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The Choice of the Kitchen Trash Cans

As the door handle, the kitchen trash can is in the house an innocuous object but still used every day. This is also the most requested object in the kitchen. If you are sensitive to interior decoration you know how important decorative things are important and the trash is one of them.

Choosing your kitchen trash can is, therefore, something that needs to be thought globally in terms of decoration. You will not put a simple plastic tray in a vintage kitchen or typed industrial. It is important to make a good choice both beautiful and practical. Let’s not forget the first use of the kitchen trash that is still throwing waste.

The trash bins have evolved from the green bin with a round lid. Today the trash is in modern materials, it is pretty and design. The color is also invited to the trash to make an art object in the house. Finally, with the arrival of connected objects, the trash is an element of home automation, which warns you in case of overfilling.

Before seeing in detail the different elements to take into account to choose a trash bin, here is the one that is currently at the top of the sales.

kitchen trash cans

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How to Choose Your Kitchen Trash Cans?

Simple trash can in its infancy, the trash evolved with its time. The needs have also evolved with the sorting of waste which has necessarily changed our kitchen bins. Nowadays the trash has become a practical accessory but also design that allows it to integrate the room without denoting the interior decoration.

The kitchen trash can today must adapt to the lifestyles and hygiene that have evolved. The trash has gone from an object not really attractive to a practical and functional object.

In order to choose the best kitchen trash can it is necessary to take into account several elements that we have classified as follows:

  • The size of the trash cans
  • The design of the trash cans
  • The functionality of the trash can

push trash cans


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The size of the kitchen trash can is still important because it will condition the ability of your object to store waste. Note that it is useless to go to a big trash bin if you have a small room. Finally, if you are alone at home, limit your waste by choosing trash can of reasonable size.

To know: Instinctively the bigger your trash is the more you will tend to throw garbage. Remember to limit your carbon footprint by limiting waste at home.

The design of the trash bin comes to play a role in your interior decoration. If for example, you have placed a black ceiling light in the room, it is interesting to grant your trash with this hue. Finally, also think that a trash is not necessarily a cylindrical object, play on the forms to give a touch of originality in your home.

The functionality of the trash remains the last element to take into account. Today, for example, you will find double bins for easy sorting of waste. You can also choose a trash can with the automatic opening to avoid putting your hands on the trash and thus contaminated you with possible bacteria. Note that this type of trash plugs into an electrical outlet, so you should put the trash near your outlet. You can always use an extension cord if you cannot connect it easily.

Curver Pedal Trash Can 50 Liters

If you are a follower of the round bin you will be disappointed. With the Curver brand, we have here a bin of rectangular quality. The capacity of 50 liters is perfect for a family of 3 or 4 people. We like the easy opening to the foot that avoids putting his hands on the lid.

Automatic Trash Can With Motion Detector

We were talking about the functionality of trash cans, today it is the motorized opening lid that is placed on this object. To open the trash just pass your hand in front of the lid for it to open. It is a fun and educational tool for children who will love to throw the waste themselves. Note that this bin works with batteries, we recommend using rechargeable batteries to avoid buying regularly.

automatic trash can

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Red Trash Can Curver

Choosing the color of the trash is as important as choosing the wallpaper. The trash can fit into your living space to add a touch of color. The Curver brand has understood this and offers a red bin with design shapes. A beautiful object to place in his kitchen. We like the system to place the simple garbage bag with a good hold.

Red Trash Can Curver

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Kitchen Trash Can with Foot Sensor

We saw the trash can with a motion detector where you have to hand it over. Here is the trash can with a foot sensor. In reality, the function is the same but with this time a sensor at the bottom of the trash. Just pass the foot so that the trash opens automatically. Note that it is very convenient if you have a dog at home, indeed animals like to pass their heads at the sensor to open the trash. With this model it is impossible.


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Built-In Kitchen Trash Can

It is the small model to place under a piece of furniture or to fit into a corner of the room. This bin is perfect for student studios. If you are handyman we advise you to place this bin under the work plan. 15 liters of capacity, this is suitable for a couple or a single person.

Built-In Kitchen Trash Can

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Kitchen Trash Can With Compost

This bin is in the form of a small bucket beautiful that will integrate perfectly in a modern kitchen. You can even leave it on the worktop because of its elegant design. You will have no smell, no insect, it is suitable for placing vegetables, fruits, and all plant elements to make compost. Remember to empty it twice a week in order to renew the compost. We recommend the use of this trash for a family of 4 people.

Kitchen Trash Can With Compost

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Kitchen Trash Can Retro

If your kitchen is in a vintage style in which you have for example filament bulbs, an old buffet, then why not continue in the same design with a retro trash can, metal and old with a round lid, this bin will finish the look of your kitchen. We like the practical handle to carry the trash easily.

kitchen trash can retro

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Kitchen Trash Cans Sorting

One of the most important bins now to facilitate sorting. Two bins to place waste and plastic in the same bin. The yellow side to place your boxes and the green side to place the glass if you wish. Two pedals to open the tray of your choice. A capacity of 30 liters sufficient for a couple with a child.


Kitchen Trash Cans Sorting


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The Upscale Trash Cans

The upscale kitchen trash can is the possibility to choose between 1, 2 or 3 bins to sort waste. The garbage bin is mounted on the floor making it a modern and luxurious decorative object. You can also choose the color. Practice the feet of this bin makes it easier for you to vacuum in the room.

Trash Cans of 60 Liters

Finally for those who are looking for a large capacity bin, here is the selection of the best bin of 60 liters. Note that you can have it in a bin or two bins for sorting.

trash can 60 liter

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