How to Remove Bad Smell From Trash Can?

In a trash can, we throw, among other things, eggshells, leftover food, vegetable peels, infused tea bags, and coffee grounds, and when all these residues squat together in the trash for several days, it is not uncommon for a slightly foul smell to emerge! An unusual tip for removing a bad smell from the trash can below is to avoid this.

How to Remove Bad Smell From Trash Bin?

While changing bags and washing the trash can with soap and water are smart first steps in eliminating odors, they don’t get you far. Indeed, you will only deal with the problem by avoiding bad habits. The ones that create your bad smells. Here are some solutions that will save your trash can under the sink, automatic or any trash can. How to eliminate odors from the trash can?

How to Neutralize an Odor with Baking Soda?

Baking soda can solve just about any cleaning problem. You probably know that the baking soda in the back of your refrigerator can eliminate odors. The same goes for stinking garbage cans. If you can do it on the plastic, sprinkle a light layer of baking soda on the bottom before putting the bag inside. So for a metal trash can, you must take an additional measure to prevent corrosion: With a good quantity of baking soda in a coffee filter and fix it with a twisted link before placing it in the bottom of the trash can under the sink. You can also sprinkle baking soda in a garbage compactor each time you fill it to remove odors.

Remove Bad Smell From Trash Can

Remove Bad Smell From Trash Can with Scented Wipes

The scented wipes that you use with clothes in the washing machine can also work their magic on bad odors from garbage cans. When you take out your automatic trash can or your built-in trash can, you only have to put one or two sheets under the new bag. The wipes absorb bad odors and leave a pleasant odor. Change the sheet each time you take out the trash.

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Vanilla Extract

Here is a sweet solution! The extract you use when cooking also does the job of refreshing a smelly garbage can. After taking out the trash, put a few cotton balls, leave them in the bottom of your empty trash can and close the lid. Let them sit overnight so that the vanilla smell seeps in.

Charcoal Filters

It has been proven that charcoal filters odors. It is used in cigarette filters and air purification units. You don’t need activated carbon; a bag of basic charcoal will do the trick. Crush it a little (try a pickaxe handle or a broom handle) and put the pieces in the trash under the sink. Let sit overnight to absorb odors.

Remove Bad Smell From Trash Can

Citrus Peelings

The zest of lemons, limes, and oranges is adept at masking odors from the waste. Use only dry skin. Separate your waste to remove the bad smell of trash. One of the best techniques you can use to minimize the foul odor is to separate your waste. If you keep all your household waste in one bin, the odors will mix and multiply. Here’s how to separate the items:

Remove Bad Smell From Trash Can

Thoroughly Clean Your Trash Can

Empty it completely, and if it is a removable container in another container, it will be necessary to clean everything, including the lid and the rim. Put on rubber gloves and wash all surfaces with warm water and white vinegar. If it is really dirty, wash it off with warm water and soda. This operation is to be renewed regularly, at least once a month, but if you put in place good habits, cleaning will be done in no time!

Choose the Right Trash Bag

Once the bin is dry and clean, refill it with a bag suitable for its size (often, we take too small or too large). Indeed this detail is not trivial when we put the suitable bag. That is to say that covers the tower at the top, and there is no waste that falls to the bottom and stagnates under the bag. On the contrary, if the bag is too large, you will have many folds around which will fill with junk that will soften in the plastic. Measure once and for all the height and diameter of your bin and check the packaging for the one that suits you, the capacity is given in liters but we also find the dimensions.

Be Careful What You Throw in the Trash

Some waste should never be stored because it smells bad, but above all, it contaminates the place where your bin is stored. That’s why they have such a strong smell. This concerns seafood and fish (empty shells, carcasses, bones, etc.), soiled diapers for babies, dirty cat litter, dog excrement, and any other animal. It is best to remove the trash that contains this waste immediately. If you cannot do so, put it in a closed bag that you will put in the trash bag.


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Deodorize a Trash Bin with Bread and Vinegar

White vinegar is a magic product that can be used in a house to do many things: descale a kettle, weed the garden, soothe an insect bite, and even serve as a conditioner! But that’s not all when you have a kitchen bin that smells like rotten egg, and the rising tide and vinegar can work wonders.

Indeed, to remove the bad smell from the trash can, take a slice of bread, sprinkle with vinegar, and place everything at the bottom of the bin. Then leave it on overnight, and the following day the bad smells will have disappeared from the trash. The secret of this little tip: just like vinegar, the bread crumb is known to absorb (bad) odors!

Remove Bad Smell From Trash Can

Here are Some Trash Can Odor Eliminator Kit

Trash And Dumpster Deodorizer

Key Features:

  • Combines baking soda with an odor-fighting fragrance to quickly destroy tough odors on contact.
  • Sprinkle directly on garbage each time more is added.
  • Ideal for use in trash cans, Dumpsters, drains/grease traps, and diaper pails.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Customer Comments

Works really well for the intended purpose. The scent is strong, as it needs to be, but not overwhelming or offputting. Definitely mutes odors from chicken, dairy, eggs that may have to sit in the dumpster for a few days before pickup. Has eliminated our dumpster funk and that of our neighbor! It seems to work the best sprinkling in when the can or dumpster is empty. If there is a particularly ripe bag, sprinkle a little more on top of the bag.


Remove Bad Smell From Trash Can

Gonzo Natural Magic Garbage Odor Eliminator

Gonzo Natural Magic will eliminate persistent odors in all areas inside or outside of your home, leaving an odor-free environment. It is dedicated to keeping your home and any other area smelling fresh and clean.

Remove Bad Smell From Trash Can

Check Details

Ajax Powder Cleanser with Bleach

A powdered household and industrial cleaner. Use on pots and pans, porcelain, bathroom fixtures, ceramic tiles, and even tough outdoor items like barbeque grills and garbage trash.
Remove Bad Smell From Trash Can

Glisten Garbage Disposer Cleaner

Garbage disposal cleaner that is scientifically designed and tested to clean and deodorize your garbage disposer. The powerful blue foaming action strips away food particles, grease, and odors, leaving a pleasant lemon fresh scent.
Remove Bad Smell From Trash Can

Zep INC Garb ZUGOE1 Garbage Odor Eliminator

Garbage Odor Eliminator neutralizes trash odors and provides a fresh, long-lasting scent. The advanced technology formula absorbs leaks and spills and contains citronella to control insects. It combats smells from pets, food, diapers, meat decay, and other organic waste in small and large garbage cans, compactors, or dumpsters.
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