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You need to talk trash out even if you don’t like it as it’s been part and parcel of our lives. Trash management isn’t a big deal, as getting a good receptacle can make the task a lot easier. In this article, we’d emphasize the aesthetic aspect of the trash cans. And that brings us to look for wooden trash cans instead of regular plastic cans. The wooden texture of the trash can adds a more subtle and classy touch to your entire home decor. The primary material for such trash cans is wood, and they’re generally used for light trash handling like paper wastes, junk pieces of stuff, etc. Getting the best wooden trash can will help you manage your household waste most stylishly. We’ll check out the reviews of some of our top recommendations here, but before that, let’s find out the answers to some of the FAQs.

Answering The FAQs

How to make a wooden trash can?

To make a wooden trash can, you’ll need a few things to start with, such as two wooden boards, pocket hole screws, two hinges, wood glue, and a finish for top coating. First, determine the size and get a standard cut list & diagram from the internet to cut the pieces accordingly.

Then start by building the trash bin’s floor, and remember to attach 1/4-inch weather-resistant plywood over 1 x 1 support for the firmness. Now cut the 1/4 x 1/4 inch notches of the floor’s four corners to fit the legs. Drill pilot holes and insert the 1-1/4 inch screws into the bottom.

Now move forward to build the faces of the trash bin. Just follow the diagram and cut a 3/4-inch plywood piece to fit between two legs of the bin. Do the same thing to build all the faces. Now drill pocket holes again on both sides of the project and insert the screws into the legs.

Afterward, align everything at both ends and use the waterproof glue to the joints. Then attach the bottom between the sides of the bin and lock it into place correctly. Make sure that the floor fits appropriately around the legs before you level it and insert the screws. Secure everything with waterproof glue. Finally, ensure a finishing touch by filling the pilot hole with putty and sanding the surface unless it’s smooth.

How to make a wooden trash can holder?

To make a wooden trash can holder, you need to sketch out a pedestal box design. It should be a little bit taller and broader than the trash can. Then cut the plywood for the top, bottom, and side of the box using a circular saw. Afterward, use a jigsaw to cut the holder opening. Now, use the wood glue and nails to assemble it and also trim it to size and install it around the box. After that, cut and router an oak plywood frame to build the top lid. Now stain the holder & lid to match your cabinetry and apply the PU sealer. Finally, use screws to attach the box feet to the holder’s bottom and attach the lid with hinges and screws.

How to build a wooden trash can cabinet?

Building a wooden trash can cabinet takes some steps to follow. Here we won’t get into the details of these steps; rather, we’ll watch out for the steps in brief. Get the materials and tools that include two-edged glued panels ( 18 x 6 x 3/ inches ), saw, box finish nails (1-1/4 inch), wood glue, wood filler, 220-grit sandpaper, stain or paint, cabinet pull, clear matte PU, continuous piano hinge, drill, and a nail gun.

Now start by measuring and cutting all wood according to a standard cultist (available on the internet). Then build the cabinet frame using glue and nails. After that, assemble the doors using glue, nails, and filler. After that, it’s time to sand and stain using sandpaper and PU. Finally, attach the piano hinge and install the cabinet pull/knob using a drill.

Where can I buy a wooden trash can?

The best place or way to buy the wooden trash can is to buy them on Amazon. However, you can also check them out at the supermarkets near you.

10 Best Wooden Trash Can Reviews

iDesign Formbu Bamboo Rectangular Waste Basket

Are you looking for a stylish and functional wooden trash bin? The iDesign Formbu Bamboo Rectangular Wastebasket is the answer to your question. It comes with a beautiful wooden design and provides convenient trash disposal anywhere you want. Let’s check out more about this simple, flexible, and practical wooden trash bin from iDesign below.

Modern, Durable Design

How about adding a touch of style to your place, even with a wastebasket! This iDesign trash basket comes with contemporary lines, natural wood tones, and rectangular shapes to make it look absolutely stylish.

You can also trust its durability due to the high-quality MDF Construction with Bamboo Veneer. And it can stand up to everyday use while providing the ease of cleaning with mild soap & water.

