12 Best Dual Compartment Trash Cans Reviews

dual trash can

It’s really the order of the day to worry about your waste to limit its impact on the environment. Mountains of plastic cardboard boxes are legion and pollute rivers, land, and sea. It is, therefore already the first step to be concerned with reducing waste and participating in sorting. We talked about selective sorting bins, which are a very good first step to introduce the youngest to select waste. The solution is to have a dual compartment opening on the trash can.

Yet another problem that arises with waste, especially organic, is hygiene. The handling of a trash can is often a source of residue which can decompose and quickly become a nest for microbes. Of course, it makes sense to wash your hands after putting your vegetables or mash in the trash, but is it really eco-friendly to use water every time. It is indeed very practical and allows you to sort your waste easily. However, you must choose the model that suits you best for maximum efficiency.

The Best Dual Compartment Trash Cans to buy, We Have Found After Searching and Focus On The Following –

Simplehuman Dual Compartment Rectangular 58-Liter Step Trash Can

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: 58 Liter
  • Product Dimensions: 14.2 x 22 x 25.8 inches
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Amazon’s Choice

The Simplehuman dual trash can is a perfect stainless steel trash can Ideal for the kitchen, the office, or anywhere you need to throw away rubbish in your house; the large simplehuman dual compartment rectangular 58-liter step trash can recycler has a brushed stainless steel finish to match your home decor that has a nano-silver clear coat that makes helps the surface of the cans resist germs and fingerprints. The double trash can and Recycling in one place dual compartment make it easy to sort your trash and recycle in one convenient place with one side for trash and one side with a recycling bin for all your recyclables.

With Strong Steel Pedal

Strong Steel Pedal with the great engineer to last 150,000 steps that are more than 20 steps per day for 20 years lasting! It is hands-free.

Lid Shox Control

The dual compartment trash can makes it easy to close with the lid Shox technology controls with the motion of the lid for a slow, silent close and no loud noises.

Looks Great

This one is beautifully designed, durable, easy to use, clean with very functional. Very sleek product and highly usable. This simplehuman dual garbage can looks stylish, and the bags fit perfectly without the ugly look of bin liners hanging out over the edges.

Custom Fit Liners

This double trash can kitchen on both sides fits your standard kitchen bags. This can come with a pack of the Simple Human trash bags, which fit in a super convenient dispenser located at the back of this trash can.



This Simplehuman product has a 10-year warranty; this trash bin has used the best materials and excellent engineering so that it could last in your home for years.


  1. The unit looks absolutely incredible.
  2. The opening for the garbage is a double-layered design.
  3. The foot pedal on the top opens like any normal garbage.
  4. Instead, you can lift it up and it will lock in place so you can easily change the garbage bag!
  5. Each section has a removable garbage bin.
  6. There is a storage for the garbage bags right behind the bin on the inside.
  7. Use Custom-fit liners


  1. This is an expensive trash bin

simplehuman dual compartment trash can

Check price and more details

iTouchless 16 Gallon Touchless Dual Trash Can and Recycle Bin, Dual-Compartment (8 Gal each)

iTouchless always aims to provide the most innovative trash handling solutions. And that brings us to the iTouchless 16 Gallon Touchless Trash Can and Recycle Bin. This is an Open Top Trash Can that has some amazing features to watch out for, especially if you are in search of an effortless and hygienic trash management solution.

Incredible Design & Build

This ITouchless Trash Can comes with incredible design and builds features. It’s a rectangular open-top trash can that comes with a slim profile that conveniently fits against a wall or next to a counter for maximum space efficiency. It includes a stainless steel body having smudge-proof and fingerprint-proof features. And its sleek design can add to the beauty of any modern office and kitchen.

Effectively Absorbs Trash Odors

The underside of the trash can lid comes with a couple of odor filter compartments. These compartments house removable activated charcoal filters that can absorb trash odors before they leave the Can.

Sensor-Operated Touchless Lids

To make the trash handling more hygienic and effortless, the iTouchless dual trash can comes with Sensor-Operated Lids that require no touching. It has a motion sensor that automatically opens the lids for you.

