The Recycling Colors: Learn How to Recycle Better

recycling colors

Throughout the following post, we are going to tell you a method that will allow you to separate the waste from your home better and deposit each of them in the corresponding container. This is the system based on the recycling colors, a very simple way that will allow you to identify each container correctly:

Blue Color Trash Can: (Paper and Cardboard)

The blue color identifies paper and cardboard from boxes or food containers. It should be deposited, among others, newspapers, magazines, wrapping papers or advertising brochures.

Keep in mind that when you deposit some waste in this blue container, it is recommended that you fold the boxes and containers correctly to store the largest amount of this type of waste.

blue Colors of Recycling

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Paper: brochures, newspapers, magazines, folios, paper bags, cards, envelopes, and other paper derivatives.

Cardboard: all kinds of cardboard boxes, cardboard containers (no brick), packages, the cardboard part of the egg cups, etc.

Do not deposit

Dirty or impregnated papers of remains of medicines, aluminum foil, plasticized paper, brick type containers.

Yellow Color Trash Can: (Plastics and Cans)

The yellow recycling colors refer to plastic. In this container, you must deposit the containers that are made of plastic, such as bottles, food packaging or bags. In addition to plastic containers, you have to deposit cans of preserves, soft drinks, and bricks.


Plastic containers: plastic containers for food products, PET bottles, plastic bags, tetra brick containers, plastic beverage bottles, white cork trays, wrappers, food film.

Metal packaging: tin cans, metal food cans, empty sprays, aluminum foil.

Do not deposit

Magnetic tapes, toys, brushes, blinds, PVC pipes, food boxes, pans, kitchen saucepans, cutlery, household appliances, cardboard or glass containers.

yellow color trash can


White Color Trash Can: (Medicine Packaging and Waste)

In the recycling colors method, the white color identifies the SIGRE Point, a container that is located in more than 21,000 Consumer deposits a container in the SIGRE Point of the pharmacy, practically all existing ones.

In it, empty containers or with some medication residue must be deposited. All this, always with its cardboard box and prospect.

Remember: medicine containers, even if they are empty, should be deposited in this container and not in green, yellow or blue. Do you know the reasons? Because these containers have been in contact with the medicine and need a specific treatment, and because, in addition, in the cardboard boxes there is the necessary information to separate them correctly.


Packaging: medicine boxes and empty medicine containers.

Waste of medicines: expired medicines and medicines that you do not need.

Do not deposit

Needles, thermometers, x-rays, gauze, chemical products, and batteries.

white color trash can

Image Source: Uline

Green Color Trash Can:  (Glass)

In the green container, you have to deposit the glass containers.


Glass bottles: bottles of beverages, containers of soft drinks, juices, beers, etc.

Vials and jars of glass: jars and containers of food, preserves, etc.

Do not deposit

Mirrors, light bulbs, crystals, vases, medicine bottles, windows, ceramics, bricks, stone, caps or plugs.

green trash can

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Gray Color Trash Can: (Organic)

In this type of container waste residues are deposited, as remains of food, mainly biodegradable.


Food remains: organic waste, vegetable remains, animal remains, coffee remains, etc.

Other waste: greased or plasticized paper, used napkins, scraps, ashes, cork, daily waste, etc.


Gray Color Trash Can

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