Compact Waste Basket

It’s a slim-profile wood trash basket that measures 10.5 L x 5.75 W x 10 H (inches). And that makes it an ideal choice for the tight and compact spaces around your home, such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, laundry room, dorm, and so on.

Versatile Applications

The versatile design of this basket allows for multi-purpose use. Besides being used as a trash can, it can also be used as a recycling bin or additional storage for cleaning supplies. So this wastebasket is more than just a trash can.

What Customers Say

iDesign Formbu Bamboo Rectangular Wastebasket is an Amazon’s Choice product that comes with a lot of encouraging customer reviews. It’s a decent-quality wastebasket that’s functional as well. However, the users feel that there’s little room for improvement regarding its finish quality.

iDesign wooden trash can

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Umbra Woodrow 2 Gallon Modern Wooden Trash Can Wastebasket or Recycling Bin for Home or Office

Umbra Woodrow Trash Can makes a perfect addition to our best wooden trash can list. It includes an original and modern design while providing excellent functionality. To check out more about this small and contemporary garbage can, watch out for its features below.

Modern Aesthetic W/ Natural Wood Tone

Umbra Woodrow Trash Can is an elegant, wood-inspired trash bin. It’s a unique and compact trash basket made of bent, natural, treated wood with a smooth and stained exterior finish. You don’t mind a wood piece curved into a perfect can shape. Its wooden finish and sleek design warm & ground your place even after being a garbage can. It’s also available in a wide variety of color finishes that include natural wood tones on the interior.

A Perfect Addition To Home Decor

The Woodrow is a decorative trash can that adds a modern and subtle look to your home. This two-tone trash basket can suit different spaces such as the bathroom, powder room, study room, office, and so on. It’s so compact that you can easily place it under the desk.

Adequate Capacity, Easy To Transport

This wastebasket has 9-inch x 11-inch (D x H) size dimensions with a generous capacity of 2 gallons or 7.5 L. And that makes it a perfect choice for tight spaces.

There’s also a convenient, integrated handle attached to the basket. It’s very much maneuverable, making the waste disposal and recycling task much more comfortable.

Functional & Durable 

Woodrow trash can comes with an open-top design making it a user-friendly unit to throw waste at. It comes with durable and high-quality construction. So you’ll have it in service for quite a long time. Now deal with trash solidly and stylishly.

What Customers Say

Umbra Woodrow makes it the best wooden trash can for many users out there. The simple and elegant wooden design seems to be a favorite for many users, making it a worthwhile option to consider for their home. It’s reasonably priced and is functional enough to meet your requirements.

Umbra Woodrow 2 Gallon Modern Wooden Trash Can

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iDesign Formbu Wood Wastebasket, Small Square Trash Can for Bathroom, Bedroom, Dorm, College, and Office

Here we have another iDesign Formbu Wood Wastebasket that’s a little different from the rectangular one in terms of shape and size. But when it comes to adding a contemporary, classic look to your home, the iDesign is spot on with its wooden trash can. At its core, it’s perfectly functional to keep your place tidy. Let’s find out more about this below.

Stylish & Durable

It’s time to add a contemporary style and a touch of nature to your home or office. Its stylish, neutral look is powered by the decorative bamboo veneer construction to complement any modern decor. Moreover, it’s made of sturdy MDF to ensure the durability you can trust. So you can expect quality service for years.

Compact Yet Ample Room

Each of these wooden trash cans measures 8.5 x 8.5 x 10 inches to fit even the small and tight spaces across your home. It has enough room to put that little day-to-day trash.

Versatile Applications

This iDesign square basket comes with excellent versatility as well. It’s an ideal choice to dispose of trash, recycling stuff, or other rubbish. Being compact, it fits next to any toilet or countertop. So you can easily use the bin in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or office.