Easy Separation & Mobility

There are also a couple of detachable inner buckets with convenient handles. So you can easily separate the recycling items and trash all in one place.

The iTouchless trash can ensures easy mobility to transport all the refuse. For that, there are four removable caster wheels included in the unit. So you can conveniently move it from one place to another.

dual trash can

More Convenient Features

  • It comes in a convenient profile having size dimensions of 16’’ W x 10.25’’ L x 28.4’’ H that easily fits all the standard trash bag liners.
  • This trash can also provide ease of cleaning due to its convenient and durable lid construction with ABS Plastic.
  • It also includes convenient power options as well. You get both the 4 D batteries (not included), and the included AC Power Adapter for maximum power efficiency.
  • The Silicon Valley-based company ensures maximum customer satisfaction, and they always stand behind their product in case of any inconvenience.

What Customers Say

iTouchless is the brand people can rely upon in terms of innovative and effective trash handling solutions. And this particular trash can here lives up to the expectation of most of its users. People find it durable, convenient, and perfectly functional. It’s slightly pricier yet justified considering its incredible features.

check details and price

iTouchless 16 Gallon Dual Step Trash Can & Recycle Bin

Key Feature:

  • #1 Amazon Best Seller
  • Capacity: 30 Liter
  • Package Dimensions: 28.1 x 21.4 x 17.1 inches
  • Stainless Steel includes 2 x 8 Gallon
  • Removable Buckets with Handles
  • Soft-close and Recycle Decal included


iTouchless dual stainless steel trash can very sleek, elegant, and modern design with solid construction with slow close lid. Easy to use a foot pedal or you can just catch the outer edge of the lid and pull it open as we usually do.

Blue and Black Color-Coded Bucket for Convenience

Blue and Black two color-coded separate compartments and two individual pedals make it easy to separate trash and recycling. Every compartment features a removable eight-gallon bucket. The container grip holes make it easy to lift a bag out without getting fixed and still remove the buckets easily.

Removable Buckets with Handle

Taking out the trash and recycling is quick, easy, and mess-free. The two separate eight-gallon inner buckets are easy to pull out with a convenient handle.

Easy Separation of Trash & Recycling

This itouchless 16-gallon dual step trash can & recycle has two separate compartments, one for trash and one for recycling.

Quiet Lid Close

The dual garbage can enhance the lever mechanism and lowers the lid quietly and gently. The lid is durable, and the ergonomic pedal requires minimal force to soft open.

Smart Odor Controlling Systems

Including dual AbsorbX odor filters, one for every side. The filter absorbs and defuses odors naturally.

Easy to Use Trash Bag

The trash bag, when put on, can be tucked in between the pull-out and outer can so you don’t see it when it’s closed. Great size, and you love the slow-close lid. It seems very well made and looks great. The wide-mouth opening relaxed to get the trash bag in and out of the trash can.


Tuck & Hold Keeps Heavy

iTouchless has a unique tuck and holds bag retention hold that prevents a full, heavy bag from falling in. Just pull out the end of the trash bag up into the dump to secure the bag.


  • Material: 410 Stainless Steel, Plastic Inner Bucket
  • Product Size: 15.25” Deep x 18.75” Wide x 26.25” Tall
  • Package Dimensions: 28.7 x 21.3 x 17.2 inches
  • The inner bucket size opening is 8.25″ Wide
  • Total height with lid open: 38”
  • Weight: 19 lbs


dual compartment trash cans kitchen

Check Price and more details

SONGMICS Dual Compartments Trash Can – 16 Gallon

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: 60 Liter
  • Product Dimensions: 23 x 12.6 x 25.6 inches
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Durable with high quality
  • Smart and convenient design

dual trash cans kitchen

Dual Recycling and Trash Can Be Easy

SONGMICS dual trash can with two sections side by side, you can sort the rubbish with a simple toss. All you need to do is to step on the pedal to open the lid, and now you have your hands free to throw away the recycling.

