Best Outdoor Trash Can Enclosure Reviews

Outdoor trash can enclosure

Arranged around your home, company, or in your municipalities such as roads, public gardens, parks, hotels, schools, etc, the outdoor trash cans and outdoor garbage can enclosure or shed allows you to collect waste and promote recycling.

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Leisure Season Horizontal Refuse Outdoor Trash Can Storage Sheds

Key Feature:

  • Color: Medium Brown
  • Product Dimensions: 38 x 65 x 53 inches


  • Weather-resistant – this garbage Bin outdoor storage shed (66” W x 38” D x 53” H) is designed to withstand rain or sun. It is crafted of solid decay-resistant wood harvested from the cypress tree family.
  • Organized & tidy – this refuse shed kit is stained Medium Brown with a protective finish. Aside from organizing bins in a centralized location. Keep your backyard, Garage, or lawn neat and clean.
  • Spacious & convenient – keep your home waste management system in one accessible spot with this portable shed. It has space to fit garbage bins of varying sizes for easy recycling.
  • Lockable enclosures – Lift the top lid for throwing rubbish and open up the front doors to pull the bins out for collection. Affix the shed with a lock to keep pesky critters and scavengers away.
  • Blends naturally with outdoors – we maintained the natural look of wood for that rustic charm that blends well with nature. The tongue and groove construction also adds to its appeal.

outdoor trash can storage

Product Description:

Large horizontal outdoor storage shed for trash, recycling, food and yard waste, outdoor trash enclosure shed and far better than your neighbor’s plastic storage container, this triple-door horizontal refuse storage center provides a sturdy, stylish solution. Includes all the same great features as our smaller trash and recycling center, only this one is larger to accommodate various larger bin sizes for storing trash, recycling, food, and yard waste. Crafted of solid wood harvested from the Cypress tree family with decay resistance similar to Western Red Cedar. Tongue and groove construction.

Outdoor trash can enclosure

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MGP Willow Double Waste Bin Enclosure

Key Feature:

  • Metal frame for rigid self-standing
  • Constructed with natural brown willow sticks gives this double waste bin screen a rustic, natural look
  • Easy setup, pre-built fence sections. 72″W x 32″D x 48″H
  • Stowaway your ugly wheelie bins
  • The side panels fold out to provide easy access


trash can enclosure

Product Description:

Stow away your ugly wheelie trash bins. The woven willow double waste bin enclosure is constructed with a metal frame and woven with sustainable willow sticks. This rustic-looking waste bin will blend right into your backyard. The side panels will fold out to provide easy access. 72″W x 32″D x 48″H.

trash can enclosure outdoor

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RubbishWrap Outdoor Garbage Enclosure – Trash Bin Shed Storage


outdoor garbage can enclosure

Product Description:

Solving Real Problem RubbishWrap is an attractive and durable enclosure that is built to last! It covers all residential 96 gallons containers. Our module design allows multiple bins configuration so you control how many bins you hide.
outdoor enclosure for garbage cans

Homelity Outdoor Trash Can Enclosure

Key Feature:

  • Privacy Screen Concealer with 2 Panels
  • Patio Garden Screen Panels
  • All Seasons Space Divider
  • Air Conditioner Screen for Outside Units

trash can enclosures outdoor designs


Very easy to install into the ground depending on how hard your ground is. Soaking the area a bit before putting into the ground and a rubber mallet/hammer usually does the job for a couple of final pushes.


This vinyl privacy screen provides an attractive way to hide the unsightly things in your yard. The white vinyl slats are very close together to almost completely block the view of what is behind with the attractive white design. The versatile two-panel display will certainly deal with the work with style.



Made from sturdy, maintenance-free, and weather-resistant PVC material A user-friendly, attractive way to camouflage trash cans, heat pumps, or gas storage tanks.


They can be placed on either side of your AC/trash enclosure or whatever your use is. These panels can be installed independently of each other or can be put in a variety of arrangements. An excellent way to conceal air conditioners, garbage cans, trash dumpsters, compost piles, and much more…


It usually takes up to an hour depending on your level of expertise to fully assemble the unit. We recommend using a light-duty power drill which makes things go quickly. Each screen measures 36in W x 48in H installed and comes with 2 screens to make a right angle and you can purchase multiple units if you need to create a bigger enclosure.