What Customers Say

While considered the best wooden trash can in terms of design appearance, the iDesign Wood Trash Can easily makes it to the top chart. There are a bunch of users who like its shape, size, and wooden finish. However, users seem to be concerned about its build quality and durability issue that requires sincere handling. So the manufacturers should pay heed to this issue.

iDesign Formbu Wood Wastebasket

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Ahaus Imports – Rustic Wood Waste Basket

It’s time to check out a wooden trash can with a farmhouse-style appearance. So we have the Ahaus Imports – Rustic Wood Waste Basket on the list to come up with a variety of your wooden trash can options. This trash basket is here to add a rustic style to your home decor while keeping your space perfectly tidier. Let’s find out more about this product below.

Simple, Beautiful, Rustic

It’s a simple and beautifully designed torched wood trash can that adds a perfect rustic style to your home decor. It includes an asymmetrical design made from natural wood. This retro trash can has tapered sides, and the exterior consists of an elegant White Weathered Barnwood exterior.

Three-Dimensional Effect

Ahaus Imports Rustic Wood Wastebasket has more design stories to share. It comprises a three-dimensional, symmetric shape with a square-shaped mouth and bottom. The opening mouth is large and becomes gradually smaller, making it a cone shape, tilt out wooden trash bin. The larger opening makes it convenient to throw waste.

Durable Basket

This wastebasket is a durable, double wooden trash bin made from Paulownia wood. It’s both sturdy and lightweight to ensure maximum convenience of use. So you get a stylish and durable way to tidy up your place.

Compact & Versatile

It comes in a compact size that measures 12 x 9.75 x 9.75 inches (H x W x D). So you can use this in any tight space in your bathroom, powder room, bedroom, study, office, and so on. You can also use it as a storage basket if needed.

What Customers Say

The users seem to be pretty happy with the Ahaus Imports Wastebasket. People mostly like its rustic, farmhouse look while also finding it functional enough to keep their place tidy. All in all, it’s a deserving candidate for the best wooden trash can.

Ahaus Imports - Rustic Wood Waste Basket

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ToiletTree Products 100% Bamboo Wooden Wastebasket Trash Can

You can’t really miss the Wooden Wastebasket from ToilteTree Products. It’s an excellent bamboo trash can that you only know when you take it out of the box. It comes up with some real fashion accent to deal with your trash. We have more to talk about this product below.

Stunning Design

The ToiletTree Wooden Bamboo Bin is compact and stylish. It features a trendy tapered design that’ll add a charming look to any of your rooms with any kind of decor. It’s a 100% bamboo trash basket that is high-end, natural, and eco-friendly.

Excellent Versatility

The size dimensions of 10.2 x 2.4 x 10.6 inches make it an ideal size to fit into any out-of-the-spot place in your house. You can place this wastebasket in your bedroom, bathroom, office, or living room to keep the end tables debris-free.

Convenient Cleaning

The wastebin makes an essential addition to your home to keep your place neat and orderly. You can now quickly dispose of and collect your garbage while enjoying it more than ever.

The ToiletTree waste bin is a handsome can that keeps the garbage out of sight. It ensures you find it whenever you need it while keeping the home clean in a much more convenient way. The mouth opening is wide enough to throw junk or waste.

What Customers Say

The ToiletTree wastebasket seems to be a people’s favorite as a wooden trash can. Users find the basket exquisite’s appearance to suit their home decors, and the size is also large enough to hold several days of junk. So it’s an ideal option to consider as the best wooden trash can.

ToiletTree Products 100% Bamboo Wooden Wastebasket Trash Can

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Beige Wooden Trash Can, for Bedroom Living Room Waste Container

Here we have the Beigoo Wooden Trash Can that adds an elegant and neutral style to your home decor. With this trash basket, you can be on top of naturalness while keeping the place perfectly neater and orderly. Check out its features below and see how exciting a wooden wastebasket can be.

Modern Wooden Design

The BEIGOO makes an impactful entry in the picture with its sleek, stylish wooden kitchen trash containers. It includes a beautifully designed wooden texture with a smartly shaped, coverless round opening mouth. The creative design and compact size make it fit anywhere at your home without being unsightly.

