Best Odor Seal Trash Can Reviews and Tips 2022

odor seal trash can

Gadget for some, essential for others, the odor seal trash can is becoming more and more essential in daily life. With it, no more bad smells that force you to take out the trash can after each change trash bag.

One of the biggest challenges, in this case, is the management of the used trash can. How to avoid bad smells without having to take out your trash several times a day? There is a simple, effective, and accessible solution to the odor seal trash can.

These products are specially designed to save you from additional chores. They can have beneficial functions for as odor blockers. However, there are reviews of the trash can for odor control available and it can become easy to choose the one that is right for you.

4 Best Odor Seal Trash Can Reviews

GLAD GLD-74507 Extra Capacity Stainless Steel Step Trash Can

CLOROXTM Odor Protection

Protects the lid and the lid frame by preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria throughout the life of the jerry can. The Glad odor seal trash can suggests CloroxTM antimicrobial guard of the lid and lid frame by constraining the development of odor-causing bacteria for the life of the trash can.

Size Does Matters

20 Gallon Capacity, Suitable for 50% more waste compared to a standard 50-liter can. Take fewer trips to take out the trash. It’s about twice as big as a typical trash can. Since it is bigger, it takes longer for it to fill up, so you don’t have to take out the trash as often. For use with any “black bag” with a capacity of 9 liters or more. Perfect for large families.


Odor Seal Trash Can

Rear Bag Compartment

Convenient for storing additional bags right behind the trash can and easily distributing sides without having to move the can.

Bag Rings

Keep the bag tidy while keeping your bag in place and preventing the bag from falling. The bag rings keep the trash bag secure and in place so you do not get to worry about showing excess trash bags out of your elegant garbage can.


Odor Seal Trash Can

Soft-Closing Lid

It is more than just a trash can. Designed with a controlled, silent closure to prevent shock every time the lid closes.

Fingerprint Resistant

Keeps your stainless steel clean and stylish. Emphasis on more important things like appreciating quality time together with your family or leaving an enduring good impression on your guests.


Odor Seal Trash Can

check price and details

iTouchless SoftStep Stainless Steel Trash Can With Odor Seal

Elegantly simplistic, the brushed stainless steel Soft Step is everything that you would want in a step pedal odor seal trash can. One strike and the lid will open with simplicity. Remove your foot from the pedal and the air damper will softly lower the lid for a silent, softened close. The ergonomically designed pedal requires minimal force to work.

The removable internal buckets make taking out the trash quick, simple, and clean. Its brushed stainless steel finish makes SoftStep the showpiece trash can you will be proud to have in your kitchen and office.

Stop Trash Odor with AbsorbX

Absorb and neutralize odors with our non-toxic, all-natural, and biodegradable activated carbon filter and caring design to generate airflow for ease of bag removal. AbsorbX stops trash odors the normal way with filters out Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Odor Seal Trash Can

Large Capacity and Space Saving

Compact design with a large capacity of 50 liters or 13.2 gallons. It’s the perfect use for the kitchen trash can.

Sophisticated and Elegant

Elegant, anti-fingerprint, and anti-fouling in brushed stainless steel is easy to clean and complete with any decor, including kitchen, office, store, etc.

Odor Seal Trash Can

Soft and Quiet Lid Close

The odor seal trash can is durable, ergonomic pedal requires minimal force to open; easy to replace damper air for years of performance like new.

Easy Clean and Easy to empty

A removable inner bucket allows quick and easy cleaning to empty the trash bin without the mess. The sturdy plastic inner bucket is playful and slides smoothly in and out of the garbage can.

odor seal trash can

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GLAD Extra Capacity Plastic Step Can with CloroxTM Odor Protection

CloroxTM Odor Protection

It provides antimicrobial protection for the lid and lid by preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria during the life of the can. Glad Plastic Step Trash Can offers CloroxTM protection of the lid and lid enclose by inhibiting the development of odor-causing bacteria for the life of the trash can.

odor seal trash can

Convenient Operation

The foot pedal allows a hands-free function so you can throw away your trash without having to lift the lid of the garbage can.

