Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Quality Bathroom or Kitchen Trash Can

Kitchen Trash Can

The Quality of the Trash Can

Unlike bathroom bins, we find a little of everything in a kitchen trash can, smaller about 3 L, which is reserved for more exclusive treatment (cotton, toothpaste tubes, etc.). In the kitchen trash can, we find leftovers such as preparation of meals (peelings, eggshells, stumps, greasy paper), chipped, broken dishes, papers, and newspapers of all kinds.

It usually welcomes kitchen waste but also objects, sometimes heavy and voluminous. It must, therefore, be able to absorb a wide variety of types of waste, from the largest to the sharpest. The structure of the bin is therefore impacted. Avoid plastic trash bins too thin and therefore too removable, otherwise create twists that will give an irreparable curved effect. The daily use of trash invites the consumer to think about it before buying it.

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Which System to Favor in Kitchen Trash Can?

Single Lid Waste Bin

This is the simplest model. No pedal, no motion detector; it is necessary to lift the lid with his hands. It is also the most economical model.

Pedal Trash Can

The pedal activates the lifting of the lid. The more you press, the more the cover goes up, and it closes when you release the pedal. The advantage of this type of bin is that it is not necessary to bend down or stretch your arm to lift the lid. This trash allows a saving of movement that becomes indispensable when one has, for example, back problems.

Push Trash Can or Touch Trash Can

This is the alternative between the single lid and the pedal bin. The trash “push,” as the name suggests, invites us to “push,” so “push” the lid down to operate the mechanism that will lift the cover. To close, nothing more simple, close the lid by pressing down again until you hear a click that will indicate that the lid is again self-blocked.

push trash can

Automatic Garbage Can

It’s the most sophisticated garbage bin and also the most expensive. The settings vary from one manufacturer to another. However, the principle remains the same, namely, approaching the hand near the cover to actuate the automatic lifting of the latter; An infrared motion detector responds to the simple passage of hands. The other advantage is, of course, hygienic. The automatic system makes it possible not to touch the lid and thus avoid recovering or posing any bacteria (and keep the hands clean).

Automatic Trash can


How to Choose the Kitchen Trash Can?

Some basic principles must be respected:

Evaluate the volume of your kitchen and the floor circulation space to determine the bin’s size roughly. If your kitchen is very small: – 6m², you will have to go to a small trash bin or even a closet bin that will be integrated under your sink.

How far is your kitchen from the garbage collection point? Are you located in an apartment or a house on the ground floor? If you are in an apartment on the 5th floor without a lift, trash cans can be a solution to counteract the weight of a large bin. However, there is little choice for kitchens.

Ask Yourself Some Practical Questions: how many people live under your roof? How many people use cooking every day? How many meals are shared under my roof every day? These few questions use our common sense and give us some ideas to better assess the rate of waste produced daily in a kitchen. These results will impact the trash size, and therefore the capacity: 30L, 50L, etc.

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It is Customary to Proceed as Follows:

A couple alone: ​​a trash can of 30L

With 1 or 2 children: a trash can of 50L

Maintenance: Does the bin need to be retractable to remove the garbage bag easily? Which material leaves the least fingerprints and cleans with a simple rag? Am I a household pro? Is it a chore or a pleasure? In all cases, it will be necessary to regularly maintain your kitchen trash to avoid the smelly rise of the trash.

Stainless Steel Trash Can

The ultimate queen of modern and contemporary trash cans, stainless steel allows you to fight effectively against unpleasant smells and stains. The interview is very simple.


For Kitchen: pedal trash bins (Touch / Push) or automatic trash can

For Rooms: classic small trash bins, or push trash can

For Bathroom: Small open trash bins or push trash can

push trash can

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