Product Description:

  • Outdoor Privacy Screen Concealer 2 Panels
  • Durable contemporary design looks great on a patio
  • Screen conceals air conditioners, garbage cans, and trash dumpsters
  • Long-lasting vinyl construction
  • Resin wicker panel outdoor screen enclosure
  • Screen conceals air conditioners, garbage cans, and trash dumpsters
  • Weight: 22 Pounds
  • Decorative screen privacy enclosure is the perfect solution to concealing an air conditioner, garbage can, trash dumpster, compost piles, and much more.
  • This product is made out of durable vinyl construction so it is sure to last. Its decorative design will look great on almost any patio or in any yard.
  • The screen enclosure will fit with the most home decor.
  • This enclosure multi-part fence can be arranged in a variety of ways and multiple panels can be used to create a bigger enclosure

Outdoor Garbage Can Enclosure

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White Basketweave PVC Fence Corner Garbage Can Enclosure

Key Feature:

  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 13 x 78 inches
  • White Basketweave PVC Privacy Corner
  • 4′ Overall Height
  • 6″ Tongue-and-Groove PVC Pickets
  • Snap Together Assembly – NO Glue – No Screws
  • Uses: Garden/Driveway Accent
  • A/C / Garbage Can Enclosure
  • Kennel Enclosure

Product Description:

This all-inclusive basket weave design kit is the perfect accent to complete your landscaping or gardening project or anywhere you need to provide privacy. The snap-together assembly is as simple and easy as it gets no glue or screws required. You will, however, have to supply your own post holes.

Overall height is 4′ depending on your choice of post caps. Flat caps are included with this kit; however, any cap that will fit a 4″x4″ post can be used.

Recommended uses include corner accent, boundary marker, driveway accent, garbage can enclosure, kennel enclosure, landscaping or gardening focal point. Panels do not come pre-assembled; however, assembly is simple click together. Custom sizes and options available. Contact us for customization requests.

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Suncast Wood Style Outdoor Screen Enclosure

Key Feature:

  • Product Dimensions: 23 x 2 x 44 inches
  • Freestanding Steel and Resin Privacy Screen with 4 Reversible Panels
  • Perfect for Concealing Garbage Cans
  • The divider is designed to obscure even the largest objects


  • DECORATIVE: Chic outdoor screen enclosure has a wood-like design and lattice panels that will add style to your yard and garden, matching most outdoor décor
  • VERSATILE ARRANGEMENT: The garden fence has 4 hinged panels that can be specifically arranged to optimize concealment in your unique outdoor space
  • DURABLE: Constructed from heavy-duty resin and steel with ground anchors, the foldable privacy screen is resistant to weather and fading, providing years of quality use
  • NATURAL CAMOUFLAGE: Use near your home and garden to hide your air conditioner and garbage cans, or near the pool and beach to enclose an outdoor shower.


Product Description:

Suncast’s decorative and functional screen enclosure is the perfect solution to concealing your air conditioner, garbage cans, trash dumpster, and much more. The decorative wood-style paneling and lattice design are fashioned to look great on any patio or in any yard. This privacy fence is constructed from durable resin and hardened steel, built to last a lifetime. The weatherproof plastic resists fading and will not rot or rust, keeping your yard and garden looking their best. Each panel is large enough to hide even the most unsightly object (measuring 23″ x 2″ x 44″), while lightweight for easy transportation and setup.

outdoor garbage can enclosure

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Zippity Outdoor Products Premium Vinyl Privacy Screen # Amazon’s Choice

Key Feature:

  • Product Dimensions: 48 x 3.5 x 48 inches
  • A privacy screen is completely solid for maximum privacy
  • To install, simply drive the included stakes into the ground using a sledgehammer
  • Two L-brackets suggested for each post
  • Crafted with premium PVC vinyl, this privacy screen looks the same from both sides
  • Not only will this screen hide your unmentionables, but it will also add curb appeal to your home

Why Choose This Enclosure?

  • Virtually maintenance-free vinyl
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Snaps and locks together with minimal screws
  • Includes ground stakes for installation
  • Installs without digging deep holes, pouring concrete or tearing up your yard
  • Set includes 2 sections to make a right angle. Not recommended for side by side installation unless you use concrete to cement into the ground.
  • To install on a concrete surface, omit the included ground stakes and purchase galvanized L brackets separately.

Product Description:

Hide your unsightly items such as trash bins or air conditioners with this deluxe No-Dig vinyl privacy screen. Not only will this screen hide your unmentionables, but it will also add curb appeal to your home. Crafted with premium PVC vinyl, this screen looks the same from both sides. It is completely solid to offer maximum privacy. Each kit comes with 2 sections to make a right angle & you can purchase additional units if you would like to create a bigger enclosure.

outdoor trash can enclosure

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How to Hide Your Trash Cans?

