Not Everything Goes in the Trash Can | Some Ecological ideas to Recycle

Ecological ideas to Recycle

Container Distributors and trash can we have created to share useful and relevant information on a subject that we are all interested in and that concerns us, garbage.

If you are surfing here, it is probably because you share an interest in ecology and cleanliness with us. After all, you are looking to contribute with your grain of sand, knowing that the garbage is placed in a place where it can be stored safely and then be moved to the recycling area. But do we have to throw everything away?

We live in a society in which “ecology” means depositing garbage in a basket or trash can, we believe that a clean city is a city free of paper and plastic in the streets, that a person without any change deposits everything in the places destined for garbage is someone ecological and although it is a good start, the reality is that it is not everything.

The truth is more simple than that, to deposit the garbage containers is only to hide it from sight, without a recycling program, it does not make one city cleaner than another, it simply gives the appearance of being it while the garbage is stored and accumulates somewhere else.

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In other words, throwing the trash in a basket is still polluting. If what you are looking for is precisely not to contaminate, we have to return a few steps before the moment we put the garbage in the deposit. At present we live in a world where not only everything has packaging, but there are over-packaged items, which to get to the final product is necessary to remove two, three, or even four covers that will immediately go to waste.

To be ecological now is more than throwing the remains and packaging in the trash, it is consuming responsibly, trying to affect the environment as little as possible. Here we share some tips of responsible consumers that will reduce the amount of garbage you generate.

Reuse is one of the most important ecologies; if all the companies manufactured objects with more than one purpose, this would be part of our culture, but it is not like that. It is then the task of the creativity of each one to reuse things and it is one of the first steps to stop generating garbage without any reason.

Save the jars of the products you buy, the bags that you simply cannot avoid taking home, containers, keep all that, and every time you need to store or transport something, remember that you already have many options at home. Keep grains, spices, preserves, and many more things in the trash can, instead of going to the supermarket and returning with more plastic bags, take the ones previously given until they cannot be used, once they are finished, opt for purchasing one or more recyclable grocery bags. Do not throw bags that still work in the trash can.

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