Product Reviews – Kohler 13-Gallon Step Trash Can

Kohler K-20940-BST 13-Gallon Step Trash Can

Kohler 13-Gallon Step Trash Can have an efficient footprint with clean lines and flush features, so it can be placed right against the wall or cabinet. A raised liner and rim lock make bag changes easy, and the fingerprint-proof finish stays cleaner longer. For regular cleaning, use a damp microfiber cloth. Do not use cleaners or abrasives.

Crafted with thoughtful details and smart functionality, the Kohler step can collection will simplify your daily routine at home and meet the style demands of its surroundings. This 13-gallon rectangular step can have been designed to fit any brand of 13-gallon trash bags. It opens with a sturdy foot pedal, allowing for hands-free operation.

Made from thoughtful details and with clever functionality, the Kohler K-20940 -BST 13 Gallon step trash can have been designed to fit any room.

Kohler K-20940-BST 13-Gallon Step Trash Can, Black Stainless

You Love These Features:

  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Raised liner and locking rim for easy bag changes
  • The quiet close lid closes gently and silently
  • Space-saving profile fits snugly against walls or cabinets
  • Available in Stainless Steel or Black Stainless Steel
  • For regular cleaning, use a damp microfiber cloth
  • Size: 13 Gallon
  • Color: Black Stainless Steel
  • Designed to fit any brand of 13-gallon trash bags
  • Fingerprint proof finish stays cleaner longer
  • Hands-free operation with durable metal foot pedal
  • Hinge design protects the wall from scuffs
  • The removable plastic liner is easy to clean





This Kohler black stainless steel 13 gal. The step trash can is a gorgeous, great design, build quality, finish, etc. The slow-close mechanism also works great. The collar to secure the bag is the best what you’ve got seen.

First off, the size is simply right. Also, aesthetically it’s great in my kitchen. The simplest feature is that it doesn’t have some quite custom, the super-pricey bag that you simply got to buy. Plain old kitchen bags work also. This trash can features a feature that’s alleged to hold the bag securely within the frame. In concept, this sounds great.


kohler white 13 gal. steel step trash can


check details and price


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