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Efficient Recycling: How To Start At Home

Efficient Recycling

The first step is to take into account the waste from the moment of purchase so as not to generate unnecessary garbage. Then, in the home, recycling techniques must be applied that allow our garbage to become something else and not end up contaminating a water channel, container or in a landfill. Recycling at home […]

What Are The Different Trash Bin?

Humans still dirty their living environment but they have a duty to keep it clean to limit the risk of illness and accidents. For this reason, we often notice in the interior and exterior of habitats and even in public places containers of a different trash bin with colors and lids: they are garbage cans. […]

Introducing Selective Sorting of Waste Management | Complete Guide

waste management

Why Set Up Selective Sorting Your Trash? The first obvious reason is, of course, the protection of the environment: by carrying out selective sorting, your company encourages all its employees to sort the waste, it is a kind of precursor of the recycling chain, and thus promotes sustainable development. Sorted trash can be transformed into […]

Zero Waste: Discover All About The Way of Life with 5 Basic Rules

Zero Waste

Faced with a world that produces waste faster than light, the Zero Waste movement is positioned as the exit door. Its goal: to generate as little waste as possible and to stop the devastating action of man on the environment, while fighting the over-consumption of our current societies. But, in addition to making a gesture […]

Garbage Contamination, Causes, Effects and Solutions

Garbage Contamination

Definition of Garbage Contamination Pollution by garbage is one that involves damage to soil, air and water by the accumulation of unwanted waste. It is considered that garbage is made up of waste deposited incorrectly and concentrates both solid and liquid waste. The generation of garbage is an inevitable consequence of human activities, but unfortunately […]

What to Know About Recycling

The main wastes that must be known about recycling are as follows. Paper, Plastic, Batteries, Battery, Aluminum, Electronic Waste, Wood Waste, Textile Waste, Organic Waste, Metal Waste, Concrete, Vegetable Waste and Oils, Composite Waste, Products That Cannot Be Recycling Wet wipes, butts, bubble gum, porcelain plates, diapers, scraps, Styrofoam, plastic. Pouches (recycling is possible, but […]

Garbage Pollution: The Reasons, Effects and Solutions

Garbage Problems

Garbage Pollution has become a serious problem in today’s world. According to a report published in Nature journal, the problem of garbage or solid waste is assuming poor proportions at present. By the end of this century, garbage will be collected at a rate of 11 million tons per day throughout the world, more than […]

Using Zero Waste Trash Cans is Not Luxury, Important Need

Recyclable Trash Cans

Zero-waste, i.e. recycling is possible; products such as paper, plastic, nylon, battery, cardboard, plastic water and coke bottles are used to recycle products. Zero waste trash cans have a very important place among the cleaning materials and equipment and are manufactured in different shapes and sizes. If you do not want to harm the nature […]

These Products Could Recycle | Recycling Evaluation of Garbage

Recycling Evaluation of Garbage

With the evolution of technology; environmental problems, environmental pollution, industrialization & irregular urbanization are increasing. Products resulting from the use of natural resources are left unconsciously back to nature as a result of consumption. As a result, our energy resources are rapidly disappearing. Our resources are limited in nature and decrease at the end of […]