Joseph Joseph 30062 Totem Max Kitchen Trash Can – Product Review

Totem Max Kitchen Trash Can

Joseph Joseph 30062 Intelligent Waste Totem Max Kitchen Trash Can and Recycle Unit with Compost Bin

Product Features: 

  • The 2nd Generation Totem Max 60 Liter has a space-saving vertical design with 2 (two) compartments to maximize trash and recycling capacity.
  • Dimensions of Totem Max unit with lid closed (inches): 15.35 L x 14.5 W x 32 H; Totem Max with lid open (inches): 15.35 L x 14.5 W x 43.8 H
  • Features an 8-gallon general waste compartment at the top and an 8-gallon multi-purpose recycling drawer at the base
  • Each compartment includes a removable bucket with hooks for securing trash liners and breather vents that make bag removal easier
  • It has a 1.8-Gallon removable compost bin with lid that can be stored in the general waste compartment, the multi-purpose drawer, or on a kitchen counter
  • A replaceable carbon filter inside the lid helps eliminate odors. 10-Year included.


Totem Max Kitchen Trash Can

Product Description:

The Totem is an award-winning design that combines all your waste and recycling in one compact unit. Updated in 2019, the 2nd generation totem features two compartments arranged vertically, which saves space and makes them very easy to fill and empty. Each compartment has a removable bucket that can be fitted with a single standard liner for General waste or two smaller bags, using the integrated bag hooks, for separating different types of recycling. Breather vents in the bucket sides make removing a full liner easier.

Totem max kitchen trash can also feature a ventilated odor filter in the main lid that helps reduce moisture and odor build-up from waste.

All-purpose Waste Compartment

An all-purpose waste compartment at the highest allows quick access to a removable inner bucket. The bucket features angled corners to permit easy bucket removal, integrated bag hooks to supply additional trash separation, and air holes to get rid of bags more easily.

Multi-Purpose Drawer

The multi-purpose drawer at the bottom features an interchangeable inner bucket. The drawer pulls out completely and features a wheeled base.

Ventilated Odor Filter

Improved airflow technology allows air to go through a carbon filter thereby reducing moisture, the most reason behind unpleasant odors.

Space-saving Design with Updated Construction

The innovative vertical layout creates a compact footprint and ensures buckets are easy to fill and empty. Features a robust, engineered stand and robust, easy-clean steel compartments.

Removable Compost Bin

Features a good opening for straightforward filling. Are often stored neatly inside the highest or bottom compartment, or on the counter. The lid features a hook, allowing it to be stored on the side of the Totem when in use. Bag retaining hole for excess bag management.

 Totem Max Kitchen Trash Can


The design comes with a 3 liter (0. 8 us gallon) removable compost bin that can be stored in either compartment or on the countertop. Stylish, practical, and durable, the totem is available in two sizes totem max trash can (60 liters/16 US gallons) and totem compact (40 liters/10. 6 us gallons). Stainless-steel versions feature a fingerprint-proof coating, whilst other models feature an easy-clean powder-coated steel finish. Custom-fit liners for the main compartments and compostable liners for the compost bin are available separately, as are replaceable odor Filters.

Choose the right custom-fit liner: totem max (60L): Iw2 compostable liners and Iw6 trash liner; totem compact (40L) – Iw2 compostable liners and Iw7 trash liner.

Totem Max Kitchen Trash Can

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