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trash can for recycling

Recycling waste has almost become a routine part of our daily life. And to easily contribute to this noble cause, you can choose to use recycling trash bins at home. These materials help differentiate the types of residues thanks to different compartments. Therefore recycling trash can is ideal for making a voluntary or forced contribution to this contemporary and responsible problem. A simple object at the base, choosing your best recycle bin is more difficult than it seems. Appearance, size, capacity, numbers of compartments are parameters to take into account to name a few. For More Information on Best Trash Can With Recycling, How They Work, and How to Choose Them, This Guide is For You.

 If you do not yet have a model available, we invite you to choose from our list of the best products

iTouchless 16 Gallon Dual Step Trash Can & Recycle Bin # 1 Best Seller

Key Feature:

  • Stainless Steel includes 2 x 8 Gallon (30L)
  • Removable Buckets with Handles
  • Package Dimensions: 28.1 x 21.4 x 17.1 inches
  • Soft-close and Recycle Decal included


Smart Recycling and Trash Solution

Blue side for recycling, black side for trash. Quick and easy way to separate trash and recyclables

Gentle and Silent Lid for Closing

With Durable, ergonomic pedal requires minimal force to open; easy to replace air damper for years of like-new performance.

Smart Odor Control System

Features dual AbsorbX odor filters, one for each side. AbsorbX filter absorbs & neutralizes odors the natural way for a fresh & clean-smelling home.

Color-Coded for Convenience Trash Can

Blue for Recyclables, Black for Garbage, Two separate compartments, and two pedals make it easy to separate trash and recycling. Each compartment has a removable eight-gallon bucket. The bucket grip holes make it easy to lift a bag without getting caught and still remove the buckets easily.

Removable Buckets with Handle

Taking out the trash and recycling is quick, easy, and mess-free. The two separate 8 Gallon inner buckets are easy to pull out with the convenient handle.

trash can and recycling

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Joseph Joseph Totem Trash Can and Recycling with Compost Bin

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: 60 Liter
  • 6.3-gallon multi-purpose drawer at the base of the unit
  • A 9.5-gallon general waste compartment at the top of the unit is removable
  • Product Dimensions: 15.8 x 11.8 x 31.5 inches
  • The carbon filter inside the lid helps eliminate odors
  • 1-gallon removable food compost bin

Product Description:

The Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Totem is an innovative system that combines all your waste and recycling requirements in one neat unit. The general waste compartment at the top has a removable inner bucket that takes custom-fit liners but includes liner-retaining holes if you’re using standard liners instead.


Breather vents make removing a full liner easier, while a carbon filter inside the lid helps eliminate odors and saves you emptying a half-full bag just because of the smell. A multi-purpose drawer sits at the base of the unit. Offering flexible use comes with a removable divider that’s perfect for separating different types of recycling and features specially designed hooks that allow you to fix two standard carrier bags inside.

Alternatively, custom-fit liners are available for a perfect fit. Totem Stainless Steel also features a removable food waste caddy. This can be stored on a kitchen worktop, in the general waste compartment, or in the multi-purpose drawer, whichever suits you best. Custom-fit compostable liners are also available, which fit neatly inside with no overhang. Both stylish and durable, the unit has a fingerprint-proof stainless-steel body and lid.

Custom-fit liners for the general waste compartment and drawer unit (IW1), compostable liners for the caddy (IW2), and replacements carbon filters are all available separately. External surfaces wipe clean with a damp cloth—liners and food waste caddy Clean with hot, soapy water.

totem trash can

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Simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can Recycler #Amazon’s Choice

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: 40 Liter / 10.6 Gallon
  • Dual compartments for trash can recycling
  • Silent close lid
  • Product Dimensions: 23.3 x 10.4 x 26 inches
  • Strong stainless steel step pedal
  • Innovative butterfly lid



Product Description:

The Simplehuman butterfly recycler has two buckets to separate trash and recyclables. The space-efficient design fits tight spaces with a narrow footprint and butterfly lid that opens from the center to work under low countertops. A solid steel pedal provides superior durability, and lid Shox(R) air suspension shocks control the lid’s motion for a slow, silent close.

Lid Shox Technology: Our stainless steel lids keep it quiet, so there’s no banging or loud noise with specially designed dampers that allow the lid to open easily but provide enough resistance, so it silently eases down gently.

Slim, Space-efficient Shape: The narrow profile of this butterfly waste bin makes the most of tight spaces, like in between cabinets or at the end of counters or islands.

Fingerprint-proof Coating: Our fingerprint-proof coating protects stainless steel from fingerprints and smudges and helps keep the outside of the garbage can looking spotless and shiny.

Trash and Recycling in One Convenient Place: Dual compartments make it easy to sort your trash and recycle in one space-efficient place with one side for trash and one side with a recycling bin for all your recyclables.

