How to Clean and Disinfect a Kitchen Trash Bin

You have tried everything to eliminate odors from your kitchen trash bin, but it does not work. It’s time to use the big ways and cleans and sanitizes your kitchen trash. Regular cleaning of your kitchen trash can keep it healthy and eliminate all bacteria that can develop over time and cause nauseating odors. The proliferation of bacteria is the source of the bad odors that emanate from your trash. I propose a simple solution, natural and without additional household products to clean and disinfect your trash. Of course, you can opt for a bleach solution to disinfect your trash.

Clean Your Kitchen Trash Bin with Vinegar

To clean and sanitize your trash, we will use white vinegar and hot water. An economical and safe solution. Like baking soda, white vinegar is an excellent natural cleanser. It can disinfect and limit the proliferation of bacteria. Once you have determined, your kitchen trash will be perfectly clean and disinfected.

How to clean your kitchen bin?

  • Fill a half-bucket with hot water
  • Pour 1/3 of a bottle of white vinegar
  • Bring a brush and gloves
  • Start scouring the bottom of the bin and the walls
  • Finish with the lid
  • To maintain a perfectly healthy bin, you can do this cleaning every 15 days

However, if you use quality trash bags, throw away anything directly into the trash, and make sure you always close the lid, you can save yourself this biannual chore.

In addition, by using some clever methods you can limit the odors of your kitchen trash and do this cleaning once a month.

What to Deal with Decorated Suggestions?

The walls of your trash can have encrusted tasks that are difficult to remove.

You will have to redouble your efforts and use the best products to make these traces disappear:

Bicarbonate diluted in hot water can help you eliminate suspicious traces

The alcohol is also an economical cleaner able to overcome many tasks even stubborn

Bleach: even if traces persist, your bin will be thoroughly disinfected.

If despite all your efforts, traces are still present on the walls of your trash, it is probably time to consider changing the model. The new models with elegant designs offer a touch of style to your kitchen. If you prefer discretion, the under-sink trash can save space in the room.

Worms in the Kitchen Trash?

How to eliminate the worms present in the bottom of your kitchen trash? You left for several weeks and on your return worms gesticulate at the bottom of your trash. Start by boiling water. Then pour the boiling water into the body of the trash can then flip the trash over a sewer or toilet.

Then You Can Clean Your Trash with Vinegar Solution or Bleach.

Watch for several weeks if new worms appear. If this is the case, try again and buy a larval control product that you will spray inside your garbage bin.

Generally, after cleaning, let your trash well dry before replacing a bag or using it again. The presence of moisture in the bottom of your kitchen trash creates a favorable environment for the development of bacteria.

Avoid throwing liquids and remember to pack wet waste before disposing of it. By keeping your bin dry, you will avoid unpleasant surprises and bad smells.

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