Reviews on The Best Kitchen Trash Cans (Updated)

kitchen trash cans

When it comes to maintaining the health, safety, and cleanliness of the home or workplace, one must choose the best available trash can for making the work easy. Nowadays modern and smart kitchen garbage can are very famous as it is contactless and doesn’t have any disadvantages while using. All the companies listed are committed to providing their customers with the best trash can for the kitchen to make the garbage disposal and recycling a breeze. Some cans also come with sensors that reminds us if the can is overflowing with trash. You must go for an easier and smarter way to make your surroundings environment free from germs and other microorganisms. So, here is the list of the 13 best kitchen trash cans that make a difference.

FAQs For The Best Kitchen Trash Cans

Q. Are stainless steel trash cans better?

If large trash cans are needed, the GLAD Extra Capacity Stainless Steel Trash Can is the best choice as it is made of pure stainless steel and has an extra sleek finish. These cans are available in 20-gallon canister fits which are 50 percent more than a regular 13-gallon bin.

Q. Can we use regular trash bags in simple human trash cans?

The answer is yes. Regular trash bags can be used in simple human trash cans. But the normal kitchen garbage bags are slightly small, so extra-large bags should be needed for it.

Q. Why is Simplehuman So Popular?

The simplehuman products are receiving a great profit and fame for the type of trash cans they make. The only reason behind this praise and attention usually reserved for high-tech devices is only provided by this company. They’re widely adored because they simply make life easier and simpler for those who use these cans.

Q. What is a Smart Trash Can?

Nowadays everything is smart because of technology. Therefore, many cities around the globe have deployed “smart” trash bins that come with sensors under the lid that monitor when the bins are filling up. It also gives a signal to empty them before they are full. They are also called smart because fingerprint-proof sensor and odors lock features are available in such smart trash bins.

Q. Why is There an Automatic Trash Can?

These are mainly luxurious, but they are actually quite useful and practical. They open and close automatically, keeping them free from germs and microorganisms.

Q. What is a good size trash can for the kitchen?

Mainly 7–10 gallon trash cans will usually be the right size and also useful for daily uses but you can also measure the under-sink space first before buying it. Attractive stainless steel trash also fits easily in the corner of the kitchen, and they are mostly between 12 and 16 gallons.

Q. How can I hide my kitchen trash can?

 There are many ways available if you want to hide your kitchen trash can. Such as

  • You can hide under-counter trash slide-out kits.
  • In-cabinet trash storage can be pulled out in the lower cabinet.
  • Pre-made stand-alone cabinet inside the tilt outdoor.
  • You can simply hang a curtain.

Q. Are touchless kitchen trash cans worth it?

Most touchless kitchen trash cans are built to last longer than other trash cans. But the only problem that arises is that you may have to switch the batteries occasionally. The best touchless kitchen trash can will give the ultimate experience and also keep the kitchen hygienic, and the hands clean all the time.

Q. Where should I keep my kitchen trash can?

The most common place to keep the trash bins is inside the cabinet under the kitchen sink.


Itouchless Softstep 13.2 Gallon Kitchen Trash Cans Stainless Steel

iTouchless Softstep 13.2-gallon trash can come with a silent and gentle lid close top with a 50-liter pedal garbage bin for your kitchen, home, and office use. It has an elegant brushed stainless steel fitted with a fingerprint-proof sensor and is smudge-resistant and easy to clean.

Gentle & Silent lid close

It is durable and has an ergonomic pedal that requires minimal force to open just by touching the feet. It is easy to prevent the air dampening inside the trash can and can be used for years like new. The raised pedal ridge provides a secure foothold.

Elegant Stainless Steel

It is elegant and has a fingerprint-proof sensor with smudge-resistant Stainless steel, which is very easy to clean. It does not at all look like a dustbin or a trash can and can accomplish the decor.

Built To Last

It comes with a sturdy and large steel pedal that is designed to last over more than 200,000 steps, that is, more or less 20 steps a day for over 25 years, and so on.

Removable Inner Bucket

These trash cans can be emptied quickly without any mess. The inner bucket plastic coating is lightweight and durable for use and slides smoothly in and out of the can. It can accommodate 13 Gallon trash bags, and no custom bags are required for this.

best kitchen trash bin

Tuck And Hold System

The unique Tuck & Hold keeps Full and heavy bags in place, and the tuck & hold bag retention system prevents a full, heavy bag from falling.