Innovative Butterfly Lid: Split doors open from the center for maximum clearance under low countertops.

Strong Steel Pedal: Go ahead, step on it as much as you want since the strong, wide stainless steel pedal is engineered to last for years, and you’ll never have to get your hands dirty.

simplehuman trash can with recycling

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Home Zone Living Dual Compartment Trash Can With Recycling

Key Feature:

  • Size: 50Liter Dual Recycle Bin
  • Efficiently sort your trash and recyclables with dual compartments
  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 23.8 x 14.8 inches
  • Very low maintenance makes cleaning easy and minimal

Product Description

The clear-coated stainless steel finish with the timeless design makes this 50-liter dual compartment trash bin ideal for placement in the kitchen, office, or virtually anywhere in the home where you need waste management.

Silent Lid Design: Our reinforced hinge controls the motion of the lid to ensure a soft and secure closure.

One Trash Can with Recycling and Garbage: A dual trash can is a perfect solution for storing recyclables and waste while using only a single bin. Ideal for the home, kitchen, or office.


trash can and recycling

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Simplehuman Rectangular Dual Compartment Step Recycling Trash Can

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: 12.2 Gallon / 46 Liter
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Dual compartments for trash and recycling
  • Product Dimensions: 12.8 x 19.8 x 25.7 inches
  • Fingerprint-proof coating
  • Silent close lid


Product Description

The Simplehuman rectangular recycler allows you to sort trash and recyclables all in one integrated can neatly.

Lid Shox Technology: Our stainless steel lids keep it quiet, so there’s no banging or loud noise with specially designed dampers that allow the lid to open easily but provide enough resistance, so it silently eases down gently.

Strong Steel Pedal: Go ahead, step on it as much as you want since the strong, wide stainless steel pedal is engineered to last long, and you’ll never have to get your hands dirty.

Fingerprint-proof Coating: Our fingerprint-proof coating helps keep stainless steel looking spotless and shiny.

Custom Fit Liners: Complete your rubbish experience with our custom fit liners that are designed to stay neatly hidden but, more importantly, are strong and durable without tearing or leaks.

Trash and Recycling in One Convenient Place: Dual compartments make it easy to sort your trash and recycle in one space-efficient place with one side for trash and one side with a recycling bin for all your recyclables.

trash cans and recycling for kitchen

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SONGMICS 16 Gallon Step Trash Can, Double Recycle Pedal Bin

Key Feature:

  • Product Dimensions: 23 x 12.6 x 25.6 inches
  • 2 x 30L Garbage Bin with Plastic Inner Buckets
  • The foot pedal gives the trash can a hands-free opening
  • Fingerprint-Proof Stainless Steel
Best Trash Can With Recycling

Product Descriptions:

Sorts of Household Rubbish

Designed to handle your waste and recyclables, the SONGMICS trash can with two separate compartments is a perfect refuse solution for sorting recyclables, compost, and other garbage.

Convenient & Silent

The easy, hands-free step pedals allow you to sort your items into separate removable inner buckets; the lids close slowly and silently without a loud clang.

Fits With Your Decor

Finished in an anti-fingerprint stainless steel finish, this recycled bin matches any color scheme perfectly and keeps your kitchen neat. Your rubbish bin doesn’t have to look like rubbish; SONGMICS dual pedal trash can is sleek and stylishly fits into the background, making it perfect for your home!

kitchen trash can with recycling

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Organize It All 3 Compartment Step-On 45 Liter Recycling Trash Can

Key Feature:

  • 12-Gallon Capacity
  • Details include foot pedals, bucket handles, and independent lids
  • Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 24 x 19 inches
  • Side-by-side triple compartment recycle bin

Product Description

New Home 12 Gallon Stainless Step-On Recycle Bins Orting a pile of recycling can be messy and time-consuming, so this handy divided recycle bin from New Home is designed to keep things organized from the start. The piece features three internal compartments for a side-by-side collection of different recyclables. Each compartment removes individually for emptying, and bucket handles make them easy to carry.
A boon when hands are full, the color-coded step-on pedals open the lids independently and with very little effort. This bin includes three 4-gallon containers for a total capacity of 12 gallons or 45 liters. Side-by-side triple compartment recycle bin; 12-gallon capacity Constructed from stainless steel with plastic liners for durability details include foot pedals, bucket handles, and independent lid swipes down for easy cleaning;

trash can and recycling

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NINESTARS Automatic Trash Can with Recycler

Key Feature:

  • Capacity 18 Gallon
  • D Shape Silver/Black Lid & Stainless Base
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 21.3 x 26.2 inches
  • Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor


Product Description

This 18 Gal Recycling stainless steel trash can is designed and engineered by Ninestars. The first innovative touchless design for recycling purposes can use in any kitchen, office pantry room, cafeteria, restaurant, and another recycling area. This recycles trash can use the most advanced sensor technology found in all Ninestars trash cans.


