8 Ways to Beautifully Fit Into the Interior Trash Bins for the Kitchen

For many people, kitchen trash bins are stored in a cupboard under the sink. For most, this is a great option, however, when this is not possible, coming up with an alternative location can be quite difficult. Fortunately, difficult does not mean impossible.

Depending on the availability of free space and on the kitchen’s overall design, there are various ways to hide the bin from the eyes, or “dress up” it so that it harmoniously fits into the interior. Below are some of these ideas.

Wardrobe Drawer for Easier Access

Perhaps the most popular alternative to the bin under the sink is the drawer. It allows you to hide the trash can in the cabinet and eliminates the need to throw garbage by touch in the darkness of the cabinet.

Trolley-Mounted Cupboard with Kitchen Trash Bins

If the kitchen has free space for another piece of furniture, then a wheeled kitchen cabinet with a compartment for the bin will be a good option. In addition, this cabinet will help increase the kitchen surface’s surface and expand storage space. For example, Coaster Furniture’s white cabinet has an integrated rubbish bin to hide it from the eyes.

Small Bedside Table with Hinged Door

If there is no room for a large cabinet on casters and additional furniture, but there is enough space along the wall or in the corner behind the countertop, a small bedside table with a folding door can become an option for the location of the bin.

Hanging kitchen Trash Bins for Small Cabinets

The trash bin hanging from the inside of the cabinet door is ideal for saving space in the cabinet. This option is easier to install than the drawer option. It allows you to hide the bin from the eyes and makes easy access to it.

A Tricky Trick with an Old Trash Can

What about a small handmade? An interesting option would be to paint the existing garbage can withdrawing patterns and patterns on it a stencil. The most common trash can be a real work of art.

Large Basket

An ugly, but convenient and practical bin can easily be hidden from view by placing it in a large wicker basket. Now, to throw something away, you only need to lift the basket lid.

kitchen trash bins

Wine Barrel

The wine barrel will add a real rustic look to the kitchen if there is a corner for it. Wine Country Craftsman is committed to making garbage containers out of old wine barrels. To use such a garbage container, you only need to open the lid located on top of the container.

Only a little imagination should be shown, and such an ordinary item as a garbage container will become a real decoration of the kitchen!

Garbage Sorting Labels

Some rubbish bins and waste bins with labels for sorting rubbish look really cool. In fact, such shortcuts can be made independently.

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