Top 4 Picks In Fireproof Trash Can: Ultimate Buying Guide

More than a normal trash can, consumers nowadays are on the lookout for special features to increase longevity and reliability. Among other important features, fire-proofing is a major demand nowadays. In fact, fireproof trash cans are totally indispensable if you have to discard inflammable or combustible wastes like solvents, thinners, kerosene, etc. In this regard, there are several manufacturers that have bagged the top names in the industry. Hence, among thousands of materials, and different designs of trash cans, it becomes difficult to pick the best one according to your needs. In this article, we have broken down each parameter that is necessary to consider before choosing any product in the market along with the 3 top picks according to the consumer experience.

FAQs Related to Fireproof Trash Can

How do you put out a trash can fire?

Fire extinguishers are enough to put out fires in small-sized objects like a fireproof trash can.

Can I put my trash can in front of a fire hydrant?

By law, you are supposed to leave 15 feet of gap between the fire hydrant and anything you place in front of it. So legally, you cannot put your trash can right in front of a fire hydrant.

What causes fire in trash cans?

Chemicals like bleach, ammonia, etc., flammable liquids like gasoline kerosene can catch fire when discarded in a trash can. Also, fabrics soaked in combustible substances like adhesives, linseed oil, solvents, thinners pose a greater risk too. You should also avoid discarding rechargeable batteries into trash cans. Among others, the most common causes of fire in trash cans are burning or hot ashes or coals discarded by households, offices, or industries.

Does bleach keep animals away?

Light amounts of pungent-smelling substances like bleach ammonia can be used in the trash can to deter animals. However, make sure it is not in the reach of the animals as it can be fatal for their survival.



The most important question before buying a fireproof trash can is where will you place it? Is it inside your kitchen, bathroom, room or open in the dust and sun? If it’s inside the house, you can do away with a normal fireproof trash can, but for outside placement, you might want to consider other features coupled with fire resistance. Normally, consumers look for trash cans that are water-resistant, fire-resistant, animal-proof, etc., for outdoor placement.


The specific usage of the trash can is also important to consider for the safe and legal discard of wastes. Homes, offices, and other domestic settings require different kinds of trash cans as would be needed in a healthcare setup to discard medical wastes. Even you might want to consider buying a recycling trash can if you are discarding recyclable material often.


The determination of shape depends on personal choice, but different shapes have various advantages too. Like a half-circle trash can is meant to fit in a small capsule by sticking to the wall. Open trash cans are easier to use, while lid ones help in controlling the odor. Also, you will have to choose a size and shape based on your kitchen’s place where it can get fit easily.


Among the most popular materials available are plastic, metal, wire mesh, stainless steel, and stone. You may choose your desired material according to its advantages. If you are looking for a fireproof trash can, you are most likely to pick a fire-proof metal can. You may also choose a (melamine) plastic trash can which is known for its fire-resistant characteristics and is widely used in the coating to make an object fire-proof.

Price range

The price range is also important in anything you buy. Normally plastic ones cost much on the lower side, and metal cans would cost you more. Most fire-proof plastic trash cans range between $20-$50, while fire-proof stainless steel or metal trash can cost you anywhere between $25-$80.

Securing mechanism

Nowadays, most consumers look for trash cans that have some form of securing mechanisms so that it doesn’t get stolen by placing them outdoors. Talking of that, you may find trash cans with loops to which chains can be attached to secure it to a pole. Other mechanisms may also be available on high-priced trash cans.

Approved by a regulatory body

Last but not least, you must make sure your chosen product has been approved by a higher regulatory body like FM, OSHA, NFPA Life Safety Code 101, etc to ensure it is safe to use it. Approvals of these bodies also ensure the material has been made without any harm to the environment and has a high build and quality.

Overall, these were the major considerations you must look into before choosing a fire resistant trash can. There may be other factors like longevity, color, capacity, environment-safe material, etc. Comparing various options to choose the best is the wisest thing to do.


1. Justrite 09300, 10 Gallons Oily Waste Can

This is the topmost choice among millions of consumers around the world because of its versatility and superior build. Among all of its features, the ones worth mentioning are its several mechanisms that keep away combustion, chemical damage, and rusting. Included with a whopping 10 years warranty, this is an ideal fireproof trash can to place outdoors and indoors as well.


This Justrite Galvanized-Steel can have numerous mechanisms in-built during its design and construction that safely keep away fires in all situations. The lids are self-closing that close automatically when not being used thus cutting contact with any external fire source and preventing spontaneous fires. A circular design with an elevated platform in the bottom has several circular openings that are intended to ventilate heat and prevent combustion.

fireproof trash can


The self-closing lid is operated by a foot pedal in a treadle shape for easy opening. Once released, the lid closes automatically to offer a hands-free operation. Plus, the lid only opens to 60 degrees and ensures no external combustible material comes in contact with the contents.

