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Garbage Container

The garbage container is one of the most important elements and should never be missing at the home, office, industrial, or public spaces. International organizations have considered garbage one of the most serious environmental problems facing society because little more than 100 million tons of waste are produced every day that are not handled properly.

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Despite the fact that the law obliges citizens, nowadays there is no culture of waste separation, a situation that generates complications in sanitary landfills due to the existence of loads of garbage that do not degrade due to the fact that they are found in plastic bags, a material that experts say takes just over 400 years to degrade and be assimilated by nature.

Under the previous scenario, it is very important that begin to acquire plastic trash cans to separate waste in the most appropriate manner. Separating garbage is very important to build a better future for all generations to come. The truth is that for proper separation it is important to use trash cans of excellent quality, with different colors (to facilitate separation), and above all that are resistant.

Plastic Trash Can

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The future of humanity, in such a way that we offer a wide range of recycling garbage containers that facilitate the task and that will allow them to contribute to the care of nature and the atmosphere. If you wish to acquire containers for garbage, it is best that you come with us since we have enough experience to offer you what you need to separate the garbage correctly.


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How Do You Separate Waste?

When sorting waste, it is important to know what types of waste there are and how to sort them. Sorting the waste doesn’t have to be very complicated. There are different types of trash cans that can help you sort the waste. These bins have multiple interior bins, so you can easily separate organic or plastic waste from residual waste. There are bins with 2, 3, or more than three interior trash bins. Determine for yourself what waste you want to separate and which bins you need for it.

Sorting of Waste

Your business site has to deal with different types of waste. Their sorting, therefore, sometimes seems very difficult to manage. In practice, however, it’s pretty straightforward if you take a smart approach. Below we give you some tips for effectively managing your waste using color codes.

Compulsory Waste Sorting for Companies

Sorting waste involves acting as close to the source as possible and keeping waste separate. The aim is to avoid mixing them as much as possible so that the products or materials can be recycled.

You can find more info about waste sorting here:

Outdoor Garbage Container

If your business is faced with a lot of waste streams, you will also need multiple containers. In many cases, these containers are placed on the outside, which means that several points must be taken into account. For example, is the outdoor bin little or no supervision? Then opt for a container allowing the installation of a padlock or with a narrow opening. If the container is placed in a prominent place within the company, roofs and dividing walls are very practical accessories.

Use Color Codes to Make Sorting Waste Easier With Following Garbage Container

It is mandatory to sort your waste. But how to do it? Using color codes can help you and tell you which container to use for which waste.

Yellow- Old Paper and Cardboard Waste

Waste paper is the main category of waste in companies. Did you know that in offices, the paper represents 80% of waste? Waste paper can be disposed of in the yellow container. However, it is important to destroy confidential documents first. You should also get rid of the boxes in the yellow container.

Blue – PMC

The blue trash bin is intended to collect plastic bottles and flasks, metal packaging, and beverage cartons. Please note that packaging must be completely empty before throwing it into the PMC trash. This will facilitate recycling. Did you know, for example, that aluminum cans are recycled into bicycles and car parts and drink cartons into egg cartons and paper bags?

Green (BRIGHT) – Green or Biodegradable Waste

The green garbage container is intended for fruit and vegetables as well as garden waste. It is also suitable for organic waste from restaurants, flowers, and plants. Depending on the situation in your business, the green container can also be used to collect glass.

Green (DARK) – GLASS

Throw the glass in the green container to give it a second life. One of the characteristics of glass is that it can be recycled over and over again.

Red or Orange – Synthetics and Plastics

Often red or orange garbage containers are also available and can be used to collect other specific waste. They can be used, for example, to collect materials such as plastic films and another synthetic packaging that cannot be disposed of with PMCs.

Gray or Black – Residual Waste

A container is necessary to collect all waste that does not fall into any of the above categories. You will then throw them in a gray or black container.

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