Stop Trash Odor

It has a replaceable AbsorbX Odor Filter which absorbs trash odors. This Activated Carbon Odor Filter is very impactful and stops all the odor from coming out of the can.


  • Has Odor absorb filters
  • Lid Stay-Open Mode
  • Removable Inner Bucket
  • Removable Inner Bucket
  • Tuck & Hold bag retention
  • Lid Stay-Open Mode
  • Fingerprint-Proof Stainless Steel
  • Deodorizer
  • Rubber Pads on Non-Skid base


  • Heavy because of stainless steel

best kitchen trash can

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iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can

iTouchless 13 gallons of automatic trash can come with an odor-absorbing filter and lid lock. Moreover, you can use it as a battery-rechargeable trash can or even a directly powered trash can. The batteries or optional ac adapters are not included and are sold separately. It comes with black/stainless steel.

Stop Trash Odors

The trash can comes with one natural Carbon Odor Filter, which is included to absorb and neutralize trash odors from inside to keep a fresh and clean-smelling home.

Extra-long Battery Life

The battery, which is sold separately, only draws the power needed for the product. It has a 3X battery life of other sensor cans, and the 4 D size batteries, which are also not included with the product, can last up to 1.5 years.

best automatic kitchen trash can

2 Power Options

It can be powered by batteries or an optional AC Adapter, which gives battery-free power.

Beautiful Stainless Steel

The product comes with a surface that is easy to clean. In addition, the modern design of the product is perfect for any kitchen or office decor.

Space And Money Saver

The rectangular shape fits in tight spaces and corners of the house, and office. Generally, it fits 13-gallon trash bags, and for this, no expensive custom bags are required.

Large Capacity

It needs no inner bucket and provides 25 percent more capacity than similar cans. In addition, the Extra-Wide 12″ lid opening is very useful to put bulky items.


  • It has a Non-Skid Base.
  • A carbon odor Filter captures Odor.
  • Have extra longing battery life.
  • On/Off Lid Lock
  • The Retainer Ring prevents the bag from falling in.
  • Easy bag removal because of its air vent technology
  • Manual open/close buttons
  • Energy-Efficient Power Draw


  • Batteries are not included with the product
  • Optional AC Adapters are sold separately

best kitchen garbage can

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Kitchen Trash Cans Amazon Basics With Foot Pedal

It is a 50 liter or 13.2-gallon rectangular stainless steel trash can with a manual foot lever only sold by Amazon. The Soft-close lid reduces noise when the trash can is used to open or close and also extends the product life span.

Modern Design

The stainless steel trash container fits effortlessly with every home decor and appliance. It has a clean, minimal look and is available in multiple sizes.

kitchen trash can with pedal

Soft-Close Lid

The Soft-Close Lid & Foot Pedal are two unique features of the product. It has a soft-close lid with a foot pedal opening mechanism. As a result, it has a tidy hands-free convenience, and it is also very ease-of-use on an everyday basis.

Clean, Sturdy Construction

The smudge-resistant stainless steel has a unique exterior. It has a removable plastic interior bucket, steel foot pedal, and non-slip rubber pads on the bottom, which are very needy for trash bins.

Stay-Open Mode

The stay-open mode is easy for removing or replacing liners from the interior bin.


  • It has a fingerprint-proof sensor
  • Have a soft lid that reduces noise
  • Fingerprint-proof and smudge resistant
  • Durable stainless steel exterior
  • Heavy-duty plastic interior bucket
  • Soft-close lid


  • Available only on Amazon

best kithcen waste bin

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Simplehuman 58 Liter Rectangular Hands-Free Dual Compartment Recycling Kitchen Step Trash Can

The product from simplehuman in a dual compartment along with the hands-free operation, this kitchen step trash can comes with a soft-close lid and is perfect for recycling.

Neat And Secure

Stainless steel liner rims flip up quickly for easy liner change, and then it closes over the liner to hold it tightly in place and keep it hidden from sight so that the garbage doesn’t come out from it.

Liner Pocket

It has liners wherever it is needed. But the only problem with this can is that we have to dispense them one by one.

