5 Tips to Clean Your Trash Can and Eliminate Odors!

Remove Trash Odors

How to clean trash can properly and remove trash odors no matter how dirty it is! Not only does your trash can smell bad when you open it, it also pollutes your entire kitchen! Please don’t panic, and it’s easy to change with a few good habits.

How to Remove Trash Odors?

The kitchen, what a wonderful place to prepare more or less tasty meals or to nibble at incongruous hours away from any look. But it would be so much better if there was not that bad smell that comes out of your trash. So you take your courage with both hands, grab the trash bag while holding your breath, close it three times, and put a new trash bag all beautiful fresh. Unfortunately, the bad smell persists and signs! And yes, sometimes, just changing the trash bag is not enough.

Maybe the previous bag was pierced; we all know this divine liquid called “trash juice”, or simply that the mixture of “eggshells and yogurt expired” is not the best deodorizer for cooked. That’s why, in addition to changing the trash bag, you must take care to clean your trash regularly to remove trash odors and avoid the proliferation of bacteria.

To find the pleasure of breathing, Helping offers 5 tips to remove trash odors from your home.

Use Baking Soda

You know that baking soda is a bit like the holy grail of the natural cleanser. It is suitable for all surfaces and is completely ecological. It can overcome the most stubborn stains and is very easy to use. Not surprisingly, it is also very effective in combating bad odors. Here are the steps to follow.

Use Baking Soda

Pour two tablespoons of baking soda into the bottom of your trash. Then, could you place a new garbage bag over it? Replace the baking soda every seven (7) days to keep your trash fresh.

Put Cat Litter in Your Trash

Like baking soda, cat litter is a simple and effective way to combat odors. How to get rid of the bad odors of trash with cat litter?

Drop some cat litter on an old newspaper at the bottom of your trash. Then put a garbage bag on top and let the litter do the work. Cat litter will absorb odors and moisture that can escape. Change the litter once it is wet, about every week.

Bonus: Sprinkle the litter with a little hot water and a few drops of essential oil to scent your room and fight odors.

Place Coffee Beans at the Bottom of the Garbage Bin

Yes, we did say the coffee beans. If you have stopped the coffee beans and passed on the espresso side of the force, do not throw your coffee beans in the trash! Ah, if in fact, that’s exactly what you need to do to fight garbage odors. Its aroma and fragrance are naturally pleasant to both smell and ingestion helping remove trash odors that spread in your home. It could not be easier:

Remove Trash Odors
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Put a few grains on a plate or in a sock, and place the set in the bottom of your trash. As with baking soda or cat litter, place a garbage bag over it. Replace as soon as you feel that the smell of the bin takes over the grain.

Deodorize Your Trash Can with Lemon

An idea not that unusual since the lemon is a classic deodorant grandmother recipe. Whether as a beauty product, insecticide, or cleanser, lemon is today usable everywhere and for everything. We’re going to put a layer on it and show you how to use lemon to eliminate the smell of trash effectively.

Deodorize Your Trash Can with Lemon

Simply peel your lemon into thin barks and place them at the bottom of your trash. Carefully put a new trash bag on top and refresh your kitchen and your entire home at the same time.

Disinfect Your Trash Can with White Vinegar

To finish on an ever more ecological touch, we will discover the uses of white vinegar for a 100% natural cleaning. Although white vinegar is not reputed to be the best incense, it is very effective in completely disinfecting a garbage can. A maximum of result for a minimum of effort it’s gone.

Remove Trash Odors

Impregnate a brush with hot water and white vinegar. Then, actively rub the bottom of the bin and the lid with the brush. Renew the experiment every 15 days to limit the proliferation of bacteria. Your bin will not only be cleaned but also disinfected from top to bottom. Do not forget to put on your finest household gloves to avoid being exposed to bacteria during rubbing.

Having tips for cleaning is good; having a housekeeper who does the housework for you is better and removing trash odors regularly.

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