HEMBOR Dual Trash Can – Double Compartment Recycle Bin

16 gallon trash can

Great looking to find a reasonable HEMBOR dual trash can and recycling bin to use in home, office, and so on. This trash bin works perfectly. This is often a well-built dual-sided brushed aluminum can. It seems the mechanism that forestalls it from slamming shut is well made. HEMBOR Dual Trash Can, stainless steel double compartment classified recycle garbage pedal dustbin adopts 410 brushed stainless steel that can effectively prevent fingerprints, is easy to clean, and keep shiny for a long time.


  • Brand: HEMBOR
  • Capacity: 60L (16 Gallon)
  • Weight: 26.78 lbs
  • (ABS) Inner bucket: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Dimensions: 23.03” x 12.6” x 25.59” (L x W x H)
  • Features: Anti-fingerprint
  • Material: Body: Stainless steel 410
  • Color: Black


This trash can adopt 410 brushed stainless steel that can effectively prevent fingerprints, is easy to clean, and keep shiny for a long time. It can be placed freely and is durable. The trash can has a rectangular silver look that is stylish and beautiful, which perfectly blends with your home style.



This 60 Liter trash can with 2 removable inner barrels (30L per barrel), separated by left and right, can effectively sort and recycle garbage. The inner buckets are equipped with a metal handle that can be easily lifted when the garbage bag accidentally ruptures and overflows. The trash can is 26 inches high; it makes you not bend over when you throw dustbin, which provides a more convenient service for your life.

HEMBOR Dual Trash Can


Trash can cover ABS hydraulic slowdown design, which can be automatically lowered when the pedal is released, and it is soft and silent. More comfortable and durable stainless steel pedals make it easy for adults and children to step on.

dual compartment trash can


The side handle makes the trash can easy to move; the plastic inner bucket can be easily disassembled for easy disposal of waste; the anti-slip base enhances the stability of the trash can.

HEMBOR Dual Trash Can


We ship the trash can to you from NJ and LA warehouses that make sure you can receive it in time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will answer you in time.

Hembor 16 Gallon (60 Liter) trash can is made of high-quality stainless steel 410, its durable and stable. Anti-fingerprint, removable inner bucket with handles on both sides, easy to clean and move the dustbin, keep it clean at all times. It can be used in the kitchen, bedroom in home and office to bring you a clean and quiet life, which is a must-have choice for your family and working life.

HEMBOR Dual Trash Can

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1 X 60L Dustbin Can

1 X User Manual


  1. Please do not use pointed or sharp tools to open the package and far away from the sharp-pointed thing.
  2. Wipe clean regularly with the dry cloth to keep shiny.
  3. Manual measurement may have errors.
  4. Color may have errors due to light.

Image and Product Information Source: www.amazon.com

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