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Tracks and Solutions for Sustainable Waste Management

Waste Management

Today’s, waste management treatment is difficult and expensive and has negative consequences for the environment. Besides, natural resources are becoming scarce. Each waste contains raw materials and has consumed resources (energy and water) during its life cycle. Incinerating waste or disposing of it in landfills means, therefore, wasting those raw materials and resources. We must, […]

Benefits of Recycle Bins

Benefits of Recycle Bins

Unfortunately, when plastic materials are thrown into the trash can, they do not dissolve on their own, do not rot, remain mysterious, stainless, and, in short, remain in nature for long years without disrupting the structure. This causes fouling of the air with water and water. So what are the Benefits of Recycle Bins? When […]

How to Recycle Garbage

Recycle Garbage

We tell you how to recycle garbage, especially organic waste, metal, paper, plastic, glass, and tetra bricks. It’s all about starting! For our house to be sustainable and respectful of the environment, it is our responsibility to use energy-efficient since it is a precious asset. To achieve this, recycling is necessary. We emphasize that our […]

Five Innovative Ways of Recycling and Caring of the Planet


There are simple, creative, and innovative ways of taking care of the planet, actions that any of us can execute at home to contribute a grain of sand in the conservation of the place where we live. We are talking about recycling, but not about the well-known process of reusing paper, but about other materials […]

The Recycling Colors: Learn How to Recycle Better

recycling colors

Throughout the following post, we are going to tell you a method that will allow you to separate the waste from your home better and deposit each of them in the corresponding container. This is the system based on the recycling colors, a very simple way that will allow you to identify each container correctly: […]

Efficient Recycling: How To Start At Home

Efficient Recycling

The first step is to take into account the waste from the moment of purchase so as not to generate unnecessary garbage. Then, in the home, recycling techniques must be applied that allow our garbage to become something else and not end up contaminating a water channel, container, or landfill. Recycling at home does not […]

What to Know About Recycling

The main wastes that must be known about recycling are as follows. Paper, Plastic, Batteries, Battery, Aluminum, Electronic Waste, Wood Waste, Textile Waste, Organic Waste, Metal Waste, Concrete, Vegetable Waste and Oils, Composite Waste, Products That Cannot Be Recycling Wet wipes, butts, bubble gum, porcelain plates, diapers, scraps, Styrofoam, plastic. Pouches (recycling is possible, but […]

These Products Could Recycle | Recycling Evaluation of Garbage

Recycling Evaluation of Garbage

With the evolution of technology; environmental problems, environmental pollution, industrialization & irregular urbanization are increasing. Products resulting from the use of natural resources are left unconsciously back to nature as a result of consumption. As a result, our energy resources are rapidly disappearing. Our resources are limited in nature and decrease at the end of […]