a simple principle, they press on your waste with a crushing force, so that the volume of your household waste is considerably reduced. Some use your own energy and you have to press with your hand, but others are powered by electric motors. The applied force varies from model to model, as does the overall capacity of the compactor.

Here are the best trash compactor, supported compaction strength, protection features, also as performance, design options, and flexibility.

To help you make the right choice, consult our guide to the best trash compactors

Household Essentials Trash Krusher Manual Trash Compactor 

Key Feature:

  • Capacity 40 liters
  • 13.5 deep with foot pedal
  • Locking device holds the lid open
  • Simple manual trash compacting receptacle in fingerprint resistant stainless steel
  • Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 16 x 15.3 inches
  • Uses 10 or 13-gallon trash bags
  • Bag locking mechanism keeps bags in place
  • Soft-touch foot petal for an easy open and silent slow-close lid

The TK 10 trash krusher has all the features of a modern Stainless Steel trash can with a soft touch petal and a slow-closing lid, but inside this attractive 40 liter, can is a unique, patented manual trash compactor system. It’s easy to use and quiet. Just grab the handle on the lid and push. Your household trash will be crushed. No special bags or electricity is required just the force of your hand. You’ll get Twice as much trash in every bag.

A switch lets the lid remain open for longer clean-up Jobs and to makes it easy to empty the trash and change the bags. And the unique locking mechanism ensures that the bag is secured until it is time to take it out. The trash krusher is also easy to clean. Just detach the compaction device from the lid and rinse it with soapy water.


Household Trash Compactor


household garbage compactor

Saves Time

Household Essentials Trash Krusher fills like a typical trash can, but it only needs to be emptied half as often. That’s fewer trips to the curb and more time for other things.

Saves Money

Crushing down trash fits more garbage in each bag, so fewer bags get used each week. Those savings add up week after week, year after year!

Saves the Planet

Imagine the number of bags you’ve saved using by compacting your trash, multiplied by every home in your community! That’s a significantly less amount of added plastic bags going to landfills. Basically, we are reducing the trash it takes to contain our trash! Fewer bags in landfills are less trash there too.

household garbage compactor

Quiet, Convenient, and Quick

Taking care of trash doesn’t have to be noisy. Quiet lid with a simple and effect compaction device: the perfect combination of power-packed trash and blissful quiet on the ears.

Stylish and Elegant

Trash cans are out in the open for all to see in most homes. This higher grade stainless steel is thicker than most and has the durable fingerprint-resistant finish to keep it looking cleaner between wipe-downs.

best trash compactor

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iTouchless Squeeze Trash Compactor Garbage Can with Sensor Lid

Key Feature:

  • 13 Gallons / 49 Liters Capacity
  • Odor control
  • Battery-Free Operation to Compact Waste from 13 to 20-gallon Capacity
  • Package Dimensions: 25.4 x 14.1 x 12.6 inches
  • Automatic touch-free lid
  • Includes starter pack

Compact Waste to Save Space!

It’s easy to compact trash with the iTouchless Squeeze Compactor Sensor Trash Can. With a touch-free, sensor-activated lid and built-in compacting tool, it’s the easiest and most hygienic trash can available.

best trash compactor for home
Solid green means the lid is in Stay Open Mode. Blinking red means the lid is about to close.

Odor Control

Number 1 activated carbon odor filter is included! Odor Filter absorbs and neutralizes odors a natural way. For a fresh and clean smelling home.



best trash compactor for home
Replaceable Odor Filter absorbs trash odors. Your first Activated Carbon Odor Filter is included.

Automatic Touchless Lid

Just the motion of your hand opens the lid; no touching! Avoid exposure to illness-causing germs that survive trash cans.

