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The trash can is one of the essential items in a house, apartment, or office. It ensures good management of all our household waste and ensures the cleanliness of our living spaces in everyday life. Given the importance of its role in our daily comfort, the garbage has become a piece that we do not choose at random. Today there is a wide variety of models designed to facilitate handling, but also to adapt to all budgets. By prospect on the market, you will find that the offer is so disparate and that prices vary a lot from one model to another that we do not always know which to choose.

Between a trash sorting waste, a trash bin, a recycling bin, a gray trash bin, a trash can, or an automatic trash can, we encounter difficulties in recognizing the model that suits us the most. We have developed this comparison guide trash to provide you with all the information you need to make a successful purchase.

Step Trash Can

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What is Trash?

The trash was born in the streets of Paris in 1880. Its name is taken from the name of its inventor, Eugene Poubelle, who was then Prefect of the Seine. It is intended to accommodate garbage and promote its collection. It plays a very important role in the hygiene and cleanliness of a home. The trash was then made of wood. Today, this material is rarely used and has given way to plastic (polypropylene) or different metals (aluminum trash can, metal trash can, stainless steel trash cans), etc. The use of these different materials has several advantages such as lightness, convenience and also allows to diversify the designs to make the trash a piece of decoration.

The practical side of trash has also evolved a lot since its invention. Different opening and closing systems have been invented to make it easier for users to dispose of their household waste. These openings also reduce the emission of odors and thus provide better hygiene in the housing. Moreover, the trash can comes in several sizes. If large capacity models (more than 50 liters) are already very common, today there are also much smaller models (less than 20l) that serve as wastebasket, tissue collectors, or room trash.

what is trash

Characteristics of Trash Cans

Hundreds of international companies have chosen to use it in their trash containers since they can be sure that this investment will have a useful life of up to 10 years, which is extremely efficient when talking about the economy and the profits of the company.

Waste management is one of the increasingly important aspects, both at home and in the company, so that to achieve this, it is important to have a resistant plastic garbage can.

We know how important it is to take care of the environment that is why we generate products to help the residual organization in residences, shopping centers, airports, offices, public areas, etc The proper handling of garbage is not only a legal and moral obligation, but it is also a way to increase our income by separating and being able to trade the waste in the centers specialized in purchasing recyclables.

The separation is convenient to be able to dispose of the waste more easily, but in case there is waste that has to be recycled, it is necessary to do additional work to separate the inorganic waste from each other, in such a way that one of the garbage containers More recommendable is the “ecological islands” which consist of six containers of different colors that allow separating the waste.

The colors of the garbage containers serve to identify the content that goes into them. 6 basic colors have been established; the basic colors are gray for general waste, orange for organic, green for glass, yellow for polymer and metal containers, blue for paper, and red for infectious materials.

Characteristics of Trash Cans


Top 5 of The Best Trash Cans

This ranking developed by our team lists the 6 best trash cans among the many models on the market. The selection of these 6 (Six) trash bins was made based on criteria such as quality, capacity, ease of use, but also price, and lifetime.

Kitchen Move

If you are looking for a practical and designed automatic kitchen trash bin, the Kitchen Move will suit you very well. This household waste collector has a very robust polished stainless steel body. It’s very bright finish gives it a certain elegance and will decorate your kitchen and other places in your home where you place it.

This Kitchen Move sensor bin is part of the automatic model. The lid opens automatically thanks to a sensor. Just pass your hand in front of the control panel to open the lid. Open and close buttons in manual mode are also present on this panel. It is available in several capacities ranging from 3 Liter to 50 Liter. You could, therefore, find the capacity adapted to the volume of garbage that you have to manage daily. It is relatively difficult to remove the garbage bags of this model because of their rather small diameter. His purchase is still very interesting, especially when taking into account its very reasonable price.

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Home Automatic Trash Cans

If you are looking for an automatic trash can for better waste management, the home Automatic Waste Bin could satisfy you. With its large capacity of 68 liters, it offers enough space to accommodate garbage and the various waste produced by your daily activities. Its infrared detection system is very practical. You only have to flick the lid so that it opens automatically. You can also press the dedicated buttons to open and close the trash. These features make this model much more convenient than the pedal trash can. In addition to ensuring the cleanliness in your home, this home Automatic Trash Can also play a certain decorative role thanks to its elegant design with a chrome finish.

