What Should You Pay Attention to Buy Waste Bin?

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Nowadays there are one or more waste bins in every house. The choice of a waste bin depends on the size of the household and the ease of use that you expect from the garbage bin. Are you looking for a real eye-catcher or a waste bin that does not stand out? These are all important points to think about before purchasing a trash can.

How Do You Want to Open the Waste Bin?

Because many trash cans are in the kitchen and hygiene is very important there, different systems have been designed to open trash cans. We will explain more about this here.

Swing Trash Bin with Lid

This is a lid that only needs a very light touch to open. The lid “swings” the other way, making it easy to throw waste in. A disadvantage is that the lid quickly becomes dirty because it is always in contact with waste. You will, therefore, have to clean the lid regularly.

Pedal Waste Bin

These trash cans can be opened by standing with your foot on the pedal. If you do this, the lid will automatically raise. This is very hygienic because you do not have to touch the waste bin to open it. This way, you also have two hands-frees to throw away the waste. However, a disadvantage is that you often cannot remove the lid, which makes changing the garbage bag more difficult.

pedal waste bin

Soft Touch Waste Bin

These are waste bins whose lid opens with a light touch. The lid stays open until you close it yourself. If you want to throw away more at the same time, this is handy because you do not have to open the lid every time. A disadvantage is that you have to touch the lid and therefore it gets dirty faster. Also, with these trash bins, you will have to clean the lid regularly.

automatic trash can


Sensor Trash Bin

These trash cans open automatically if you hold something in front of the sensor. As long as you continue to do this, the recycle bin will also remain open. This is very handy and very hygienic because you never have to touch the garbage can. The lid, therefore, remains clean in this case. Pay attention to where you put these trash cans to prevent the unnecessary opening of the trash can.

Separate Waste Bin: Yes or No

It is important to think about this before buying a trash can. When you are planning to separate waste, it is useful to buy a trash bin with multiple compartments so that you can keep the waste separated. If you need more space, you can always choose to buy a smaller one in addition to a large waste bin, especially for green waste.

Trash Cans and Space

The size of your garbage can also depend on the size of your household. Large households naturally also have more waste and therefore also need a larger bin. If you are going to separate waste, you naturally also need a larger bin than if you do not.

If you have limited space in your kitchen, you can also choose to purchase a built-in trash can. This way, your trash bin is out of sight because it has to be mounted in a kitchen cupboard. This often looks very neat and tidy.

built-in trash can

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