Fingerprint-proof With Agion Antimicrobial

It has a stainless steel surface that is protected by an invisible fingerprint-proof coating infused with Agion. An EPA-registered antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew is also inserted inside the trash can to be free from all the microorganisms.

Dual Compartments

It has a dual Compartment with one side for trash and another side for easy disposal of recyclables.

Strong Wide Steel Pedal

The extra-wide steel pedal is engineered to last around 150,000 steps; that’s more than 15 steps a day for 20 years and more.

Silent Close Lid

The simplehuman 58 Liter Rectangular Hands-Free Dual Compartment Recycling Kitchen Step Trash Can is embedded with lid Shox technology that controls the lid’s motion for a slow and silent close.

Internal Hinge

It prevents the lid from bumping the wall so that no cracks are formed on the surface of the can and the walls.

Custom Fit Liners

It has Code H liners designed only to fit the can perfectly, and some extra strong liners prevent the bin from leaking and tearing.


  • It has a Dual Compartment
  • A silent close lid reduces noises


  • We have to dispense one by one

kitchen stainless steel trash can

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Curver 13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Trash Can Plastic With Lid

This Curver Stainless Steel trash can has a perfect finish and is perfect for household use for Indoors to dispose of the garbage. This Curver 13-gallon tall plastic trash can is absolutely a recycling decor structure with about 50 Liter or 13 Gallon tall plastic bins, which is easy to use.


It has a step-on-pedal for daily use and is made with durable stainless steel to eliminate the need to touch the lid during waste disposal in the bin. It is ideal to use in the home as well as in the kitchen or bathroom.

step kitchen trash can

Reduce Noise

The features are designed for some extra strong liners to prevent the lid from slowing down while closing the lid by lowering it gently and reducing unwanted noise during disposing of waste.

Step on Pedal 

The step on the pedal is designed so that it can last for a long time, and we need not have to use our hands. These lids are designed to open with ease, but they get closed slowly and quietly.


  • Long-lasting pedals
  • Low noise level


  • Only for indoor use

tall kitchen trash can

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Eko Dual Compartment Kitchen Trash Can Foot Pedal

This rectangular step trash can is an understated masterpiece of efficiency. The sleek finish of the stainless steel finish gives a beautiful look. This simple design makes it easy to keep clean and maintain inside your home and kitchen.

Fingerprint Sensors

The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel gives it a good finish which can smear and smudge all the dirt and fingerprints from the cover. Also, the fingerprint-proof sensor provides extra support and doesn’t allow the outside to mess with the trash can.

EKO Dual Compartment Stainless Steel Recycle Step Trash Can

Recycle Waste

The product separates the household waste from the other waste and recycles them.

Quiet Operation

The trash can has a soft-close, damper lid which ensures quiet operation. It is ideal to be used in a home full of kids or aged people.

Foot Pedal

It also comes with two separate cantilever foot pedals which open two separate chambers. One open holds 30L and the other 15L. The “Easy-Lock” mechanisms keep the lids in place. This is useful when both your hands are occupied.


  • fingerprint-proof sensor
  • two separate foot pedal
  • Dual compartments
  • Noiseless operation


  • Very few useful features

dual compartment kitchen trash can

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Simplehuman 45 Litres Rectangular Kitchen Step Trash Can With Soft-close Lid White Plastic

The simplehuman rectangular step trash can comes with some interesting features: it has an innovative liner pocket that stores and cleans the garbage from inside. The stainless steel liner rim grips the liner and keeps it hidden. There is no inner bucket, so it gives more space for trash. A strong, wide steel pedal is designed to last longer, and the patented lid Shox technology ensures a smooth, silent close whenever you open it.


This is the best kitchen garbage can for the kitchen as the product is made of the best materials and solid engineering, so the product gives around five years of warranty.

Custom Fit Liners

It enhances the extra-strong and durable trash bags that fit inside this can perfectly for a cleaner trash experience.

Stainless Steel Liner Rim

The stainless steel liner rim is very useful, and it remains down to hide and secure the outer liner of the trash can.

Strong Wide Steel Pedal

The steel pedal is sufficiently wide to place your foot, and its durability is better than average trash cans. It can last up to 150,000 steps, that’s more than 20 steps a day for 20 years, and so on.