The ideal solution for hiding unsightly and smelly garbage cans. This shelter is in the form of a metal, wooden or PVC chest consisting of walls, front doors, and a cover. It both hides the garbage cans, but also secures access, prevents the spread of odors and harmful microorganisms.

The Many Advantages of a Trash Bin Shelter

Anesthetic trash container covers whether it is made of plastic or wood, the shelter elegantly conceals garbage cans of household waste, paper, glass, or even plants. You can give it an original look by customizing it yourself. Cover it with a privacy screen, for example, or paint it in the color of your choice. Some people do not hesitate to install an artificial hedge or to cover it with a decorative self-adhesive film with vine patterns to ensure that it fits perfectly in the garden.

A Hygienic Trash Cover

The other non-negligible advantage of this outdoor shelter is that it offers a more hygienic location where to store the garbage cans. It helps prevent the proliferation of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms by offering a small and perfectly defined location. Then just disinfect it to keep the location as clean as possible. It also helps to limit bad odors that can be released by offering a closed and sheltered place.

A Secure Trash Shelter

The garden chest also keeps stray animals away. No more neighbor’s cat or house dog who comes to turn over the trash and search them. Some also have a place to place a padlock so you can secure the opening and prevent young children from accessing it.

A Multifunctional Trunk

Some garbage shelters are constructed so that other equipment can be stored. You can, for example, find shelters large enough to be both a log shelter and store your trash cans. Others can also be used as a bicycle shed.

The PVC Trash Cover

For a minimum of maintenance and a maximum of resistance, the resin is the ideal material. The plastic is perfectly resistant to all external aggressions: mold, insects, corrosion, and shocks. The other advantage of PVC or resin is that it is a material that does not absorb odors, unlike wood. It is also the material that will allow you to benefit from a completely waterproof shelter since the plastic does not absorb water and the trunk is easier to seal.

We advise you to choose a resin that has undergone a UV treatment since the only attacks that PVC trash shelters will really fear are those of the sun. Under the effect of UV rays and heat the panels could deform and become brittle. On an aesthetic level, it is important that the plastic is treated against UV rays since it turns yellow under the effect of the sun.

The Metal Trash Cover

The least common of all the metal shelter. Metal, if treated against corrosion, has the advantage of also being insensitive to all climatic aggressions: sun, humidity, insect, mold, and rust. However, it is also the least aesthetic of all. Metal, especially if it is thin, is also less impact-resistant than resin and can easily deform if you accidentally hit it with a trash can.

The Dimensions of the Outdoor Trash Shelter

Depending on your needs, the number of containers you have, and the size of your garbage cans, you will be able to choose the dimensions that suit you. The most common capacities are the capacities of 120 liters and 240 liters. They correspond to conventional bin dimensions. Be aware however that you can find capacities of up to 900 liters! But these dimensions will rather correspond to large containers as can be found in buildings or hotels.

There are large shelters but there are also double trash cans or triple trash shelters. They allow you to store your different containers, convenient for selective sorting. You can thus install your household waste bin next to those for paper and cardboard and why not those for glass or green waste.

Another Idea to Hide the Trash Can

If you do not want to use a trash can to hide your trash you can for example install them in a garden shed. Thus the garden shed will not only be used to store your trash cans but it will also be able to store your tools, your garden equipment, your swimming pool equipment, and even your bikes. Some simply use a few fencing panels or a privacy screen to install them behind and create a small space for them.

Where to Install the Bin Cover?

You can set up the garbage can near the house for easy and direct access when you want to dispose of your garbage. You can also choose to install it near the street to facilitate installation outside on the day of garbage collection. Another alternative, if you do not want to have a large trash cover whether in the garden or in front of the house, is to install several simple trash shelters. Well distributed, they will be visually more pleasant.

In which Material to Choose the Trash Cover?

The two main materials in which you can find these shelters are wood and resin. Rarer, there is also metal.

Finally, one more thing to consider when shopping for an outdoor trash can enclosure is whether you plan to use it for any other type of storage. For example, you plan to store the family’s bikes in there or a few garden tools such as hatchet, axe, sickle, scythe, pitchfork, spade, shovel, trowel, hoe, fork, and rake. In some places, the machete may be used as a garden tool as well.

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