Pass your hand or debris within ten inches or a 130° angle from the infrared sensor, and the lid will automatically open. The lid will remain open if debris or hand remains within the range of the infrared sensor. Three seconds after your hand moves away from the lid; it will close automatically. Includes a garbage bag ring to keep the bag hidden from public view for a neat and clean appearance.


NOTE: 1. Please ensure the battery has the correct direction of the positive and negative inserts. 2. Please make sure after the battery input, the power button is turned on, which is located on the side of the lid. 3. Please make sure the lid is securely pushed down the base of the trash can.

nine stars trash can/recycler


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Trashco POP UP Recycle Trash Bins

Key Feature:

  • Package Dimensions: 16.5 x 12.8 x 10.5 inches
  • Makes recycling a snap!
  • Holds 60 cans or bottles
  • Container pops open and stands up by itself
  • Each bin ships the size of half a pizza box
  • Re-usable

Product Description:

The Ultimate Party and home recycling bins make recycling a snap! New flings Pop-Up recycling bins make it easy to recycle on any occasion, including parties, picnics, sporting events, and more. These convenient, portable, compact bins are ready to use anytime, anywhere. They’re even great for everyday use as your home recycle bin. Each recycling bin saves 60 cans or bottles from the landfill. With Flings Home Recycle Bins, you never have to worry about recycling getting mixed in with trash!


Now family and party guests can easily differentiate between trash and recycling, making cleaning up more accessible than ever. Try Flings At Your Next Event Or As Your Convenient Home Recycling Bin Whether it’s a football tailgate, summer get-together, or a holiday cocktail event, party hosts can plan for every celebration by providing a convenient recycling option for guests.

Flings Pop-Up Home Recycle Trash Can

all Kitchen Size, 13 Gallon capacity extra-strong leak-proof feature the universal recycling symbol for easy identification decorative pattern fits all party and home decor each bin holds 60 cans or bottles.
Features a built-in drawstring for easy transporting Convenient portable compact arrive flat and ready to use in a snap perfect for storing or taking them on the go our party and home recycling bins Make It Easy To Capture Recycling Any Place!
trash can for recycling

Simplehuman 35 Liter Under Counter Kitchen Pull-Out Recycler

Key Feature:

  • Size: 9.3 Gallon
  • Keep trash and recyclables neatly sorted and concealed inside the cabinet
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 18.3 x 19.6 inches
  • Easy-to-install dual compartment pull-out recycling trash can


Product Description:

Keep trash and recyclables neatly sorted and concealed inside the cabinet. Our easy-to-install dual compartment pull-out recycling trash can glides out of the cabinet on smooth commercial-grade ball-bearing tracks for quick and easy access.

kitchen trash can with recycle

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EKO Dual Compartment Stainless Steel Recycle Step Trash Can

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: 30 Liter + 15 Liter Compartments
  • Fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish
  • Soft-close damper lid with patented “Easy-Lock” stay open lid mechanism
  • Durable cantilever foot pedal mechanism. Indoor
  • Product Dimensions: 23.8 x 12.6 x 19.4 inches
  • Dual liner buckets separate waste from recyclables
  • Built-in deodorizer compartment and plastic bag stabilizer



Product Description:

The EcoCasa II rectangular step trash can is an understated masterpiece of efficiency. The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish can ward off smears and smudges, but it can’t hide the workhorse within, which makes it a snap to separate household waste from recyclables.

A soft close damper lid ensures quiet operation; our patented “Easy-Lock” mechanism keeps the lid up when needed. Two separate cantilever foot pedals open the separate chambers, one holding 30L the other 15L – you decide which works best for your household.

The polypropylene inner liners lift out easy emptying and have a cut-out plastic bag stabilizer to prevent slippage. It also has a built-in deodorizer compartment that uses your favorite means to keep your recycle bin and home smelling fresher.

Ergonomic Cantilever Foot Pedals

Two separate cantilever foot pedals open the separate chambers – one holding 30L the other 15L – you decide which works best for your household.

Space-saving Rectangular Design

The Eco-Casa recycle step trash can performs as cleanly as it looks with a refined minimalist style.

Convenient Bag Stabilizer

The polypropylene inner liners lift out for easy emptying and have a cut-out plastic bag stabilizer to prevent slippage.

best dual compartment trash can

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Simplehuman Dual Compartment Semi-Round Open Commercial Trash Can Recycler

Key Feature

  • Capacity: 17.4 Gallon / 66 Liter
  • Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Space-efficient shape for placement against the wall and out of the way
  • Product Dimensions: 14.3 x 14.3 x 27.6 inches
  • Thick, heavy-gauge steel makes this can dent-resistant and sturdy
  • Large capacity and an open lid


Best Trash Can With Recycling


Product Description

The simple human dual compartment semi-round open trash can make it easy to neatly sort your trash and recyclables in one convenient, space-efficient place. It has a flat back for placement against the wall and out of the way, while its open lid design makes it easy to toss in trash on the go.

