How to Choose Your Kitchen Trash Cans?

Your Kitchen Trash Cans

The choice will be made initially at the level of the capacity, compared to the number of people in the home. In fact, we recommend a bin with a capacity between 10 and 30 liters for 2 people or less. For a family with 1 or 2 children, a kitchen trash can of 30 to 50 liters will do the job. And for large families, large bins will be more appropriate. In any case, choosing a recycling bin is a good thing. In fact, selective sorting will make it possible, on the one hand, to put the waste in two different buckets, and on the other hand, to opt for responsible behavior for the environment.

The choices of your trash will also and especially depend on the location available in your kitchen. A rectangular bin, for example, can perfectly position itself next to nice kitchen furniture. And finally, a small trash can of stainless steel table on your kitchen table will guarantee your kitchen tables are always clean.

What Kind of Trash Bin for Your Kitchen?

Range of products offers for the best kitchen trash bin, with a capacity ranging from 5 to 60 liters and different shapes: round trash, rectangular, built-in trash, under the sink for space-saving, trash door, sliding, or even cupboard trash. Whether in a studio, small apartment, or a big house, you will find in our shop the trash that will fit your kitchen. The trash is one of the essential kitchen accessories for efficient and practical waste sorting. New technologies have pushed brands to incorporate some modern touches into the trash opening system. Automatic trash bins are more and more common in kitchens.

The automatic opening trash can has been proven for several years. Closures and openings are becoming slower and quieter. Adaptive detection technology is proof of great technological evolution. This detection allows automatic trash bins equipped with this technology to recognize your movements, avoiding opening and closing when it was not your wish. To summarize, the pedal kitchen trash can is a classic but quietly leaves its place in the automatic sorting kitchen trash.

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Why Buy a Design and Modern Kitchen Trash Can?

Now, the trash is kitchen equipment in its own right, which requires as much attention as kitchen storage. Finished the plastic trash can unattractive, with trash bags overflowing. The gray stainless steel trash can (Or stainless steel) is in vogue and wishes to be seen in your kitchen. Equipping it with an anti-odor filter, to avoid bad smells, and a discreet garbage bag will do little effect.

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The Retro Trash Can, the Timeless Model

The major garbage brands have been working for decades on garbage cans to improve their performance and design. But the “retro bin” is still resistant to novelties and still a hit with local homes. Less easy to clean than a stainless steel bin, these bins are often high in color (black metal, red metal, white metal, or gray metal).


How to Hide a Kitchen Trash Can?

The garbage brands have created a full range of kitchen bins with a new and trendy design, just to hide it. Each of their models is available in a dozen colors (matt black, red, pink, yellow, gray, etc), with different types of waste bins openings (pedal trash can, automatic sensor trash can, trash manual one-touch, etc) and different materials ( Black plastic trash bin, stainless trash bin, black metal trash bin, chromed steel trash bin, etc). Add an odor filter for better comfort and you’re done. Choosing a designer kitchen trash can mark the spirits of your guests for sure.

Hide a Kitchen Trash Can

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