Which Trash Cans to Choose for Outdoor Spaces in Communities?

Do you think the trash is worth it? Essential to the smooth running of community life, this element of street furniture is at the heart of all processes to ensure the cleanliness of public space. From a material point of view, trash is the first link in the waste collection chain. So no question of neglecting it! Urban waste bins and baskets, selective sorting bins, or bag holders are adapted to each outdoor community area.

The gesture may seem commonplace today, but the fact to deposit his waste in dedicated container dates only from the end of the 19th century. Today, in an environmental context of increasing concern, the cleanliness of outdoor spaces for users’ well-being and good health is a significant challenge for communities, town halls, or schools.

To meet this, they must count on the responsible behavior of the citizens, on the good training of their cleaning teams, and on a piece of powerful equipment—the key element of this material: the trash. Among the selection criteria for this element of street furniture, there is, of course, the price, as well as the aesthetics, the robustness, the ease of maintenance, and its practicality, for the users but also for the cleaning agents in charge of empty it.

Define the Right Places for the Urban Trash Can

The idea is to define the location of the outdoor trash bins. It is important to put enough at the disposal of users: it is always unpleasant to have to walk by keeping his trash with you because you cannot find trash in his way. The number of trash bins needed must be calculated for each outdoor area, depending on the influx and uses that are observed.

The urban outdoor trash can not interfere with the flow of users, but it must remain clearly visible and accessible. You can choose a wall or floor bin: again, it’s all about the environment. Are we trying to inscribe the trash discreetly in the decor? Should we be able to clean floors easily under the container? Then an outdoor wall bin is probably more suitable. If it is in a large open space, for example in a place where users meet to read or have lunch, we prefer a sealed bin on the ground, conspicuous, placed near tables and benches.

outdoor trash can

Harmonize the Outdoor Trash Can With Its Environment

In fact, when the garbage can is near other elements of street furniture, it must be ensured that it harmonizes with them. It is a question of orienting one’s choice towards the models, shapes, colors, and materials that will ensure the coherence of the whole.

In the same way, we do not forget to take into account the general environment: will the containers equip a pedestrian space, a sidewalk along a street, a schoolyard, or a park? Nothing obviously forbids playing with codes and mixing genres, as long as a certain harmony prevails. However, in the city, metal garbage bins are generally preferred and fit well into modern urban designs. For a park or a forest area, we will choose outdoor trash bins to put on the ground, a more natural appearance. However, you can also go to wood trash bins or recycled plastic, an easy-care and environmentally friendly material.

outdoor waste can

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For a nursery school or small primary school, colorful and attractive wall trash can remind children of the importance of throwing their waste in these bins playful aspect.

Garbage Bag Holders

We can choose to install a trash bag holder: it is a ring, wall, or floor, to which one hangs a transparent bag. The trash bag holder can be of different colors from a basic design or more sought-after. The deposited waste is visible, the bags are easy to collect. The set occupies little space and is not likely to hinder the movement of pedestrians.

Garbage Bag Holder

Nice and Decorative Urban Trash Cans

But you can also choose an outdoor trash can with a more decorative shape. Some models of metal bins, walls, or feet, thus present clean and sober designs. Other details may come into play, such as a roof over the bin, to prevent rain from accumulating in the bag.

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Robustness and Ease of Maintenance: The Right Materials for Outdoor Trash Bins

An outdoor bin must be weatherproof. The materials used are increasingly resistant and easy to maintain: recycled plastic, for example, is an excellent solution. But we can prefer wood bins, metal wood, galvanized steel bins, stainless steel trash cans, or concrete baskets. Each material has specific advantages:

  • Easy maintenance, lightweight and environmental friendliness for recycled plastics;
  • Elegance and strength for stainless metal wood;
  • Robustness, durability, and aesthetics for concrete.

In any case, this is again the environment, the use, and the decor that will decide what materials to adopt. If the space is equipped with concrete benches, bins designed in the same material will probably be more appropriate to ensure the harmony of the premises.

outdoor trash bins

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If the baskets are close to a cafeteria, and they mostly receive cups of coffee, we will choose a surface easy to clean against the multiplication of splashing. Same thing for a high schoolyard, where the younger ones may not be very careful with the material. Recycled plastic bins, which are very resistant, are probably an appropriate solution.

Ashtrays, Selective Sorting Bins, and Dog Hygiene Stations

The outdoor trash can ensure external cleanliness and thus participate in the well-being of users. Some containers may concern more specific hygiene points.

For example, ashtrays, installed on feet, or integrated into a basket, will remind users, if necessary, not to throw on the ground butts that will take one to two years to degrade. Not to mention the danger they represent in the forest during summer. Exterior wall ashtrays, placed at the entrance of some buildings, will allow smokers to easily get rid of their cigarettes before entering a closed space (but also in public outdoor spaces, such as some parks, gardens, and railway platforms).

In terms of civility, a topic is unanimous among users of sidewalks: the need to find solutions against the presence of dog excrement!

Dog kennels or otherwise called dog hygiene kiosks are a great tool to limit the presence of dog poop that stains outdoor spaces and spoils the lives of pedestrians. Installing dog kennels in strategic locations, such as along walking routes, is a great way to make life easier for dog owners and encourage them to be civic. These facilities are equipped with dispensers for dog bags and dedicated trash cans.

Today, there are even connected dog hygiene stations: they can inform the community in real-time about the number of bags available. This makes it possible to optimize the interventions of the teams as well as the volumes of bags needed. This represents a double ecological advantage: fewer bags distributed, less waste, and optimized routes, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the teams’ activities.

trash bin with Ashtrays

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You can choose a modern outdoor trash can in powder-coated steel, with a special compartment for used electric batteries that consumers often do not know what to do. Others, in pinewood, have design shapes combining lines and curves.

In any case, and whatever the model is chosen, the urban trash can is an essential element not only for cleanliness but also for decorating the outdoor spaces of the communities.

Keep Your Outdoor Spaces Clean with Outdoor Trash Bag Holders With Lids

If you have outdoor spaces you probably want to keep them clean. To help you find the outdoor trash bag holder with a lid that suits you best, we have prepared a complete list of several models for you. Which trash bins are designed for everyday use, so they are solid, including the hinges which are very stressed when opening and closing the bin? Specially dedicated to outdoor use, the materials used for their manufacture are designed to withstand bad weather and exposure to regular rain without deteriorating.

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