What Are The Different Trash Bin?

Humans still dirty their living environment, but they have a duty to keep it clean to limit the risk of illness and accidents. For this reason, we often notice in the interior and exterior of habitats and even in public places containers of a different trash bin with colors and lids: they are garbage cans.


Garbage cans containers collecting waste differ in shape, size, aesthetic purpose, and capacity. They can contain a volume ranging from 80 to 1100 liters. The opening and closing system lid allow users to avoid seeing the waste and not feeling the smell of degradation. The bins are either stainless steel or plastic or steel, to name a few. Whatever the material of manufacture, the garbage cans are categorized according to the use.

The Types of Different Trash Bin

The categorization of garbage cans is done according to whether individuals or municipalities will use them. Two types are indoor trash and city containers.

Indoor Trash Cans

They are used at home. Indoor bins are characterized by practicality and aesthetics. They vary according to the function assigned to them. Thus, we have the general garbage (receive all the garbage and often found in the kitchen), the table garbage (used for the garbage of meal), the personalized garbage for bathroom, laundry, garage, toilet, and others.

More and more today, the high-quality interior bins have different urns for selective sorting an automatic opening and closing system based on motion detection.

Stainless Steel Trash Can

City Containers

Still known as “outdoor garbage cans,” they are intended for the sanitation of public space. They are found in streets and public squares. They are of two types: “all-in” bins and sorting bins.

“Trash” garbage cans can collect various wastes such as cigarette butts, household garbage, and many others. They can be in the form of a transparent bag, classic bin (metal or plastic, with or without lid), and iron bin. They can also be for specific use (beaches, festivals, natural parks).

Sorting bins work on the principle of selective sorting. The latter is based on a color code: a trash color corresponds to a specific type of waste. This code is defined by the community. Among sorting bins, there are those for household waste, plastic bottles, glasses, cardboard and paper, site waste, specific waste. Considering the colors, we have:

Blue (paper, newspapers …)

Yellow (preserves, cardboard, plastics, cans…)

Green (glasses)

Black (organic waste)

Gray, brown or red (non-recyclable waste)

Garbage cans collect the waste of human activity. There are two main types of garbage cans that are garbage cans for indoor use that vary depending on the functions and bins for outdoor use that vary according to the colors and types of waste. Whatever the type, they are of different shapes and sizes. You will surely find it to your liking!

Different types of waste bins


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