Bag Rings

Keep the bag tidy while keeping your bag in place and preventing the bag from falling. The bag rings continue the trash bag protected and in place so you do not need to worry about showing excess trash bags out of the stylish trash can.

Suitable for Home or Commercial Use

The GLAD extra capacity trash can size fits all kitchens with large families and the color finish can still be pleasant when used in the office or commercial spaces.

Product Satisfaction

The GLAD odor seal trash can is made of superior quality that you will surely love.

Customer Says

This odor seal trash can seems well and good, constructed, and durable. It is plastic but quite hardy. Easy fit a regular kitchen trash bag perfectly. The hard plastic is very easy to clean. The important part is the lip that comes down on top of the trash bag to hold it in place. Never had a problem with the trash bag falling inside.

Odor Seal Trash Can

check price and more details

iTouchless 16 Gallon Step Trash Can & Recycle Bin with Double Odor Control System

Color-Coded Compartment for Convenience

It has two separate compartments and two pedals making it easy to isolate trash and recycling. Each compartment has a removable 8 (eight) gallon bucket. The bucket hold holes make it easy to lift a bag without getting caught and still eliminate the buckets easily.

Odor Control System

Includes two AbsorbX odor filters, one on each side. The AbsorbX filter absorbs and neutralizes odors in a natural way, for a fresh and clean house.

Odor Seal Trash Can

Soft and Silent Closing of the Cover

The sturdy, durable, ergonomic pedal requires a minimum of force to open it; is easy to replace the shock absorber after years of performance.

Elegant and Sophisticated

Elegant brushed stainless steel resists fingerprints and stains, is easy to clean, and complements any decor.

Odor Seal Trash Can

Smart Recycle & Home Solution Bin

Blue side for recycling, black side for waste. Quick and easy way to separate waste and recyclable materials.

Elegance Your Kitchen

With the solid dual can with slim lines and brushed stainless steel finish, this modern receptacle complements any decor.

Easy and Messy Emptying

This odor seal trash can has two separate, color-coded removable inner buckets that make it easy to remove waste and recycle. Fits standard trash bags from 8 to 4.5 liters. No custom bag is required.

Trash Can for odor seal

Customer Says

This trash can is rigid and solidly built, However, the addition of two in the can tucked neatly inside works well at removing bad odors. They also are easily accessible for changing out. This dual trash can if you want a solid well-built unit that will last a long time. Note that this trash can construction requires the use of trash bags with the can being composed of a dual construction of metal with a plastic bottom.


Odor Seal Trash Can

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Trash Can: Tips for Keeping the Place Clean and Odorless

How to Remove the Bad Smell of Trash Can?

While changing bags and washing the trash with soap and water are smart first steps in eliminating odors, they don’t get you far. Indeed, you will only deal with the problem by avoiding bad habits. The ones that create your bad smells. Here are some solutions that will save your trash can under the sink, automatic, or any trash can. How do eliminate odors from garbage cans?

How to Prevent Household Waste Odors?

Sure, a garbage can won’t end up smelling the rose, but is it too much to ask that it not smell all over the house? Trash odors have a way of drifting from room to room. You may need to follow the smell for a while to locate the source, but usually, it’s the trash can that makes the whole house smell unbearable. Smelly waste is not only a nuisance but can also attract insects, flies, mice, rats, and cockroaches.

So, have you just bought a brand new automatic trash can, and already some odors are starting to creep in? We suggest you see how you can wipe out bad odors in this guide.

How to Neutralize an Odor With Baking Soda?

Baking soda can do wonders for preventing odors in your trash cans. Sprinkle them in the bottom of a bin or directly in the bin to help absorb foul odors. As a bonus, baking soda is great for cleaning your trash to eliminate odors that may have gotten into it. It’s often the number one product to keep my trash less smelly.

It’s simple: just add 1/4 cup of baking soda to the can in the morning. In the evening, when the garbage is ready to be taken outside, there will be no unpleasant odors. When it’s time to clean the bins themselves, leave 1 (One) cup of baking soda in the bottom of the box after they have been washed and dried. This can help absorb moisture and odors until next week when you clean the cans again.