Premium Features Include:

  • Compact Trash the Easy Way – use the built-in tool to fit more trash in every bag
  • 100% Touch-Free Lid – just the motion of your hand opens the lid
  • Stainless Steel finish that is fingerprint-proof, smudge-resistant, and easy to clean
  • Trash Bag Retainer Ring – prevents a full bag from falling in
  • Air Vents at the Base – create airflow to ease removal of a heavy, full bag

best trash compactor


  • Replaceable Odor Filter absorbs and contains trash odors
  • Disposable Compactor Plate Covers provide an extra layer of sanitation – no need to clean the compactor plate
  • Premium Trash Bags 13 Gallon that won’t tear or leak.


best trash compactor

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Gladiator Trash Compactor – Portable Design

Key Feature:

  • Package Dimensions: 36.3 x 27 x 17 inches
  • Gladiator 1-cu ft portable trash compactor


  • Gladiator 1-cu ft portable trash compactor allows you to compress trash from anywhere in your home or garage
  • 1/3-HP motor provides a compression force of 2,200 lbs. per sq in, reducing waste or recyclables to ¼ its original volume
  • Hammered granite finish features a rugged tread plate design that maintains durability and creates a modern look
  • Touch-Toe drawer opener offers a hands-free way to open the compactor
  • Recessed on/off/start control key creates a sleek, integrated look while providing safety
  • Automatic anti-jam allows for easy and reliable operation, even with a challenging load
  • Heavy-duty solid rubber casters offer easy mobility and lock to hold the unit in place

Product Description:

Now you can have all the benefits of a trash compactor without taking up valuable kitchen space. This Gladiator 15 in. compactor features rugged Gladiator brand styling and casters for easy mobility. It is perfect for minimizing the volume of the trash, decreasing the number of trash bags used, and reducing the number of trips to the curb.

The Gladiator GarageWorks GACP15XXMG Modular Garage Trash Compactor provides all the benefits and convenience you’re looking for in a heavy-duty compactor, without taking up valuable space. Featuring rugged styling, and complete with casters for easy mobility, this compactor minimizes the volume of trash to cut down on trash bags used and minimizes trips to the curb.

Strong Enough to Reduce Garbage by 75 Percent

The Modular Garage Trash Compactor offers a 1.4-cubic-foot capacity, and it can be used to compress trash and recyclables, including aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and paper products. It creates a cleaner environment by keeping garbage and odors contained, and are an alternative to packing everything in trash bags.

To dramatically reduce shop trash and handle heavy-duty compacting, this handy garage appliance comes equipped with a 1/3-horsepower motor with a compression ability of 2,200 pounds per square inch. You’ll get a 4:1 compaction ratio and approximately 75% less garbage volume.

User-Friendly, Portable Design

Complete with a Touch Toe drawer opener that lets you open the compactor via a foot pedal, the Modular Garage Trash Compactor has a bin that opens smoothly on rails, even under the weight of heavy loads.

The compactor also includes solid rubber casters, which increase the overall stability of the unit and make it easier to move. The front casters lock with a simple push, and the swiveling rear casters let you move the unit easily around your garage.

Operation is simple thanks to the On/Off/Start key. And to help maintain smooth, trouble-free compacting, this unit has an automatic anti-jam feature that allows the compression ram to automatically reverse to prevent jams when the door is opened during operation.

Trash Compactor

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Joseph Joseph 30037 Intelligent Waste Titan Trash Can Compactor

Key Feature:

  • Size: 5 Gallon/20 liter
  • Take out the trash less often and use fewer liners
  • Hygienic and mess-free – only the inside of the trash bag touches the trash while compacting
  • Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 11.9 x 26.9 inches
  • Reduce trash volume by 66% after compaction
  • Won’t tear your liners – titan’s anti-tear design won’t stretch or pinch the liner


titan trash can compactor


titan trash can compactor

Product Description:

Titan is no ordinary trash unit. It features a patented, hygienic compaction system that enables it to reduce trash volume by 66% after compaction. Because Titan compacts your waste, it doesn’t need to be emptied as often, which in turn reduces the number of liners you use and how often you need to take out the trash.

