Use Colors Waste Bin to Help Sorting

Your company site must handle different types of waste. Their sorting, therefore, sometimes seems very difficult to manage. In practice, however, it is quite simple if you take a smart approach. Here are some tips for managing your waste efficiently color waste bin with color codes.

Mandatory Waste Sorting for Companies

Sorting waste means that you act as close as possible to the source and keep the (corporate) waste separate. The goal is to avoid mixing them as much as possible so that products or materials can be recycled. Companies are legally required to sort their waste, but you must also keep them separated and transport them separately. Here you will find more information about waste sorting.

Color Waste Bin

Sorting the Color Waste Bin

It is mandatory to sort your waste. But how to do it? The use of color codes can help you and tell you which container to use for which waste. In general, the following classification is used:

Yellow Waste Bin – Old Paper and Cardboard Waste

Old paper is the main category of waste in companies. Did you know that in offices, paper accounts for 80% of the waste? Old paper can be thrown into the yellow color waste bin. However, it is important first to destroy confidential documents. It would be best if you also got rid of the cartons in the yellow container.

yellow trash can

Blue Waste Bin

The blue bin is intended to collect plastic bottles and flasks, metal packaging, and beverage cartons. Caution: the packages must be empty before disposing of them in the blue color waste bin. This will facilitate recycling. Did you know, for example, that aluminum cans are recycled into bicycles and car parts and drink cartons into egg cartons and paper bags?

blue waste bin

Green Waste Bin – Green or Biodegradable Waste

The green container is for fruits and vegetables as well as garden waste. It is also suitable for organic residuals from restaurants, flowers, and plants.

Depending on the situation in your company, the green container can also be used to collect the glass.

green trash bin

Dark Green Waste Bin – GLASS

Throw the glass into the green container to give it a second life. One of the characteristics of glass is that it can be recycled indefinitely.

Green Waste Bin

Red or Orange Waste Bin – Synthetic and Plastic Material

Often red or orange containers are also available and can be used to collect other specific wastes. They can be used, for example, to collect materials such as plastic films and another plastic packaging that cannot be thrown away.

red waste bin

Gray or Black Waste Bin – Residual Waste

A container is needed to collect all the waste that does not fit into any of the above categories. You will then throw them in a grey or black container.

Black Trash Bin

Practice: Pictograms for Waste Sorting

Do you want to sort the waste in your company better? In this case, it is essential to make the work of your colleagues as easy as possible, in particular by offering those possibilities for sorting waste, for example, recycling stations or recycling bins. Besides, it is important to inform proactively. Self-adhesive pictograms and posters showing the exact rules for selective sorting can help you to see what sort of garbage should be disposed of.


sorting of waste

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