The heavy-gauge stainless steel construction, Lift-Off lid, and extra-large capacity make it an ideal choice for commercial spaces such as restaurants and coffee shops or even busy families.

Trash and recycling in one convenient place

Dual compartments make it easy to sort your trash and recycling in one space-efficient place with one side for trash and one side for all your recyclables.

trash can for recycling

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Q1: What is the color code for the recycling bins?

This system is used to facilitate the distinction of the locations of such and such waste. Thus, it presents itself in three main aspects: yellow, green, blue. The first category corresponds to plastic-type waste. In other words, all the used things made from this element are grouped together. For green, it is glass objects that enter it. As for blue, it is reserved for paper residues of all kinds. These could be unusable folders or boxes. It is also possible to see gray or black bins. These are for debris not belonging to any of the above classifications.

Q2: For selective sorting: what to put in which bin?

For a good distinction, the bottles and plastic packaging should be added to a yellow bin. This is also valid for models with a pedal of the same color on it. Jars, glass wine bottles, or the like should be placed in a green cabinet. However, you should not add broken or broken dishes. Newspapers, leaflets, magazines, boxes will be integrated into a blue material. This way of doing things improves the recycling process of this rubbish. It also saves time in their processing.

Q3: In which trash can I throw my clothes or shoes?

These somewhat peculiar residues are mostly taken back if they are in good condition. So it would help if you didn’t put them in a regular landfill or recycling trash can. There are usually dedicated containers for these items that you no longer use. They are largely placed in neighborhood streets. There are also specialized waste collection centers that collect them in certain municipalities. Put your used clothes in these boxes. If necessary, they can be collected by humanitarian associations which then redistribute them.

Q4: The polystyrene goes in the yellow or green bin?

This element is not integrated into recycling materials, regardless of the color code. Indeed, it is not being repaired since there are only a tiny number of companies that are currently doing it. Therefore, please place it in the regular garbage bags when you need to throw it away. Concretely, household appliances such as televisions, PCs, Hi-Fi systems are accompanied by them as wedges. You also have the option of arranging them in gray or black containers, if there are any. They will therefore be mixed with normal debris.

Q5: How to clean the trash container?

To do this, you will need a garden hose, dishwasher liquid, and a high-pressure spray. The first step is to choose a suitable location for this operation. The exterior of the house or the garden will do. Then add a squirt of the dishwasher to the bottom of the tank in question. Then wet the inside with your pipe and sprayer. Wait and let the mixture work for a while, which is 10 to 20 minutes. Use a broom to scrub the sides and bottom of the material. Therefore, no dirt will get stuck on it. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water until it is clean. You can put a disinfectant in the bin so that it is fully reusable afterward.

Choosing Your Best Recycling Trash Can

What factors should be taken into account when making your purchase decision? Some several characteristics and properties guarantee good quality and will allow you to choose the best sorting bin suitable for your use.

Unlike the classic single-compartment bin, the selective sorting bin simplifies the recycling of waste. Most often with 2 or 3 different compartments, it is now easy to dispose of the rubbish separately. The selective sorting bin is really the bin of the future. Indeed it adapts too many uses, and types of homes, even the office as the offer is complete.

Under the Sink, Built-in or Placed on The Floor?

This is the first question to ask. Either you have room outside your furniture or the best recycling bin to be placed on the floor is suitable. It is generally fitted with pedals to open the compartment (s).

Or, for lack of space or simply because you want it, the selective sorting bin takes place in a cupboard. We talk about selective sorting trash under the sink because it is generally the place it will take. But this is not systematic; the most generic term is recycling trash bins for selective sorting.

Note that it is quite possible to take a classic trash can for recycling and place it in a cabinet. But pay attention to the movement of the cover and maintenance.

The Number of Compartments

All the more reason to calmly choose the number of compartments you need. The garbage can is classified according to two main categories:

  • Daily waste such as fermentable, packaging, or paper/cardboard.
  • Exceptional waste such as oil, batteries, household appliances, outdoor garbage.

Simply put, daily waste is regular, bulky, and sparse. These will be the ones whose volume to be sorted every day will have to be estimated, and they will find their place in the recycling bin. While exceptional or external waste will find its place in the other waste category.

The most frequent use is sorting on the one hand of degradable or fermentable daily waste and the other hand of packaging; two bins will suffice. If, in addition, the paper/cardboard boxes have to be sorted, choose a recycling bin with three compartments.

Finally, we recommend choosing compartments with removable bins to reduce the damage caused if the garbage bag is torn.


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