Home Automatic Trash Cans

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Trash Can with Lid

The trash can is a trash bin with a tilting lid. It is, therefore, part of basic models that do not embark automatic opening system or pedal. It is, therefore, necessary to push the lid to open it. This opening system, although basic, remains very practical and effective. The lid is, of course, removable to help you to remove trash bags more easily. You will, therefore, spend very little especially if you perform a waste sorting that requires the use of several bins. The trash bin has a capacity of 50 liters. It is therefore large enough to contain waste from a household of several people. On the other hand, you should avoid overloading it because the plastic is thin enough and can break.

trash can with lid

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Curver Pedal Trash Can

The Curver pedal trash can is an ideal companion in the management of household garbage. It has a robust polypropylene body that will not break easily even if the trash is very loaded. This model can also be placed inside thanks to its original design with a metal finish, but also on the outside, its body is completely waterproof. The opening pedal system is for this trash a real plus. It opens the lid very easily, but also provides a better seal and optimizes the deodorant function. The trash can, does not let any smell pass once the lid is closed.

Pedal Trash Can

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The Best Outdoor Trash Can with Lock Cap

The best outdoor trash can with lock top the purchase of outdoor trash with Lid. They keep your area clean while adding style to the area’s ambiance, whether indoors or outdoors. There are tons of garbage cans available, some of them are designed for indoor use, while the others are for outdoor use. Choosing better garbage for outdoor use, which is cheap, easy to maintain, also looks elegant, will certainly take a long time to sort out the best, from a wide variety of outdoor garbage cans available.

I have used outdoor trash cans in the past, but have never really investigated them. As a result, I always end up wanting more of my trash cans outdoors after buying them. So today I took some time to get into the detail and find the best outdoor dumpster.

What to look for when buying an outdoor trash can?

It did not take me long to realize that there are a few important things to keep in mind when buying an outdoor trash can. They are: Large capacity durable null easy to assemble, but cannot be disassembled Hinged lid with lock Easy to remove garbage And, of course, a great appearance that plays an important role Large capacity, Without doubt, the feature that I liked the most about this trash is your ability. You, of course, do not want a small waste bin for outdoor use, me either.

And this is not a small can garbage capacity, large enough for outdoor use. It can contain a 30-33 gallon trash bag. And most users said there is no doubt about the durability of this product. Many of them said, that they are using this trash can for the last three or four years and to date, they are being made like a champion. They are very easy to assemble most users assemble them in 10 minutes, but once assembled they cannot be disassembled. As a result, they are solid enough to stay together years after years.The Best Outdoor Trash Can

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Operation of Trash Cans

The operating principle of a trash can is very simple. A trash bin is used to collect waste. This tray can be made of plastic or metal depending on the model. A lid is placed on the upper part of the tray. Its role is to facilitate the collection of garbage, but also to ensure that they do not see each other and that odors are spread around the place where the trash is placed. The opening system of this lid depends on the type of trash. The large-capacity models (more than 30 liters) usually have a trash bag attachment system also called strapping used mainly as trash bag support. It will then be sufficient to unhook the plastic bags when they are full to empty the trash.

The operation of a trash can also varies depending on its location. There are models designed for indoor use only. This is because they are vulnerable to rain. On the other hand, they generally have more features (automatic lid opening) than models that can be used outdoors. The latter is, therefore, more basic, especially at the level of the opening system. On the other hand, they are ultra-resistant and can be placed everywhere, in the kitchen, under an office chair, near an umbrella stand, in gardens, in offices, or directly in front of the building for the collection of household waste provided that its dimensions are compatible with the standards.

Using plastic

For ecological reasons and to meet recycling needs while offering second life to certain types of waste such as plastic bags and plastic packaging, electrical equipment, glass bottle, yogurt pots use a green bin for the selective sorting of garbage is now strongly recommended. This sorting is favored by the color differentiation of collecting bins. We can mention among others the black bins that are intended to accommodate green and household waste.