Silent Close Lid

The product comes with patented lid Shox technology which controls the lid’s motion for a slow, silent, quiet close motion. Hence, there is no banging or loud noises while closing.

Dent-proof plastic

The durable dent-proof plastic doesn’t make the dirt or fingerprints visible. As a result, it is ideal for keeping in your interior-designed kitchen or bathroom to add to the sleek look.


  • Durability – up to 20 years
  • 5 years of warranty
  • Lid Shox technology
  • Dent-proof plastic


  • Expensive

best kitchen garbage can

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Home Zone Living 12 Gallon Kitchen Trash Can

This Home Zone kitchen trash can metal is pure, slim stainless steel housing a massive 45 liters capacity. Hence, it is ideal for all kinds of space – office, garage, house, especially where the waste generation is more, and you don’t want too frequent waste disposal.

Easy Bag Removal

There is no problem while removing and securing a new trash bag without making it fall inside the trash can. For the removal, either the bag should be removed, or the liner will be out.

Silent Close Lid

No one wants a loud and noisy trash can waking up their babies. Unfortunately, there are not many new reinforced hinge mechanisms like this trash can. The technology fitted in this was specially designed to make the lid open and close as quietly as possible and also maintain the ultimate durability for long-term usage.

Stay Open Lid

The lid can be simply opened like normal cans, and then the foot is removed from the steel pedal, and the lid is tapped back to keep it open for multiple uses. When the work is finished, just by tapping the lid back down, the silent hinge will come back off rest.

Fingerprint Sensors

There is no need to hide the trash bins away from invasive pets that often mess up with waste. You can add your fingerprints to open or close the trash bin. Moreover, the body is also finger-proof resistant which means there’s no worry of leaving dirty impressions.

Slow Close & Silent Motion Lid

Open and close the lid with different slow and soft motions. The hinge mechanism is engineered to provide a silent and slow-closing lid on each opening.

Stable Base

The product comes with a non-skid base which ensures stability and helps to prevent any scratches or marks caused by the base.


  • silent close lid
  • stable base
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Fingerprint resistant body


  • Not sleek

Best step kitchen trash can

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Simplehuman 46 Liter / 12.2 Gallon Rectangular Dual Compartment Recycling Kitchen Step Trash Can

The rectangular recycler has two different inner buckets and a space-efficient shape, making it very easy to separate trash from the bin and recycle them in one place. The strong steel pedal is designed to last longer, and the lid Shox technology ensures a smooth, silent close every time you use it. The code H and V liners fit perfectly in place with no bunching or slipping for a cleaner trash experience.


This can is a recyclable can that comes with a dual-compartment can. It is eco-friendly and very space-efficient.

Silent Close Lid

The lid Shox technology controls the lid’s motion for a slow to silent close while using it. The lid also stays open for as long as you want it to be open.

Non-skid Base

The non-skid base has rubber pads which makes it gentle on floors and keeps the can steady and in place.

Fingerprint-resistant Body and Fingerprint Sensor

The product comes with a fingerprint-proof sensor that resists smudges to make it secure. Moreover, the body is also finger-proof resistant which means there’s no worry of leaving dirty impressions.

Custom Fit Liners

The company’s code H and code V liners are designed to fit this kitchen trash can metal holder perfectly to don’t slip but stay completely in a hidden place.

Built-in Wheels

The Built-in kitchen trash cans with wheels make the can easy to move from one place to another without making crushes.


  • Code H and V liners
  • Built-in wheels
  • Fingerprint resistant body
  • Fingerprint sensors
  • Lid Shox technology


  • Not long-lasting

best kitchen dual trash can

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SensorCan 13 Gallon Battery-FREE Automatic Sensor Kitchen Trash Can with Power Adapter

This product works on AC Power and can perfectly work in a battery-free operation. In addition, it has a 100% Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor. The kitchen trash can motion sensors makes it even more attractive to consumers, let alone all the other impressive features.

Perfect Space

This kitchen trash can’s 13-gallon space is perfect to hold a whole week’s worth of trash, but still, it is compact & space-saving. It is versatile and adaptable and comes in an oval design perfect for kitchen, office, garage, lobby, and all spaces.


The product is made of a pure stainless steel trash can which is fingerprint-proof and smudge-resistant.