Dog and Kids Proof

If you get tired of cleaning up the mess that your naughty husky or kid leaves you after they overturn the garbage basket, then this sturdy bin with lids is perfect for you it can’t be opened without first using the pedal.

Why choose SONGMICS two compartment trash cans?

  • Sleek and stylish
  • Occupying little space
  • Durable with high quality
  • Smart and convenient design
  • The lid keeps open at about 80 degrees

A Deal for Your Kitchen

Your double compartment trash can must be remarkable! With an elegant black color and a simple profile, this double compartment trash can highlights your kitchen most.

Easy Storage

This pedal bin consists of 2 compartment garbage cans to allow you to sort garbage. The most important thing is that everything is done without having to touch the trash.

Practical Buckets

This SONGMICS dual trash can includes two removable buckets and a handle. If the bags accidentally break or overturn, remove the buckets directly and clean them easily.

A Humanized Design

Despite its rigid metal exterior, this bin is delicate. The buffer mechanism allows the lid to close gently, slowly, and silently.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Powder Coated Steel Bin, PP Plastic Inner Bucket, ABS Plastic Lid
  • Product Size: 23”L x 12.6”W x 25.6”H
  • Inner Bucket Size: 10.6”L x 10.6”W x 23”H
  • Total Height with Open Lid: 37” (94 cm)
  • Total Volume: 16 gallons (60L)
  • Product Weight: 20.1 lb (9.13 kg)


  • Nice looking
  • Compact and heavy
  • Keeps trash and recycles separate and organized
  • Eliminates the need for more than one receptacle in the house
  • Fits perfectly against the end of standard depth and height base kitchen cabinets


  • Hold less trash than a standard kitchen size can
  • Standard kitchen bags are too big and hard to stuff into the can so the lids close correctly

songmics dual trash can

check price and more details

The Step N’ Sort 16 Gallon Dual Compartment Trash Can

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: 16 Gallon
  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 28 inches


The Step N’ Sort 2 Compartment trash can and recycling bin is intended to handle all of your waste, recycling, and storage needs; these bins are perfect for the house and office. They feature heavy-duty stainless-steel frames and removable, easy-to-wash inner compartments. Use these bins to sort recyclables, regular household waste, and even common-use items like detergent or pet food.


Features at a Glance

  • 16 Gallon / 60 Liter Capacity
  • Removable Inner Bins made up of recycled plastic
  • Allows you to separate waste for simple sorting
  • Convenient Carry Handle
  • Stainless Steel with heavy-duty step pedals
  • Each garbage can holds 10-13 gallon trash bags
  • Includes sticker pad so you’ll label each bin

Customer Says

This product is basically functional. The sole con is that you prefer to use garbage bags within the garbage bin, and it isn’t the best thing to place on the trash bin itself. Still, You make it work, and just like the convenience of getting the bins together. The buckets are easy to keep cleaning.


best dual compartment trash can

check price and more details

Simplehuman Dual Compartment Trash Can – 46 Liter

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: 12.2 Gallon
  • Product Dimensions: 12.8 x 19.8 x 25.7 inches
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Amazon’s Choice


The simple human rectangular recycler allows you to sort trash and recyclables all in one integrated can neatly.

The Perfect Dual Stainless Steel Trash Can

This step trash can features dual compartments that make it easy to sort your dual trash can and recycle bin in one convenient place and a strong stainless steel pedal designed to be long-lasting. Simplehuman dual trash can make it easy to sort your trash and recycle in one space-efficient place with one side for trash and one side with a recycling trash can for all your recyclables.

Lid Shox Technology

Our stainless steel lids keep it quiet, so there’s no banging or loud noise with specially designed dampers that allow the lid to open easily but provide enough resistance to silently eases down gently.

Custom Fit Liners

Complete your rubbish experience with our custom-fit liners that are designed to stay neatly hidden but, more importantly, are strong and durable without tearing or leaks.

Fingerprint-Proof Coating

Our fingerprint-proof coating helps keep stainless steel looking spotless and shiny.