Superior build

This steel can from Justrite is the favorite of many consumers for its rather superior build. Being made of galvanized steel, the outer coating is coated with powder to give solid durability and resistance to chemicals. The trash can allows a carrying capacity of 10 gallons of oily waste and is approved by FM. It also comes with a handle for easy movement from one place to another.


The elevated bottom allows for even ventilation of all moisture generated by the contents and also any heat that may be formed inside. This design makes it fully rust-proof


The manufacturer is well-known for high-quality home supplies that last long. Still, this product comes with a ten-year of warranty, and any damage or issues will be resolved by the manufacturer at no extra cost.

What customers say

This is a beast in its functioning, and at this price point, one cannot ask for anything more. The capacity of 10 gallons is huge and is more than anyone would usually need in their homes. It also allows safe disposal of combustible substances as well as great at keeping out odors completely.

fireproof trash can

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2. Genuine Joe – GJO58897 Steel 6 Gallon Fire-Safe Trash Can

Next up on our list is this amazing steel trash can by Genuine Joe that is fully fire-proof and has a huge capacity of 6 gallons. It is ideal for office, home use, and educational places. The construction is superior; the material is approved by OSHA and also qualifies under the NFPA Life Safety Code 101, which ensures it is totally safe to use it. It is quite under the affordable range too.

Superior construction

The trash can is made up of steel with a polyester baked enamel finish that makes it super resistant to moisture, heat, and chemicals. The cylindrical body also has a painted finish which acts as an extra layer of protection, making it durable and long-lasting.


The fire-proof features of this trash can are also excellent. It has an elevated bottom construction that prevents fire on any combustible floor. Even in the case of minor or brief exposure to fire, the trash can will not melt or emit toxic fumes of fire which is a plus.

Great price point

The can is well under the affordable ranges and is ideal for all-purpose use.

What customers say

The material, longevity, and fire-proof features are way too underrated of this trash can, and one could not ask for more at this price point. Plus, the capacity is excellent, not too huge to pose a size problem, not too small also. It is ideal for multi-purpose use in a home as a bathroom or garage, or kitchen can.

fireproof trash can

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3. Justrite 6 Gallon Oily Waste Can

Another supreme-built fire-proof trash can by Justrite has a capacity of 6 gallons and is ideal for home use, domestic purposes, offices, educational spaces, etc. If you are looking for an affordable piece that will last long, this is perfect for that purpose. This trashcan’s fire-proof features will amaze you at this price point.


The trash can comes with a self-closing lid that closes as soon as you leave the foot pedal. Also, it contains a handle that makes it easy to move around your house.

Huge capacity

This trash can has a whopping capacity of 6 gallons and allows storage of oily wastes as well. Plus, the size of the can is not too big to pose a threat in fitting it in your small kitchen cabinet.


The fire-proof features are due to the closed lid and elevated bottom offering greater ventilation. The lid only opens to 60 degrees and closes immediately on releasing the foot pedal. This ensures no external fire can cause a mishap. The elevated bottom has open holes that ensure greater ventilation to remove all moisture and heat generated in the trash can.

Superior construction

The trash is OSHA compliant, which indicates its safety and high quality. It accompanies a high build of lead-free, galvanized-steel construction that makes it resistant to chemicals, rusting, and moisture. Plus, it is powder-coated to give a flawless finish.

What customers say

It is a great product for its performance and construction. It keeps away odor perfectly, has a crisp size to fit in any corner of the room, and has a huge capacity of 6 gallons. You can easily take 3 weeks of intervals to change the packet, and it will keep away all odor.

fire resistant trash can

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4. Rubbermaid Commercial Fire-Resistant Trash Can

This matte-looking contemporary fire-proof trash can is the last one on our list but of equally supreme quality. Rubbermaid is a well-known name in the manufacturing of home supplies, sanitary objects, etc., and strives to offer high-quality products that are cheap and last longer than average. This product is also a representation of their superior product line.

Easy cleaning

This trash can has a contemporary look with rounded corners that are super convenient to clean.

Superior built

Thermoset polyester built gives a superior hard quality while textured finish hides surface scratches. This makes it highly long-lasting and scratch-resistant.


Being made of thermoset polyester, it is highly resistant to fire and will also not melt in external fires. This is ideal for placing in kitchens offices, and also if you deal with combustible substances often as in an art studio.

What customers say

This is probably the most affordable fire-proof trash can on the market and is long-lasting. You can easily fit it in any small cubicle, and it gives a flawless look in any setting.

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By now, you must have understood how to determine an excellent fire-proof trash can by going through its various specifications. The parameters listed here cover all major key points you must keep in mind while buying a fire-proof trash can. You can surf through a whole lot of options on the internet, each of which is better than the other. The main deciding factor should be your specific requirements, choice, and price range. The ones listed here are all top picks as per specifications, features, longevity, and performance. Overall, your choice must be as such it fits in a small cubicle, gives a long holding capacity (like keep wastes in for 3 weeks without any issues), and also cuts off odor. As all of the products mentioned here have equally great fire-proofing, these should be given attention to choose the final one for your home.

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