The product comes with 1 Year of Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Energy-Efficient Power Draw

These batteries last up to 3 times longer than the batteries used in other touchless sensor trash cans.


  • Smudge resistant
  • Slim and compact
  • Energy-efficient


  • AC Power Adapters not included.

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Glad Stainless Steel Sensor Trash Can with Clorox Odor Protection

Best garbage can for kitchen, this product can accommodate up to more than 50% trash compared to a standard 13 Gallon / 50 Liter Can. This is also fitted with motion sensors.

Clorox Odor Protection

The whole bin is protected by the lid, inhibiting odor growth, and causing bacteria from the can.

Bag Rings

This keeps the garbage bag neatly tucked in place and also secures your bag from the place, so it can prevent the bag from falling in.

Motion Sensor

The bin opens automatically just by the motion of the hand above the sensor and closes automatically after 5 seconds. There are LED lights that count the seconds.

Fingerprint Resistant

It has a fingerprint-proof sensor which makes it secure.


  • Motion sensors
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Have Clorox Odor Protection


  • remain open only for 5 seconds

best kithcen garbage can

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Rubbermaid Elite Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Cans With Locking Lids

This kitchen trash can lid offers hands-free use. There is no need to touch the lid during waste disposal to keep hands clean. In addition, the product comes with a charcoal stainless-steel foot pedal with greater longevity.


The superior craftsmanship of the product can be used daily and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Lid Lock

The open lid lock keeps the container open for longer tasks and makes it easy to dispose of waste.

Easy To Maintain

It naturally hides fingerprints, smudges, and dirt. You can simply use it by stepping the foot pedal to open the container for sanitary, hands-free waste disposal.

Eliminate Leaks

It removes and eliminates any leaks and has easy-grip handles to remove for cleaning effortlessly.


  • Eliminate unnecessary leaks
  • Five years of warranty


  • Not exactly smudge-resistant

Best Kitchen trash can

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Ninestars DZT-80-35 Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can

The Ninestars kitchen garbage can is embedded with an Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor along with enormous space. The heavy-duty stainless steel base makes it more usable for regular use. It comes in an oval shape and has a brush on it.


The product accompanies an unconditional and hassle-free warranty process for two years along with a customer service line, and no additional costs are charged for its defective parts.

Heavy Duty non-skid base

It has a new heavy-duty non-skid base with an improved Ultra-quiet motor, a new battery compartment design, and an automatic energy-saving mode, which gives the users of this trash bin some extra privilege.

Extra-large opening

The new extra-large opening and the micro-fitted lid keeps odors away from the surrounding. However, it requires 3-D batteries which don’t come with the product. An alkaline battery is highly recommended for the best performance of this product.


  • Two years of warranty
  • Removable ring liner


  • 3D battery required – not accompanied

best kitchen trash can

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While all the kitchen trash bin we have listed before come with a premium quality fingerprint-proof sensor and odors lock features to make the surroundings clean and safe for people, especially babies. We highly recommend the simplehuman Recycling Kitchen Step Trash Can as it has a wonderful feature not present in most other top products – built-in wheels for easy movement. It is beneficial for all consumers no matter how much waste you generate or place the bin outdoors or indoors. Another top recommendation is the iTouchless Automatic Trash Can for anyone requiring a battery-operated trash can, as it gives you extra battery life. Lastly, if you are looking for a compact best kitchen trash can that goes inside any small space yet holds a lot of garbage, the SensorCan Kitchen Trash Can be ideal for you.


Before buying the kitchen trash can for your home, try to list. Finally, follow some tips mentioned below to finalize the one you will buy. Here are some important points which may help you to buy the best trash can for your Kitchen.


The first and the most important thing that should be set is the budget. Firstly fix the maximum amount that should be paid for a trash can. For example, the kitchen trash can cost around $150 to prices upwards of $300. So before buying, the price should determine, and this price may impact other features of the trash bin.


It is best to buy anything after checking its warranty period. The same goes for the trash cans. Some cans may stay for 20 to 25 years but don’t come with any warranty, so there is a disadvantage if it does not work properly. So before buying the trash cans go through the warranty given by the company. The product with a life span of 20 to 25 years minimum 5 years guarantee is a must. So choose wisely before buying.