Strong Steel Pedal

Go ahead, step on it as much as you want since the strong, wide stainless steel pedal is engineered to last long, and you’ll never have to get your hands dirty.

simplehuman dual garbage can

check price and more details

Simplehuman 40 Liter Dual Compartment Butterfly Lid Kitchen Step Trash Can

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: 10.6 Gallon
  • Product Dimensions: 23.3 x 10.4 x 26 inches
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Amazon’s Choice

Simplehuman is a trusted brand with quality products. The stainless appears to be of excellent quality and is fairly sturdy. The bin is now off our countertops and in its own space! The simplehuman trash can size for the rubbish, and therefore the recycling is equivalent size bins. The recycling fills up faster than the rubbish.

It’s easy to wash if it must be. Tend to dump the recycle side into our recycle cart, so we do not replace bags all the time. The feet keep it planted on the ground, resisting sliding, its shape makes it easy to tuck out of the way yet be accessible, and it’s good. The function of the foot lever opening the highest has been flawless, completely perfect.

Dual Compartment Trash Can


The Simplehuman butterfly dual trash bin is a pedal bin for sorting with a capacity of 40 liters. It’s a very successful design. It is based on an exemplary quality of materials. The brushed steel that covers it is treated with anti-fingerprints for increased cleanliness and sharpness. The two-part lid system allows a quick and full opening for easy access to the bins. The dual trashcan is divided into two 20-liter compartments. It measures 66 cm high by 26.4 cm wide and 59.2 cm deep. With its format and neat appearance, this kitchen bin for recycling will take its place against a wall, prominently displayed in the room.

simplehuman dual compartment trash can

Space Competent Shape

The space-efficient design fits in tight spaces with a narrow footprint and butterfly lid that opens from the center to fit under low countertops.

Strong Pedal Bin

A solid stainless steel pedal provides superior durability and is contrived to last for years or the last 150,000 steps, and you will enjoy a hands-free solution.

see price and more details

NINESTARS Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: 18 Gallon, Stainless Steel
  • Product Dimensions:13 x 21.3 x 26.2 inches
  • Touch-free Motion Sensor Lid Clouser
  • Amazon’s Choice

motion sensor trash can

This Ninestar 18 Gal Recycling stainless steel trash can is designed and engineered by Ninestars. The first innovative touchless design for recycling purposes, it can use in any kitchen, office pantry room, home, cafeteria, restaurant, and other recycling areas. This recycled trash can uses the most advanced sensor technology that can be found in all Ninestars trashcans.

Wave your hand or debris within ten inches or a 130° angle from the infrared sensor, and the lid will automatically open. The lid will remain open if debris or hand remains within the range of the infrared sensor. Three seconds after, your hand moves away from the lid, and it will close automatically.

Advanced Technology with Motion Sensor Lid Closer

Motion sensing can open even when your hands are tied and prevents any unnecessary opening from pets and children—a quiet closing function for the longevity of product life. Also, a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel base make helps keep the trash can clean.

Power Saving Operation

The dual trash can uses 4 D-size batteries which are not included in the unit but will last for up to six months on frequent use. Please note that the battery has the correct direction of the positive and negative inserts. 

best dual compartment trash can

see price and details

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Kohler Dual Compartment Step Trash Can

Key Feature:

  • Size: Dual 5. 5 Gallon liners
  • Color: White With Stainless Steel
  • Fingerprint-proof finish stays clean longer
  • Product Dimensions: 16.8 x 13 x 26.4 inches

Dual Compartment Trash Can

Crafted with thoughtful details and smart functionality, the KOHLER step trash can collection will simplify your daily routine at home and meet the style demands of its surroundings. This dual-compartment step trash can has been designed to separate trash and recyclables in one sleek can.

Two 5. 5-gallon removable liners make it easy to change the bags, and the sturdy foot pedal allows hands-free operation when disposing of trash or recyclables. The step trash can has an efficient footprint with clean lines and flush features, allowing it to be placed against the wall or cabinet. The fingerprint-proof finish stays clean longer.

