Designs of Trash Cans for Interiors

Such a simple object can make a big difference in general aesthetics. Here we comment on what you should take into account when including it in a room. While it is true that, usually, trash cans are usually placed in very inconspicuous or even totally hidden places, this is not always possible. For this reason, we must not fail to pay some attention to its design and format.

Trash cans are very practical objects that need to be included in certain corners of the home. Its function is to store the waste and maintain order. Now, although it is a very simple object, you should not neglect its appearance, as it can affect the rest of the decoration.

Apart from the accessories, there are objects that, instead of marking contrast, must be integrated into space in a discreet way, thus providing some continuity. Its purpose is not to decorate in the first instance, but to provide a utility.

Designs of Trash Cans for the Kitchen

When this object is placed in the kitchen, the first thing to keep in mind is that it should preferably have a lid. In this way, the bad smell generated by the waste will not flood the rest of the room so easily and, in turn, prevent flies from roaming the site.

It is not essential that garbage cans for the kitchen have a pedal, but the models that include it are usually the most comfortable. For this reason, they are one of the most common options.

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Trash Cans for the Kitchen

The designs of garbage cans for the kitchen are usually simple: trash can with lid and pedal, usually with a rectangular or cylindrical shape, of variable height and volume. The most popular trash cans are:

Rectangular plastic, trash can with the lid but without pedal

Cylindrical stainless steel, compact, with pedal

Half-moon plastic, with a single compartment

Rectangular with compartments (to separate the different types of waste: paper, glass, plastic, organic).

It should be noted that, often, garbage cans can be included in vibrant colors, such as red, green, or yellow, to add color to the kitchen. Especially when there is a predominance of white or other neutral colors.

There are also those who prefer to disguise their presence as much as possible, and if the kitchen is completely white, they opt for a paper bin of the same color so that it ‘fuses’ with the bottom and is completely camouflaged.

Designs of Trash Cans for Bathrooms

Another area inside the home may include trash cans in the bathroom. This container usually has a size, rather, small, in comparison with the cans of the kitchen, which require a considerably higher capacity for the amount of waste generated in this area of the house.

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In this area, the trash can is placed at strategic points where they remain by hand and take up as little space as possible. And regarding the design, these usually have two types of opening and closing systems:

Trash Can with Lid and Pedal

Nowadays, designs can include all kinds of decorations. In fact, you can find garbage cans made of plastic, but imitating different types of marble, wood, or other materials that can better adapt to space or, complement it. Everything depends on the taste of the person.

Trash Cans for Bedrooms

In the dormitories are not usually placed garbage cans but bins. Especially when you have a work or study area. In general, they do not have a lid and can range from wicker baskets to stainless steel pails. They can also be several recipients that are destined with paper mills. In this sense, there are no rules.

Whenever you have a wastebasket or a trash can for the bedroom, it is advisable to empty it regularly and also avoid the accumulation of organic waste to avoid odors.

There are many models of garbage cans: from practical and simple to fully customized for children and adults. Depending on the personality of the decorator, you can even opt for a trash can in the shape of a panda, for example, to give a very funny and unique touch to the kitchen. They could also be created from recycled materials. The important thing is that the boat fulfills its function.

Trash Cans for Bedrooms

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