Fingerprint-proof trash cans

In a world full of modern science, dustbins and trash cans are also fingerprints protected. These fingerprint-proof sensors make the bin secure so that no outside person can mess things up easily. It is also helpful for those who have pets. We often see that pets use to mess with all the things from the dustbin and make the house dirty. These features will surely make the work easier for the user.

Placement & Size

Trash cans are placed in two main groups, one for indoor use and another for outdoor use. Sometimes people choose the trash can randomly by eye and then take it home or to the office where it doesn’t fit properly. So before buying, try to measure the area where it should be kept so that they won’t take some extra place. Apart from placement considerations, one must go through the trash can’s capacity of taking the load. The capacity of a kitchen trash can of 30-gallon will be ideal for most purposes.

Design and Materials

There are dozens of styles available in the market if you want to buy a trash can. Don’t get surprised by the attractiveness of so many of the units available in the market. They are shiny and come in rectangular, oval, and round shapes. But there is quite a difference between outdoor and indoor trash cans. The outdoor trash bins will always be exposed to heat and harsh weather conditions, so the material should be good enough. And for the indoor trash cans, one must go with stainless steel as it looks attractive and is very good for the kitchen.

Lid Types

Looking for kitchen trash cans with a lid is of utmost importance whether you place them outdoors or indoors. There are several lid types to choose from for the bins but one should go for the most comfortable and balancing lid. The common lid types are swing, step to open, and push li for indoor trash cans. Now automatic lids are also available. Lastly, the kitchen trash cans with foot pedals are the need of the hour.


Different trash cans have different mechanisms to deal with the odor from the garbage. So if you want to get the best trash can, you should look for the best odor cancellation mechanism like Clorox or Agion antimicrobial technology, eliminating the odor quickly.

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The Choice of the Kitchen Trash Cans

As the door handle, the kitchen trash can is in the house an innocuous object but still used every day. This is also the most requested object in the kitchen. If you are sensitive to interior decoration you know how important decorative things are important and trash is one of them.

Choosing your kitchen trash can is, therefore, something that needs to be thought about globally in terms of decoration. You will not put a simple plastic tray in a vintage kitchen or typed industrial. It is important to make a good choice both beautiful and practical. Let’s not forget the first use of the kitchen trash that is still throwing waste.

The trash bins have evolved from the green bin with a round lid. Today the trash is in modern materials, it is pretty and designed. The color is also invited to the trash to make an art object in the house. Finally, with the arrival of connected objects, the trash is an element of home automation, which warns you in case of overfilling.

Before seeing in detail the different elements to take into account to choose a trash bin, here is the one that is currently at the top of the sales.

kitchen trash cans

Image Source: hippomart. sg

How to Choose Your Kitchen Trash Cans?

Simple trash cans in their infancy, the trash evolved with its time. The needs have also evolved with the sorting of waste which has necessarily changed our kitchen bins. Nowadays the trash has become a practical accessory but also a design that allows it to integrate into the room without denoting the interior decoration.

The kitchen trash can today must adapt to the lifestyles and hygiene that have evolved. The trash has gone from an object not really attractive to a practical and functional object.

To choose the best kitchen trash can it is necessary to take into account several elements that we have classified as follows:

  • The size of the trash cans
  • The design of the trash cans
  • The functionality of the trash can

push trash cans


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Image Source: Simplehuman

The size of the kitchen trash can is still important because it will condition the ability of your object to store waste. Note that it is useless to go to a big trash bin if you have a small room. Finally, if you are alone at home, limit your waste by choosing a trash can of a reasonable size.

To know: Instinctively the bigger your trash is the more you will tend to throw garbage. Remember to limit your carbon footprint by limiting waste at home.

The design of the trash bin comes to plays a role in your interior decoration. If you have placed a black ceiling light in the room, it is interesting to grant your trash with this hue. Finally, also think that trash is not necessarily a cylindrical object, play on the forms to give a touch of originality in your home.

The functionality of the trash remains the last element to take into account. Today, for example, you will find double bins for easy sorting of waste. You can also choose a trash can with an automatic opening to avoid putting your hands on the trash and thus contaminating you with possible bacteria. Note that this type of trash plugs into an electrical outlet, so you should put the trash near your outlet. You can always use an extension cord if you cannot connect it easily.