This Kohler Dual Compartment Step Trash Can has a simple design, and these fit beautifully into our updated mid-century modern home. The pedal works perfectly, and the soft-close features are a plus. In my experience, no stainless steel is entirely smudged or fingerprint-proof, and these are no exception, but they are much easier to wipe clean than most similar finishes and certainly don’t require polishing. The removable inner cans are great for keeping the units clean, though it is a bit of a challenge at first to get bags fixed in place without them sticking out the edges of the lid, which defeats the purpose of the lovely design.

Dual Compartment Trash Can

check details and price

HEMBOR Dual Trash Can – 16 Gallon

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: 60L(16 Gallon)
  • Dimensions: 23.03” x 12.6” x 25.59” (L x W x H)

Dual Compartment Trash Can

HEMBOR Dual Trash Can adopt 410 brushed stainless steel that can effectively prevent fingerprints, is easy to clean, and keep shiny for a long time. Looking great for an affordable dual trash can and recycling bin to use in the home, and office and this unit works perfectly. It has a large capacity 60-liter trash can with 2 removable inner buckets for effectively sorting and recycling garbage.

HEMBOR Dual Trash Can holds a lot and it keeps the trash out of sight and no more stinky trash. It protects me several steps, and it’s very efficient. The style is nice and the size makes it easy to place against our wall while not being in our way or an eyesore. The stainless steel doesn’t fingerprint and looks great in our kitchen. This trash can has also been so much easier to keep clean and look great; the foot pedal and slow-close lid make it easy to dispose of things when your hands are full or messy.

dual compartment step trash can

check details and price

Also Check Detail Hembor Dual Trash Can

EKO Dual Compartment Recycle Step Trash Can

The EKO Space-saving rectangular design dual compartments trash can is sized perfectly for the way we recycle and is the same size as the plastic cans we have been using. The overall wide, when combined with the garbage can, is exactly the length of our counter island, which could not have been planned better.


Dual Compartment Trash Can

With a soft close damper, the lid ensures quiet operation, and Easy Lock mechanisms keep the lids up when needed. Two separate cantilever foot pedals open the separate chambers, one holding 30 liters and the opposite 15 liters. You choose which works best for your household. The polypropylene inner liners scoop for simple emptying and have a cut-out bag stabilizer to stop slippage.


The EKO Dual Compartment fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish can area off smears and smudges, but it can’t hide the workhorse within that makes it a snap to separate household waste from recyclables.

Two separate ergonomic cantilever foot pedals open the separate chambers, one holding 30 Liter and the other is 15 Liter. You decide which works best for your household needs.


Dual Compartment Trash Can

check price and more details

Safco Desk-Side Waste Recycling 2 Compartment Trash Can

Safco desk-side recycling receptacles economical wastebaskets can be used together or can be used individually for waste or recycling. The black and blue two-color combination can be used to keep recyclables and waste separate, making help you. It is a 14 Gallon total capacity; one is blue and another one is black 7 Gallon receptacle each.

These wastebaskets are perfect to use at your desk in the office, at home, in the mailroom, front desk, and so on! It also fits great under the sink, and love the dual compartments. When you pick it up to dump the contents, the pieces come apart and can be awkward to carry.

check price and more details

To do this, you must start by asking yourself the right questions. You can accurately evaluate your needs and, therefore, discard models that do not suit you. Then you must carefully examine the different features of each device and verify that they meet your requirements.

In this guide, you can see all the information you may need. You can take advantage of our tips and advice, but also a selection of double bins that we prefer. These are also the most successful models.

How to Choose Your Dual Trash Can?

It can be difficult to choose a dual trash bin quality, especially because of the many models available. To do this, you must first ask yourself the right questions, which allows you to define your needs clearly and therefore eliminate models that are not suitable. Then you must clearly identify the features of the remaining models and make sure they are perfectly suited to your level of requirement.

Models That Meet the Most Success

To help you choose the best two-compartment trash cans, we offer a small selection of the most suitable models. These have very good characteristics and have many assets to convince you.