Titan features a replaceable carbon odor filter for any unpleasant smells and a fingerprint-proof stainless-steel coating. Titan is hygienic and mess-free. The unique design ensures only the inside of the plastic bag touches the trash while compacting, leaving you with clean hands and a clean bin. Titan is built to last.

titan trash can compactor

Its compaction system and foot pedal have been tested over 100, 000 times and are engineered to withstand many years of service. Titan has an anti-tear design that won’t stretch or pinch the trash bag. We carry extra-strong, Iw5 custom-fit liners for added Peace of mind. It’s also compatible with standard plastic trash bags. A handy lid-stay feature ensures liner changes are quick and hassle-free, and it also includes a handle on the reverse to make moving easy.joseph joseph titan trash can compactor

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The Step N Sort Compacting Trash Can

Key Feature:

  • 40-liter capacity / 11 gallons
  • Hands-free step pedals
  • Removable inner bucket for easy disposal and cleaning
  • Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 15.5 x 26.7 inches
  • Trash compacting lid and slow-close lid
  • Fingerprint proof finish, stainless steel

Product Description:

The step n’ sort trash compacting bin allows you to use fewer trash bags and take out the trash less often! Easy to use, and no batteries required. Simply grab hold of the handle on the lid and push down. Your garbage will be crushed allowing you to get up to three times more trash in the bin. This compacting trash can comes with a slow-close lid feature as well as a finger-print proof finish. It has a large removable inner bin for easy cleaning and disposal. Perfect for the home or office.

Compacting Trash Can

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Squash-It Mini Rectangular Trash Compactor with Hook

This Squash-It mini rectangular trash compactor with Hook allows you to securely manually compact your garbage without worrying about touching something unexpected and reduces trips to require out the garbage. Very well built and straightforward to use and sturdy.

manual compacting trash can


manual compacting trash can

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Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1 HP

Key Feature:

  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 x 16 inches
  • HIGH-SPEED MOTOR: The 1 HP, 2800 RPM (115v)
  • 20 YEAR PROTECTION: 20-year Limited

Product Description:

Waste King L-8000: 1 horsepower garbage disposal with the pre-installed power cord and sound insulation. Energy-efficient permanent magnet motor and stainless steel swivel impellers reduce jamming. Fast and easy to install with a removable splashguard that is easy to clean and replace. Rust and corrosion-proof glass-filled nylon grind chamber and drain housing with stainless steel grinding components. Continuous feed technology. Front-mounted reset button for easy use. Safe to use with properly-sized septic tanks. Has dishwasher hookup. Sound SHIELD designed to provide sound deadening insulation.

Garbage Disposal

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Krushr 12 Inch Trash Compactor

Key Feature:

  • 5.5 cu. ft. Capacity
  • Energy Efficient Hypercrush Compaction
  • Stainless Steel Door Panel and Toe Kick
  • Quiet Operation – Energy efficient and quiet in operation
  • Average 85% compaction ratio (depending on material type)

Hypercrush Compaction: Krushr’s Recycling Trash Compactor offers ‘Hypercrush’ compaction operation to ensure permanent compression of plastics and card without the use of energy. The trash compactor is designed with alternative combinations of functionality to address different municipal authority waste collection regimes.

Available at Appliances Connection Features: Convenient Recycling Trash Can Disposal of all your recyclable plastics, food packaging waste, drinks, cans, food tins, paper.

krushr 12 trash compactor

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Krushr K012 Panel Required Recycle Compactor, 12-Inch

Product Feature:

  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 11.9 x 31.9 inches
  • Custom-fit bags available to keep the interior clean and easy to empty (sold separately) with Touch Button Operation and Child Lock Safety
  • This unit can be installed floor mount standalone, fully integrated, or built under counter
  • Energy-efficient hyper crush mode maintaining compaction force without the use of energy
  • Removable legs that can extend up to 1″ allowing a maximum total height of 34.69″

PLEASE NOTE: the door panel shown in the image is for illustration purposes only and is not included. For a Stainless Steel finish, Krushr offers a 12″ stainless steel door tailored to this unit that (sold separately).

krushr 12 inch trash compactor

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Household Essentials TK10XL-1 Trash Compactor -50 Liter

Key Feature:

