How to Hide a Kitchen Trash Can?

How to Hide a Kitchen Trash Can

Are you tired of finding places to hide a kitchen trash can outside or inside your house? Here are some simple solutions that you may find useful for hiding all your dirty, used, and smelly kitchen trash cans. These cans create a nasty smell if they are kept in some open place or also occupy extra space in a tiny kitchen, so hiding your trash bins is a useful endeavor to make your kitchen look good and clean. There are many simple ways which you can use to make the kitchens and homes with the use of accessories and storage products. Lots of those ideas can help to hide and conceal trash cans inside your home only. In this article, we will focus more on permanent solutions rather than quick fixes or temporary ones to hide the cans with some important FAQS which might solve your problem.

FAQS of How to Hide a Kitchen Trash Can?

Why is there a need to cover the trash bins?

Garbage bins should be covered to prevent pests and insects from invading and to reduce odor from rotten things. There can be leakage and odors if not covered properly. The trash, if left loose and uncovered, can also fire up the place and cause hazards if scattered materials like paper are allowed to blow out of the cans and where there is fire.

How do you make a trash bin pull out?

You can pull out trash cans with a cabinet kit, as the kit comes with trash cans that fit in the pull-out mechanism. You can also use a screwdriver, door mounting kit, or an empty cabinet to pull the trash bin out of your house.

Is it possible to lock a trash can?

To increase safety and security, you can always put a lock on the garbage can before leaving your house. There is also a pet-proof trash can which will save a lot of energy and time as you don’t have to lock it every time you go outside. At the same time, it also works more effectively in preventing pets from messing up with the garbage from the cans.

What size garbage can goes under the sink?

Most under-sink cabinets are 30 inches tall, so your trash must be shorter than that cabinet size to throw trash in. A 7–10 gallon trash can will usually be the right size for under cabinet cans, but you should measure the size of your cabinet and under-sink space first before buying any can.

How to Hide Garbage Cans Outside in Wooden Trash Sheds?

You can hide your garbage cans inside a wooden trash shed by simply tucking the bins under the wooden shed outside the house and also can wrap a big privacy screen around it. You can also choose a lattice so that you can transform it into a living wall of greenery.

How to Build a Hidden Trash Can Cabinet?

To install a hidden trash can cabinet firstly, you have to measure and cut all the woods, and then the edge-glued panels are measured. Then a Cabinet Frame is built. Some glue is used to paste it on the edges of the wood pieces to secure the top, bottom, and sides together. Then the Doors are assembled using an attached hinge and by installing the knobs.

How To Hide A Kitchen Trash Can?

There are many ways to hide the trash can inside your own home and kitchen. Some of the important steps to hide the trash can are discussed below.

Under-Counter Trash Slide Out with Recycle Bin

This process of under-counter trash can slide out makes it an easy and also a permanent solution to store the trash inside the kitchen. It easily mounts under the cabinet floor with just a few screws. It glides in and out of the cabinet because of its sturdy ball-bearing guides and makes it easy to pour the garbage inside it. There’s also a recycle version and also a regular single bin version to remove everyday garbage. These are some permanent in-cabinet storage that glides in and out of the cabinet and has an Integrated handle pull. Some also have lids that eliminate the foul smells of the garbage.

how to hide kitchen trash can

Interior Cabinet to Hide Trash Cans

If there is interior cabinet space inside the kitchen, these pull-out trash products can be very useful to every addition to every kitchen. This is a pull-out trash can that will work with any cabinet style of push-pull. It fits perfectly inside the cabinet, and the most important thing is that you buy it after verifying the measurements of the cabinet width, depth, and height. For example, if you have a 20″ base cabinet with a 2″ face frame, you’ll have a 15″ width opening can. Since the pull-out trash has to slide in and out of the cabinet while using, some extra space will be needed on each side of the box. Ideally, every pull-out trash can would be less than 14-3/4″ wide. Slide-out trash storage products come as a complete unit of one set, which includes frame assembly, right and left slides, one or two waste bins, and the mounting hardware along with it.

Tilt-Out Trash Can Cabinets

These are some of the next best things to using an interior cabinet to pull out a trash can and keep the garage on it. Tilt-out trash bins are a clever choice. This freestanding cabinet doesn’t need any space as it is attached internally with the kitchen shelves. They are usually crafted with wood structures and can be placed against a wall, so they don’t occupy any extra space and also get hidden inside. Some of the benefits of using this method as it provides extra space for the garbage and can also access hidden waste bin cabinets which can have a match with existing decor and gain more counter space in smaller spaces and especially in small kitchens.

Use a Privacy Screen

To make the trash bin hide from others outside the house, you can use a screen row in front of the trash bins. It will keep things classy and also make the place look beautiful. You can also stick them behind a screen. After keeping the bins or cans against the side of your house, wrap them with a big privacy screen. If you choose a lattice, you can also transform it into a living wall of greenery and give it a garden look.

Hang a Cute Curtain

If your pantry or the trash can is kept in an exposed closet under your kitchen, you can tuck beautiful curtains covering the trash bin. It not only disguises the trash bin and pantry essentials, but it will also add a sleek look to the overall space and make it look gorgeous and cute.


An ugly trash can or untidy kitchen is an eyesore in every home and in the kitchen. So if you don’t want to spoil the look of a sweet kitchen, try these amazing steps to keep your kitchen can in the proper place. There are many ways to hide a kitchen trash can as discussed above that also look classy. Try these today and make your house look good, fresh, and clean.

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