Hefty Strong Multipurpose Large Garbage Bags Review

When you experience a cleanup or storage space job that needs heavy-duty performance, you can depend on Hefty Strong Multipurpose Large Garbage Bags.

These versatile, durable bags will help you tackle everyday kitchen waste, post-party clean-up, store seasonal items, gather donations, or tidy up your basement, garage area or backyard. Hefty Multipurpose bags can be found scent-free, or with a relaxing White Pine fragrance and patented Smell Stop Technology. Get Hefty for toughness you can trust.

Hefty Strong Multipurpose Large Garbage Bags

Large Trash Bags

This Hefty multipurpose garbage bag package contains 74 Hefty Strong large, black, unscented, 30-gallon multi-purpose bags

Super Puncture Resistance

Composed of signature Hefty quality and thick 1.05-millimeter plastic, these large trash bags help contain sharp indoor and outdoor debris.


Tackle everyday kitchen waste, post-party debris, or your next big cleanup project with these strong, versatile drawstring trash bags.

Dependable Drawstring Closure

The durable drawstring on these plastic garbage bags makes it easy to move heavy a lot of donations, seasonal items, and more to the curb.

Features You’ll Love

  • Signature Hefty rip and puncture resistance
  • Convenient drawstring closure
  • Obtainable in Unscented or White Pine Odor Block

Package Contain: This package contains 74 Hefty Strong Multipurpose Large 30-gallon black garbage bags, each 1.05 mil thick

Hefty Strong Multipurpose Large Garbage Bags


Inside and out, these Hefty Strong Multipurpose Large Garbage Bags are manufactured out of a thicker measure plastic than common white kitchen handbags with better capacity to deal with serious cleanup duties.


Yard & Leaf

Depend on Hefty power for tough lawn cleanup careers. These strong, extra-large luggage resist the punctures and tears that include bagging leaves, twigs, sticks, and lawn clippings.

Hefty Strong Multipurpose Large Garbage Bags

Garbage Can Liners

Three inches wider, Hefty Trash Can Liners provide a perfect lining for large trash containers in areas such as your garage or basement. They’re also helpful for celebrations or other events if you want a bigger handbag for household garbage.


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