How to Recycle Garbage

Recycle Garbage

We tell you how to recycle garbage, especially organic waste, metal, paper, plastic, glass, and tetra bricks. It’s all about starting! For our house to be sustainable and respectful of the environment, it is our responsibility to use energy-efficient since it is a precious asset. To achieve this, recycling is necessary.

We emphasize that our concept of healthy housing is based on four fundamental pillars: Health, Comfort, Safety, and Sustainability. To be sustainable and respectful of the environment, we should use energy-efficient since it is a precious asset. To achieve this, recycling is necessary. But, how do I separate my garbage from recycling it?

How to Separate Recycle Garbage

We can mainly divide the garbage into Organic and Inorganic. Organic is one that decomposes and comes from a living being. Inorganic waste comes from artificial materials such as plastics, glass, or metals. Once classified, let’s see how we should separate it for recycling:

Organic Trash

Organic waste is the remains of food and any waste of plants or animals. Did you know that at least 40% of the waste you put in the garbage can daily is organic matter? Organic waste is biodegradable and can be used as organic fertilizer. The best-known way to recycle organic waste is through compost.


organic trash
Image Source: Rivard Report


Tin cans and other types of metals are non-renewable resources. This type of material has a very profitable recovery. For example, with the energy needed to make a can of soda, you could have a television on for two hours. You can recycle the metal at recycling points in your city.

metal trash

Image Source: Peterson Pacific Corp.

Paper and Paperboard

We must recycle old notebooks and all the paper we can. In the same way, we must use paper that is already recycled, in this way we avoid excessive felling.

Paper and Paperboard Garbage

Image Source: Containerboard

Recycle Plastic Garbage

The recovery of plastic is essential as it is a non-biodegradable material. We should never throw it out of its recycling circuit.

Image Source: The Conversation


It is best to deposit the bottles or glass jars in the containers authorized for such use in the cities. In this way, it is possible to close the circle and produce a bottle from which it is thrown.

Glass Garbage

Image Source: Rubicon Global


We must pay special attention to this type of packaging since they are manufactured with 75% cardboard, 20% plastic, and 5% aluminium. Therefore, it has to be recycled in specialized sites and cannot be reused.


Finally, make a special mention of polluting materials such as batteries and fluorescents.

Image Source: Homewood Disposal

Recycling Containers

Once the garbage is separated correctly, you have to know which container to put everything. We would throw the materials made with glass in the green containers, such as bottles, perfume bottles, or canning jars. The paper and cardboard would go to the blue containers, being very careful not to put the tetra bricks here, which is a very common mistake. In yellow containers, however, yes, we must throw the bricks and metal containers, plastic containers and bags and plastic, and aluminium wrappers. The organic waste should go in a separate, usually orange container if you want more details about what things should go to each container.

Recycling Containers

Image Source: KissPNG

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