Tips for Effectively Cleaning Your Trash Can

The trash can is a container for waste. It is cleaning, often little appreciated, is nevertheless essential. Indeed, the trash can is the place par excellence where microbes develop and can attract pests. Here are some step-by-step recommendations for properly cleaning the trash.

Tips for Clean Trash Cans

As the waste accumulates there, the garbage containers inevitably end up soaking up bad smells. Added to this is the low periodicity of their collection which often aggravates the situation. It is therefore essential to clean and deodorize your trash can regularly in order to limit these inconveniences.

What Material to Clean a Trash Can?

In order to carry out this task of deep cleaning your trash can, you will need a garden hose, a pressure washer, a push broom, and dish soap. These four elements alone will indeed allow you to find clean and healthy trash cans.

Cleaning the Trash Container

The first thing to do before you start cleaning the trash container itself is to place it in a place where you can handle it easily and where the washing-up liquid is not likely to come into contact with your plants. Once in a safe place, start by pouring dishwashing liquid into the bottom of your trash container. Then spray the inside of the bin with the garden hose, which will allow the product to spread throughout the tank. Then let the dishwashing product act for about fifteen minutes, the time necessary for the dirt to begin to come off the walls.

Once this time has elapsed, scrub the entire interior of your trash container using a push broom. Do not hesitate to insist on the dirtiest places. Then, empty the contents of the container by tilting it to one side so that the water inside can drain easily. And then rinse thoroughly using the garden hose again.

Then be sure to dry the garbage container well, in particular, to prevent the appearance of maggots, which thrive in damp places. To do this, you can let it air dry. Finish by applying a disinfectant product in the trash can.

If your garbage container is particularly dirty, prefer to use a high-pressure cleaner in which the water will also be added with washing-up liquid. This device offers greater cleaning power and will allow you to overcome encrusted dirt even for a long time.

Gather the Equipment for a First Cleaning

Cleaning a trash can is an important part of keeping a home clean. To perform this task, materials and equipment are essential:

  • Household gloves for hand protection;
  • Soda crystals or white vinegar;
  • A stiff bristle brush or sponge to remove stubborn stains;
  • A mask so as not to breathe in bad odors directly.

After you have gathered these items, it’s time to clean the containers by doing the following:

  • Melt a cup of soda crystals in 1 liter of hot water;
  • Clean the trash can with the resulting solution.
  • Note that the volume of each ingredient varies depending on the size of the bin.
  • Using white vinegar requires a brush for maximum effectiveness. After this process, the disinfection of the trash is necessary.

Disinfect your trash can using bleach

This first tip is based on the benefits of bleach. Indeed, known for its efficiency in terms of cleaning, this product can be used to disinfect this receptacle intended for household waste. With the hands protected by household gloves and a mask, the work is done easily.

Scrub the inside and outside of the trash can with a sponge dipped in bleach. The latter is obtained by mixing two glasses of bleach and one liter of water. Cleaning this container, no matter what material it was made from, also requires a clean brush. A model with hard nylon bristles and a long handle is preferred to reach the bottom of the bin easily. After cleaning, let stand for 5 to 10 minutes to let the product act. After this time, a water rinse is necessary.

You can replace bleach with other products:

Household alcohol easily removes dirt embedded in the trash. This stain remover is both effective and inexpensive. Baking soda is a substance that looks like a white powder. Whether in its pure form or diluted in hot water, it is particularly effective for cleaning a trash can.

cleaning trash can

Fight against bad odors in your trash can.

Odors from garbage are persistent and can resist bleach. Although it may seem difficult, removing odors from the trash can be accomplished with a few simple tips:

  • Put boiling water inside the trash can to loosen the oldest waste;
  • Rub vigorously with a sponge and soap to remove traces inside the trash;
  • Pour a few drops of lavender essential oil in the trash.
  • A traditional trick also eliminates bad odors. Just sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the container.

Other products can also replace this white powder commonly used for household cleaning:

  • Cat litter is specially designed to trap bad odors released by feline urine and droppings. It is also effective against foul odors from the garbage but must be changed each time the container is cleaned, that is to say once a week.
  • Camphor essential oil is known for its deodorant properties. It is very effective against rotting odors emitted by garbage cans. To do this, pour a few drops of camphor under the lid of the trash can before closing it to eradicate bad odors.
  • Charcoal acts like cat litter and has the property of retaining odors, hence its use in the manufacture of filters for kitchen hoods.
  • Coffee: its specific smell helps mask that of garbage.

Note that lemon essential oil and other essences are also effective in eliminating bad odors.

Remove insects and worms from your trash can.

The accumulation of garbage in the trash for some time favors the emergence of unwanted worms. Indeed, the latter feed on food waste. Also, to eliminate them, a few guidelines are in order:

  • Spread boiling water in the trash bin before turning the bin upside down to allow the liquid to drain;
  • Pour an anti-larvae product in the trash to break the vermin reproduction cycle.
  • This operation is to be repeated once a month as a preventive measure.

Dry the trash can and avoid wet waste

The cleaning of the trash can ends with its drying. In fact, humidity is a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria and microbes. Air drying is recommended. Finally, a few simple tips are effective in removing moisture from the trash:

  • Avoid throwing away bottles containing liquid without closing them;
  • Hermetically wrap wet waste such as fruits or vegetables;
  • Regularly wipe off all traces of moisture.

When is it Necessary to Clean Your Trash Can?

It is convenient to have a trash can in several rooms of the house, including the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Of all these bins, it is the one installed in the kitchen that is the most complex to clean due to the nature of the waste it contains. Regardless of its material, the trash can must be cleaned once a week.

In addition, cleaning a garbage can goes through different stages, including disinfection and deodorization. Indeed, soapy water is insufficient as the garbage can require special attention, especially those installed inside the house. Cleaning it will decrease the risk of germs growing and disease.

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