Curver Pedal Trash Can 50 Liters

If you are a follower of the round bin you will be disappointed. With the Curver brand, we have here a bin of rectangular quality. The capacity of 50 liters trash can is perfect for a family of 3 or 4 people. We like the easy opening to the foot that avoids putting his hands on the lid.

Automatic Trash Can With Motion Detector

We were talking about the functionality of trash cans, today it is the motorized opening lid that is placed on this object. To open the trash just pass your hand in front of the lid for it to open. It is a fun and educational tool for children who will love to throw the waste themselves. Note that this bin works with batteries, we recommend using rechargeable batteries to avoid buying regularly.

automatic trash can

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Red Trash Can Curver

Choosing the color of the trash is as important as choosing the wallpaper. The trash can fit into your living space to add a touch of color. The Curver brand has understood this and offers a red bin with design shapes. A beautiful object to place in his kitchen. We like the system to place the simple garbage bag with a good hold.

Red Trash Can Curver

Image Source: Archiexpo Trends

Kitchen Trash Can with Foot Sensor

We saw the trash can with a motion detector where you have to hand it over. Here is the trash can with a foot sensor. In reality, the function is the same but with this time a sensor at the bottom of the trash. Just pass the foot so that the trash opens automatically. Note that it is very convenient if you have a dog at home, indeed animals like to pass their heads at the sensor to open the trash. With this model it is impossible.


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Built-In Kitchen Trash Can

It is a small model to place under a piece of furniture or fit into a corner. This bin is perfect for student studios. If you are a handyman we advise you to place this bin under the work plan. 15 liters of capacity, this is suitable for a couple or a single person.

Built-In Kitchen Trash Can

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Kitchen Trash Can With Compost

This bin is in the form of a small bucket beautiful that will integrate perfectly in a modern kitchen. You can even leave it on the worktop because of its elegant design. You will have no smell, no insect, it is suitable for placing vegetables, fruits, and all plant elements to make compost. Remember to empty it twice a week to renew the compost. We recommend the use of this trash for a family of 4 people.

Kitchen Trash Can With Compost

Image Source: Pinterest

Kitchen Trash Can Retro

If your kitchen is in a vintage style in which you have for example filament bulbs, and an old buffet, then why not continue in the same design with a retro trash can, metal, and old with a round lid, this bin will finish the look of your kitchen. We like the practical handle to carry the trash easily.

kitchen trash can retro

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Image Source: Simplehuman

Kitchen Trash Cans Sorting

One of the most important bins now to facilitate sorting. Two bins to place waste and plastic in the same bin. The yellow side to place your boxes and the green side to place the glass if you wish. Two pedals to open the tray of your choice. A capacity of 30 liters is sufficient for a couple with a child.


Kitchen Trash Cans Sorting


Image Source:

The Upscale Trash Cans

The upscale kitchen trash can is the possibility to choose between 1, 2, or 3 bins to sort waste. The garbage bin is mounted on the floor making it a modern and luxurious decorative object. You can also choose the color. Practice the feet of this bin makes it easier for you to vacuum in the room.

Trash Cans of 60 Liters

Finally, for those looking for a large capacity bin, here is the selection of the best bin of 60 liters. Note that you can have it in a bin or two bins for sorting.

trash can 60 liter

Image Source:


If you still don’t have a trash can and deposit your waste in the open or a plastic dustbin, it is probably time you consider one of these. Most of these run for more than ten years, and some also come with useful warranty cards. The best kitchen trash can provide you with good odor control technology and an ultimate waste disposal experience. Try it once and you will fall in love with the product’s experience.

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Plastic or Steel: Which is The Best Trash Can for Your Kitchen?

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Features To Look For In A Stainless Steel Trash Can

ContentsFAQs For The Best Kitchen Trash CansQ. Are stainless steel trash cans better?Q. Can we [...]

The Benefits of Using Cover for Outdoor Trash Can

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How to Analyze Waste Sorting Habits Using the Right Recycling Bin

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How to Hide a Kitchen Trash Can?

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10 Best Dog Proof Trash Cans: FAQs and Reviews

ContentsFAQs For The Best Kitchen Trash CansQ. Are stainless steel trash cans better?Q. Can we [...]

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