Removes Odor Trash With Bleach

Sometimes you need a harsh disinfectant to remove germs and odors. Although bleach has its own strong odor, it can kill germs that can contribute to the stench of your garbage. Be careful with bleach. Most mechanical garbage cans will be suitable for this. However, you will have to be careful with the electrical parts of the automatic bins. Or even some built-in bin mechanisms.

Also, keep your work area well ventilated when working with bleach to avoid a concentration of fumes. Bleach can also be highly diluted and it will still work perfectly. Add 1/4 cup of bleach to 10 liters of lukewarm water to clean up spills and odors from the trash.

Cat Litter

The cat litter in the bottom of your trash can keep humidity and bad odors from entering your home. Cat litter absorbs odors and liquids, leaving a fresh smell near the trash can. After a week or when the litter becomes wet, just empty it and add more.

There isn’t much of a difference between inexpensive and more expensive litter, so keep the good stuff for the kitten and use the cheaper things at the bottom of your manual or automatic trash can.

Remove Trash Odor Scented Deodorant Wipes

Another great anti-odor tool for your waste is scented or absorbent wipes. Throw a sheet in the trash and the foul smells will be a thing of the past. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a new sheet.

You will always get your money’s worth with these used wipes that can still block odors in your trash bin under the sink. If you use them in the bin between the bottom and the bag, they tend to stick to the side of the bin if they get wet and then be difficult to remove. If the bin is particularly dirty, add a new unused wipe. The foul odor will quickly be replaced by a fresh odor.


The scented wipes that you use with clothes in the washing machine can also work their magic on bad odors from garbage cans. When you take out your automatic trash can or your built-in trash can, you only have to put one or two sheets under the new bag. The wipes absorb bad odors and leave a pleasant odor. Change the sheet each time you take out the trash.

Vanilla Extract

Here is a sweet solution! The extract you use when cooking also does the job of refreshing a smelly garbage can. After taking out the trash, put a few cotton balls, leave them in the bottom of your empty trash can and close the lid. Let them sit overnight so that the vanilla smell seeps in.


It has been proven that charcoal filters odors. In fact, it is used in cigarette filters and air purification units. You don’t need activated carbon; a bag of basic charcoal will do the trick. Crush it a little (try a pickaxe handle or a broom handle) and put the pieces in the trash under the sink. Let sit overnight to absorb odors.

Citrus Peelings

The zest of lemons, limes, and oranges is adept at masking odors from the waste. Use only dry skin.

Separate your waste to remove the bad smell of trash

One of the best techniques you can use to minimize the foul odor is to separate your waste. If you keep all your household waste in one bin, the odors will mix and multiply. Here’s how to separate the items:

Kitchen Waste, Food, and Other Biodegradable Waste

Your best option is to compost them and use them as straw or fertilizer. If this is not practical, do not mix vegetable peels, leftovers, or rotten food with other waste.

Cardboard and Paper Products

These can accumulate until you bring them to the recycling center or put them outside on a recycling day.

Recyclable and Non-biodegradable Waste

This includes plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and other non-biodegradable household waste.

Organize Access to the Garbage Room

For optimal use of the garbage room, access must be provided every day, even if the garbage collection takes place only once a week. In addition, the presence of access control with a badge or a key makes it possible to prevent people foreign to the condominium from emptying their trash cans in its garbage bins.

Provide Enough Bins

The household waste bins intended to contain the resident’s trash must be numerous enough to avoid any overflow between two collections. Their format must also be chosen according to the needs of the house and the space available in the room in order to always remain practical to use.

Obligations Regarding the Location of Garbage Bins

In a condominium building, the garbage bins must be placed in a garbage room which must be closed and ventilated and not communicate directly with the premises for residential use or those used to store goods such as strollers or bicycles, business premises, premises used for the restoration or sale of food products.

In addition, the premises must comply with a certain number of hygiene rules and be provided with impermeable and rot-proof floor and wall coverings, be equipped with doors that allow it to be closed hermetically, and prevent rodents and insects from entering.

Finally, the room must have a washing station and a water evacuation system to allow on-site cleaning of the dumpsters.

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