Five Innovative Ways of Recycling and Caring of the Planet


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There are simple and creative and innovative ways of taking care of the planet; actions that any of us can execute at home so that we contribute a grain of sand in the conservation of the place where we live. We are talking about recycling, but not about the well-known process of reusing paper, but about other materials that you may have already thought to reject.

Plastic bottles, old doors, credit cards, kitchen utensils and other things that are in disuse can be transformed into items to decorate the home or office. It is a very viable way to give a second life to those objects and avoid contaminating the planet even more.

Here are Five Innovative Ideas for Recycling and Caring for Our Beloved Planet:

Transform Plastic Bottles into Very Useful Things

Plastic bottles – material that is very polluting if spread anywhere – offers a world of ideas to create decorative and playful objects: from a simple vase or toy thrusters to develop children’s imagination, to a beautiful jeweler and attractive mosaics on walls.



Image Source: YouTube

Reuse Old objects and Convert them into Home Furniture

An old painting can be turned into a tray; a door unpainted, on a table that can give a particular style to a room; a suitcase about to be discarded, in a wall cabinet; a small refrigerator, in a toy storage box; an old bathtub, on a sofa; or some worn wood can now be a beautiful piece of furniture full of style in your living room.


Image Source: Recycling Of old Credit Card

Convert Old Credit Cards into Guitar Nails

Yes, those credit or debit cards that have already expired and you do not use can be transformed into plectra, better known as guitar nails. Thanks to a curious pincher-shaped stapler, those plastics also have a second life. Of course, the plectrum may not be professional, but it can be used to review.

Convert Old Credit Cards into Guitar Nails

Image Source: GMB Music Guitar Lessons

Save the Broken Plates

Broken plates or cups have salvation. In fact, they will not serve to eat or drink in them again, but they will serve as decorative elements for the wall or the table. Simply join their parts, paint and ready.

Save the Broken Plates

Image Source: Slack Engineering Blog

Return the Old Kitchen Utensils in Hooks

Old kitchen utensils such as forks, spoons, ladles or spatulas can be transformed into part of the decoration of your walls, especially for the kitchen, where you would create a pretty and warm environment.

Return the Old Kitchen Utensils in Hooks

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