Why Use a Dual Compartment Garbage Can?

If you want to sort your waste, it is worth buying a dual compartment trash can. It has two separate bins that are usually of different colors, and that quickly identify what waste goes into which tray.

This particularity is particularly interesting if it is a container that you place in a public place. Users will indeed be more likely to use it if the instructions are clearly indicated.

For example, it may be interesting to place it in public places where there is a lot of passage, but also in the strategic places of a company, for example near the coffee machine and the main production stations.

How to Maintain Your Trash Bin?

To be able to keep your trash bin as long as possible, care must be taken to maintain it properly. To achieve this, you must first choose an easy-to-maintain model. We then tell you how to clean it effectively.

Choose a Material Easy to Maintain

When you buy a double sorting bin, you can usually choose between different materials. However, if you want to clean it easily, it is better to opt for stainless steel or plastic. These materials are indeed very simple to maintain, but they are also very resistant to bad weather. You can even use wood provided that it is treated properly.

How to Clean It?

To clean your double garbage bin, you must first empty it and make sure that no garbage is still in your garbage bin. Then, if your bin model has it, you have to remove the inner seals.

For each of them, as well as for the body of the trash, you must pour dishwashing liquid before filling them with water using a garden hose. After allowing this mixture to work for a few minutes, you must remove stubborn stains by rubbing them with a broom. Finally, you just empty the bins and the body of the trash and let them dry.

The Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Buy

In order to choose your two compartments bin, you must start by asking yourself the right questions. This will allow you to not only define your needs very accurately but also eliminate all models that do not do the trick.

Here are The Most Relevant of Them:

How much space do you have to install it?

Do you want to use it indoors or outdoors?

How much waste do you produce?

Which material do you prefer it to be composed of?

What should be the shape of your dual trash can?

Do you need it to be specific colors?

Will it stay fixed or move?

What is the budget you can or want to spend?

The criteria you must take into account. After clearly defining your needs, you just have to look at these different features to make sure they fit your requirements. For this, you must obviously be interested in its dimensions, but its strength and design are also important. Make sure its dimensions are adequate.

The first thing you need to make sure of is that you have enough space to install your dual trash can. Some models can indeed be quite bulky and therefore require a large space. You must also make sure that its capacity is adapted to the quantity and types of waste that you produce.

Choose a Solid Model Adapted to Your Use

When buying a dual trash can, to make sure you can keep it for many years, you should also look at its robustness. For this, you must take into account the material or materials that compose it. For optimum strength, you should choose a model made of metal, plastic, or stainless steel. In addition, they are also materials that withstand the worst weather conditions.

Use of a Dual Trash Bin for Selective Sorting

Sorting recyclable waste is of paramount importance in helping to protect the environment actively. Otherwise, the latter will become contaminated, thus making the recoverable products useless. Despite appearances, some items are not reusable. To avoid making a mistake, using a bin with two compartments like the many models we offer is the best solution.

Its use is thus much easier, thanks to the color codes. These codes, representing the two compartments of the bin, therefore tell you in which box to deposit your waste. Generally, you will find the yellow color for carton papers, but also for plastic objects. The green color is rather for all those who are in glass. The opening and closing system of this bin with two compartment trash cans is very simple. Usually, you just have to step on one or the other pedal of your choice.

Privilege of a Discreet and Adapted Design

When choosing your double sorting bin, you should also be interested in its design. It must indeed agree perfectly with your decoration. It must also be discreet but you must still be able to find it instinctively. Finally, if you use it at your place of business, it may be interesting that its design reminds the identity of your company. For example, a company that relies on ecology and sustainable development would be well advised to choose a model made of wood or recyclable materials.

In Conclusion

If you want to buy a quality dual compartment trash can, you must first choose it carefully. To begin, you must ask yourself the right questions. Thus, your needs are clearly defined, and you will quickly eliminate models that do not fit. Then you have to meticulously examine its different features to make sure they meet your requirements.

Image and Product Information Source: https://www.amazon.com/

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