  • 50 Liter black stainless steel trash can
  • With a manual trash compactor built into the lid so it holds up to 2x as much trash
  • Step bin foot operated openly with the soft-close release
  • Product Dimensions: 17.5 x 14.6 x 25.5 inches
  • Removable plastic bin Liner fits 13-gallon plastic trash bag liners
  • Stay-open lever to keep the lid open when changing out the bag

Product Description:

Make each bag hold 2x the trash with Household Essentials trash krusher Tk10 XL family edition! This larger trash can is perfect for family kitchens and fits a 13-gallon bag with no wasted space. The manual trash compactor built-into the lid crushes down the trash in the can, making each trash bag hold 2x as much garbage! That means taking out the trash less often and putting fewer bags of trash into landfills.

This XL edition of the classic Tk10 trash krusher still has the step pedal hands free open and soft close lid, fingerprint-resistant finish, thicker gauge stainless steel body, and removable plastic liner for fast and easy cleanup. A notch in the back of the liner holds excess bag around the rim to keep the bag flush against the liner and prevent slipping.

Best of all, the compaction device (CD) in the lid is large and easy to use. With just the force of your body, the trash compactor pops free of the lid and presses the waste and garbage down into the bottom of the can. The large rim keeps trash from pushing over the lip of the compactor, so your arm and hand stay clean.

The CD clicks back into the lid with magnets and an audible snap. It’s a nice looking trash can, made of excellent quality materials, with the innovation we need for home. This 50 L waste can fit a 13-gallon liner; the can measures 25.5 inches high (+10 inches with lid open) x 17.5 inches wide x 14.6 inches deep. Its black stainless finish has the transparent, Smokey black quality found on all black stainless kitchen appliances.

household essentials trash krusher

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What is Trash Compactors?

A trash compactor is a machine used for collecting waste or garbage, prior to sorting and recycling. The trash compactor makes it possible to compress the residual materials and thus reduce the volume occupied by the garbage.

How to Use a Trash Compactor?

There are different types of trash compactors and the type you have will dictate how you use them. Some are placed under the counter, others are integrated into your kitchen appliances and still, others are on casters, so they can be used in any room of the house or in your garage.

Trash compactors are designed to be very easy to use and will come with full instructions. They consist of a container whose size can vary and a kind of metal ram which is used to compress the waste into a smaller size. When you install the trash compactor, you use a bag to line the bin, which must be compatible with your compactor, otherwise, it may tear.

For electric compactors, you must connect them to the electrical network. When creating waste in your kitchen or elsewhere, place it in your waste compactor. Often the cover is activated by waving the hand in front of it or with a pedal. Once the trash bin is full, close the compactor and begin the compaction process. You will have to do it manually for manual waste compactors and you will have a solid plate and lever to do it. Electric compactors do it for you and you just flip a switch.

There must be safety devices that help you operate the trash compactor without injuring yourself. These devices are even more important if you have children at home. Children should never be allowed to operate or play near a garbage compactor. Often the buttons are recessed so that the compactor cannot be started accidentally. An alarm can also be triggered when something is wrong with a compactor, for example, if it is improperly loaded. An anti-blocking function is practical to prevent the compactor from blocking.

Principles and Advantages of Trash Compaction

The principle of the waste or trash compactor is to increase the density of garbage and litter by significantly reducing their volume. Thanks to a compacting action, the average density, depending on the type of waste, goes from 0.2T / m² to more than 1T / m². In this way, the volume of waste is reduced to its minimum.

Industrialists are certainly the professionals who equip themselves with the most compactors in view of the large number of wastes they have to treat. However, it is the equipment of choice for other sectors because of the advantages:

  • Significant increase in waste storage capacity
  • The simple technique to set up
  • Disturbing odors are circumscribed
  • No waste that flies away, no dust, no paper or packaging
  • The volumes stored by the different compactors are substantial: 5m cubics, even 10, 15, and even 25m cubic depending on the product categories


A household waste compactor will save you time and money. You will no longer have to take out the garbage as often and you will pay less for waste treatment services. You will also need less storage space for your waste and it will encourage you to recycle. Compacted waste takes up less space in landfills, which is good for the environment.

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