Excellent Versatility

It offers a versatile scope of uses as well. You can use it in your kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom, dorm, living room, or other space. Also, it can fit perfectly next to the countertop or toilet.

Beigoo Wooden Trash Can

Safe & Sanitary Construction

The wastebasket comes with a high-quality construction that features pressure-bearing capacity, waterproof nature, easy-to-clean surfaces, high-density and impact-resistant materials, and so on. It’s an economical and environment-friendly trash can that ensures convenient, long-term, and hygienic use.

What Customers Say

The users are delighted with the design and functionality of this wooden trash can. It’s a simple and elegant answer to everyday trash issues. People are mostly happy with its exquisite design; however, the price seems to be slightly higher for many out there. The customer support is excellent, and the warranty policy to back their products is also impressive.

Beigoo Wooden Trash Can

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WL Wooden Trash Can, Household Vintage Waste Bin Without Lid Large Capacity Waste Paper Basket

It’s time for some artful effects on the wooden trash basket. And you get that with the WL Wooden Trash Can. It’s a vintage-style, practical household waste bin that can take care of your waste papers and trash to keep the place tidy. We’ll check out more about its features below.

Robust & Durable Construction

The WL wooden trash comes with durable wooden construction. It’s an ideal corner waste bin that’s primed for long-lasting use. So you can enjoy its service for years to come.

Decorative Look

It’s a beautiful trash can that has decorative, artful effects all over its surfaces. The waste bin can elevate the style of your home many times. Its lacquer wooden finish redefines the way you see a trash bin.

WL Wooden Trash Can,

Practical Capacity

With a 7 x 9 x 12 inch size and 12L capacity, it ensures to hold your trash for several days while ensuring that it doesn’t get in the way. You can place this trash bin in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, and so on. So you can keep the surroundings organized and tidy. And work more efficiently in your busy household and offices.

What Customers Say

WL Wooden Trash Can is probably the best wooden trash can when it comes to artistic design. People find the aesthetic of the bin gorgeous while its functions perfectly meet the requirements. So there’s every reason why you should consider this wastebasket as the best wooden trash can.

WL Wooden Trash Can

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Baxton Studio Monica Kitchen Cabinet, Dark Grey/Oak Brown

When you hear studio-quality furniture, you expect the highest level of craftsmanship. And here we have one such furniture maker known as the Baxton Studio. We’ve picked this particular brand to discuss its oak-made wooden frame trash can – the Monica Kitchen Cabinet. This trash can is a classic example of exquisite design and superior engineering. And its features are worth checking out.

Efficient, Farmhouse Style Cabinet

If you’re looking for a kitchen cabinet with a separate garbage compartment, then the Monica Kitchen Cabinet is the one to quest your thirst. It includes a farmhouse-inspired, coastal design for the maximum utilization of your kitchen and dining room space. Besides, it can add charm to make you fall in love with it.

Oak Finished Engineering

This cabinet is designed in a way that it becomes more than just a trash basket. Its smart engineering includes a thick, oak-finished wooden top. The top can serve as a convenient preparation and serving surface, or you can also use it to place a microwave or other kitchen appliances. The entire frame of the unit includes oak-finished engineering with a dark grey color tone.


Paneled Design W/ Garbage Compartment

The Monica comes with a drawer for storage and a thoughtfully paneled pull-out garbage compartment to make it even more convenient. The paneled design is available on each side of the unit, including the face of the drawer.

Chrome Finished Handles

To complement the dark grey look, the cabinet comes with a chrome-finished drawer knob & compartment handle. So you get the durability as well as the charming style to coordinate with the existing decor.

What Customers Say

It’s a highly acclaimed kitchen cabinet that comes with a separate garbage compartment. The oak-finished unit deserves to make it to the best wooden trash can list. People like its look, functionalities, and engineering. Some users don’t like that it comes unassembled, and the assembly process can take some effort. But again, some even enjoy the assembling procedure and find it worth putting in the effort.

