How to Dispose of Yard Waste?

Dispose of Yard Waste

Landscaping makes your place more appealing but can be a source of yard wastes such as piles of tree limbs, weeds, and weeds. The biggest challenge in your landscaping project will be how to dispose of yard wastes.

There are many ways of dealing with the yard waste challenge, ranging from burning, recycling, sourcing for waste removal services, and many more.

In need of the best way of disposing of your yard debris? Find the most convenient and easy method of getting rid of your trash while sparing some more time for maximizing curb appeal.

After understanding the amount of waste and time you have, you can establish the best option of picking up your debris. Here are some methods of disposing of your yard wastes.

Renting a Dumpster

Do you get disturbed by heaps of yard waste? Rent a roll-off dumpster. It can be the easiest way of disposing of your yard waste. Rent it for the length of your project and fill the bin as you work. Together with the debris, the container will be removed once you are through with your project. Before choosing this alternative to waste disposal, follow up with the service providers to understand the type of debris allowed in the dumpster. Some areas may not permit large stumps in the dumpster.

Benefits of Choosing This Method of Yard Waste Disposal

  • You choose a dumpster size that meets your project needs
  • You keep it on-site and use it on demand
  • It makes it easy and fast to collect and get off waste from your lawn
  • You don’t need to be on-site for delivery.

Find Your Local Trash Collectors to Pick Your Yard Debris

Different curbside yard waste collectors have different intervals of yard waste collection. A weekly collection may be convenient for you. Some collectors may pick small amounts, provided you pack them well in yard waste paper bags. Confirm with your local waste collectors and find out their requirements for waste collection. This option may have some limitations; therefore, you should consider the following;

  • Ensure you package your yard waste properly according to the collector’s requirements
  • Garbage collection service providers may limit their collection to a small amount.
  • The service may not be in all areas.
  • You get stuck with your yard waste until the collection day.

Advantages of This Method of Yard Waste Collection 

  • It is a low-cost method for yard waste disposal
  • It helps dispose of a small amount of debris

Hiring a Junk Hauling Service for Dispose of Yard Waste

Junk removal services may accept yard waste but charge their services according to the amount of space your trash occupies in their truck. If you hire this service, you must be available during collection time and make the debris ready for picking when they arrive.


  • You cannot estimate the cost until they see your waste
  • They can only give a two-hour window for collection
  • This method is not economical to a large waste

Dispose of Yard Waste


The service providers will load your waste for you

Burning Your Yard Waste

Is it legal in your area to burn yard waste? If yes, this simple method may be very convenient and cost-effective. Burn your trash in a fire pit that is 50 feet away from your resident and at least 150 feet from your neighbor’s residence. Burning should be on a calm day, and ensure there is someone on-site to monitor the fire.


  • Local regulation may not allow the burning of yard waste. You must confirm with your local law before burning.
  • Burning waste has both environmental and safety concerns
  • Fire can accidentally get out of hand.


  • It is a low-cost waste disposal method
  • It is labor-saving

Dispose of Yard Waste With Recycling

Instead of stressing yourself with costly disposal options, you can recycle your waste and rip great value from it. There are several methods of making your yard debris valuable in your homestead. For instance, you can turn grass clippings to your yard to keep the grass healthy and save landfill space. The clippings decompose readily and contribute to 25 % of your lawn’s complete fertilizer.

Other methods of recycling yard waste include the following.

Turn Yard Waste Into Mulch

If you can, rent a chipper and convert your waste into mulch. Ensure you remove any rocks and cut down any large wood waste before chipping. Then, use the mulch around your yard.


Composting can be a better option for recycling your waste, depending on the amount of organic waste in your yard. What do you need for compositing? Just have a composting bin or containers and fill it with any organic waste ranging from garden waste, wood waste, or other garbage in your yard. You will occasionally be stirring to enhance decomposition. Composting will turn any organic materials into manure that you can apply to your garden to improve soil fertility.

What if your yard waste has large amounts of plants and weeds? You must be very cautious! Some plant seeds and diseases can survive the decomposing process, and once you apply them to your garden, you can spread the diseases and weeds. This option to waste disposal may not work for you if you do not need large amounts of compost or mulch.

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Tips For Disposing of Different Types of Yard Waste

Grass Clippings

The best way of handling post-mowing is to leave the clapping on the lawn. This process is called grasscycling. It is the most convenient way of handling grass clipping. The grass clipping degrades rapidly, saves your time collecting and disposing of, and improves your lawn’s fertility.

Piles of Leaves

The easiest way of disposing of piles of leaves is to mow them into the grass using a mulch setting on your mowing machine if you have one. It will turn them into a mulch that later decomposes to release nutrients to your lawn. If you don’t have a functional mower, heap them into compost manure. They release nitrogen that you can apply to soil to improve fertility.

Large Sticks, Shrubs, and Branches

Because these types of waste are large and cannot decompose quickly in large compost piles, bury them to encourage decomposition. Like any other organic material, it will break down completely. You may also contact your local sanitation department on collection sites and pick-up services if you cannot transport or haul them. After collection, the facilities break waste down properly into compost and then use it in public green spaces.

Large Stones and Rocks

Does your community garden, friends, or neighbors in need of these stones for décor? If yes, let them pick or transport it to their gardens. Or else visit your local sanitation department on how to dispose of them. If you are good at art, turn the rocks into creative crafts.

Seasonal Decor such as Stacks, Pumpkins, Hay, Flowers

If you have dried flowers, jack-o-lanterns, and any other front décor that has started to fade up, dispose of them into your compost system or the local compost collection site.


There are different ways how to dispose of yard waste. Before considering a particular method, find out how convenient it is, the amount and type of garbage you need to dispose of, and the cost involved. Some options may have strict regulations that you need to abide by when disposing of a particular type of yard waste. Always confirm with your local sanitation department before considering such methods.

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