The yellow bins are used to throw cans, cans or trays, and plastic objects. Gray bins, on the other hand, are made for non-recyclable or non-biodegradable waste as opposed to organic waste, while blue ones are reserved for paper waste such as newspapers and magazines, paper towels, and paperboard. These colors are generally valid on public bins such as the green bin, the blue bin, the yellow bin. You can still apply them at home to facilitate the selective sorting of garbage.

color trash can

Different Types of Models

Several types of garbage cans are commonly used by individuals. It is possible to classify the accessory according to its shape. In this case, cylindrical bins can be distinguished from those that are rectangular.

The Cylindrical Bins or Round Trash Can:

As their name evokes, they are characterized by their cylindrical shapes. They have an attractive aesthetic and can be made of different materials. On the other hand, their rounded shape leaves a small opening. This makes the removal of waste much more difficult.round trash can

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Rectangular Trash Cans

Unlike cylindrical models, their openings are much wider. It is, therefore, easier to put the plastic bag used to reduce waste and remove it. It is also the most common form of large bins.

The opening system can also be used to categorize garbage cans. It will be possible to distinguish models with single lid, pedal trash bins, and automatic bins.

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Single Lid Trash Cans

This is the most basic type of bin. Being able to be cylindrical or rectangular, it is characterized by its cover which opens manually. It must be pushed with the hand or lift to open. Single-lid trash cans are therefore less practical but are much more affordable in terms of price.

Automatic kitchen Trash can

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The Pedal Trash Cans

Already very common, this type of bin is distinguished by its easy opening that is done by pressing a pedal placed at the bottom of the tray. This avoids having to use your hands or bend to open the lid. By choosing a pedal trash can, however, it will be necessary to pay attention to the level of the resistance of the opening system that can give way under the pressure of the foot.

kitchen step trash can

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Automatic Garbage Cans

They are the latest generation of household garbage cans. They have infrared sensors placed under the cover. This opens automatically by detecting a movement at the sensor. They are particularly practical since the opening of the trash is almost effortless. However, it is necessary to provide regular expenses in batteries to supply the opening system. Automatic bins are also more expensive.

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How to Choose Trash Can?

When shopping for trash, it is very important to first consider your needs and the conditions under which you will use the accessory. Here are the good questions to ask before choosing a trash can.

What Volume of Waste Should You Throw Away?

By knowing the amount of garbage you produce daily, you could better choose the capacity of the bin to buy. The smaller models have a capacity of about 5 liters. You could find models from 10 liters to 60 liters for models compatible with indoor use. Also take into account the type of waste to be disposed of (garbage, paper, recyclable waste, or not).

What is Your Budget for Trash Cans?

The price of trash cans varies mainly according to the capacity, the material, and the type of model. Models with single lids are the most affordable. It will take a larger budget if you intend to offer an automatic model or pedal. This cost can reach depending on the characteristics and the quality of the chosen model.

What are The Important Criteria before Purchase?

The characteristics of the trash can you wish to acquire also need to be studied thoroughly. This will help you to know if the model fits your expectations and if it will satisfy you during its daily use.

The Capacity

It will not be necessary to invest in the trash of 30 liters for a simple wastebasket. On the other hand, if the garbage can is used to house all household waste, choose a model of great capacity.

The Opening

The opening must be easy, especially for a kitchen trash can. Indeed, our two hands are often busy when throwing waste. The automatic models are the most ergonomic, but you can also find the trash bins pedal or free cover very simple to use.


This criterion only applies to automatic models that are powered by batteries. This autonomy must be at least one month to avoid spending too much on batteries.

The Material

Plastic trash cans are the most common compared to stainless steel bins. They are affordable in terms of price, but are more fragile than the models in stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, or aluminum that are very resistant.


The trash can is one of the indispensable hygienic elements of a house. It can accommodate all the waste that comes from the kitchen or the bathroom. This product can also be used as an office, beach, medical, industry, park, outdoor trash cans.

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