Baxton Studio Monica Kitchen Cabinet

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NSYNSY Antique Wooden Trash Can Farmhouse Squar Kitchen Garbage Can with Lid

It’s time to bring in the NSYNSY rustic handcrafted wastebasket on the list. It’s an antique, farmhouse-style wooden trash can that comes with some excellent functional features to check out. Let’s find out some of these features below.

High-Quality, Hand-Crafted Construction

The NSYNSY Wooden Trash Can is a hand-woven wastebasket made from durable wood and rattan. Its design includes a decorative pattern that’s durable enough to serve for long-term use. The construction consists of high-density and impact-resistant materials. The surface is waterproof and easy to clean. Also, this trash basket is eco-friendly, economical, and hygienic to ensure maximum convenience.

Enhancing The Decor

The Rattan Woven Trash can isn’t only meant to keep your place cleaner and tidier but also looks to enhance the decor of your home. With the stylish shape, natural color & texture, the wastebasket makes a fashion statement to your existing decor. The modern basket-weave design of the unit surely enhances and upscales the look to any room.

Versatile Uses

At the core of its functionalities, it’s a kitchen trash can with a lid that you can also use in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, etc. However, you can also use it as a decorative holder to keep your books, magazines, or other household essentials. Moreover, you can use it as a storage barrel that adds an elegant touch to your place.

Put Anywhere You Want

The NSYNSY decorative wastebasket is thoughtfully sized and designed to fit anywhere at your home or office. It’s a perfect choice for your vanity and bathroom. You can keep it in the office to hold your paper waste while brightening the work environment. It can also be handy to stash inside cabinets, under sinks, under counters, next to the toilet, or in other tight spaces. So you can place it anywhere you want, including bedroom, craft room, den, RV, camper, and so on for its decorative touch.

What Customers Say

People unanimously love the phenomenal design of this NSYNSY Wooden Trash Can. Especially ones who prefer handcrafted wooden units, love it so much. The rustic basket-woven wooden texture is a highly praised feature of this wastebasket. Its size is decent and suits any place to use as a trash basket. All in all, a highly recommend one as the best wooden trash can.

NSYNSY Antique Wooden Trash Can

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SKL Home Sundance Wastebasket

SKL Home by Saturday Knight Ltd. Sundance Wastebasket makes an excellent addition to our list of the best wooden trash can. The SKL Home is a well-known brand for providing quality household accessories. The Sundance Wastebasket is one such product that you should be considering in your bucket list. Let’s find out more about its features here.

Beautiful Wooden Design

SKL Home is a versatile wooden wastebasket that comes with a moose silhouette style accent. It’s sculpted, hand-painted, and embedded inside a trash can. It can complement any existing decor to elevate its upbeat, modern, and classic look.

Ease of Use

It comes with a thoughtfully sized design measuring 9.2 x 7.47 x 7.67 inches. So it can fit any place of your home, including your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, office, and so on. You can use it alone or easily with a plastic liner.

Enhancing The Decor

This wastebasket doesn’t only deal with trash; rather, it enhances the decor of your house or office. If your existing decor includes Sundance Home Accessories Collection, this wastebasket will sure complete the look. Its product line comprising bath accessories, shower curtains, towels, etc. can bring personality, fun, and flair to most of your spaces.

What Customers Say

The Sundance Wastebasket from SKL Home is a top choice for the customers. It’s a high-quality wooden basket with great features and a stunning design. So you’d come across a lot of happy owners who find this bin to be the best wooden trash can.

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The trash cans are meant to store waste while providing ease of disposal. Nowadays, people use it for waste management and also as a decorative element that can elevate the look of their home or office. And that’s where the wooden trash can comes into play. This particular trash can is mostly used to dispose of paper waste and other dry trash in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, study room, living room, office, etc. However, you can also use them as recycling bins or storage baskets. Getting the best wooden trash can means having a decorative wooden tone basket that ensures durability and functionality to deal with everyday trash.

In this article, we’ve talked about some of the top recommendations that are worth considering for your purchase. All of these cans differ in design, style, functionality, and price. So we wanted to make sure that you have enough options to make your selection and relate your specific requirements.

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