Top 10 Best Commercial Trash Cans Reviews 2022

commercial trash bin

Maintaining cleanliness is essential in homes, offices, or in alternative industrial places. However, commercial trash cans have created everything simple. Therefore, many of us have opted to travel for these trash cans, not knowing the most effective for them. Even so, we have reviewed over one hundred trash cans; therefore, having the most effective information to guide you and convince you on the simplest.

Each garbage can has its options, and you must think about the one that suits your wants. Moreover, various manufacturers have designed their products with fashionable and sleek features. These options are for simple mistreatment. Our expertise on these products can assist you to perceive and understand better the trash cans. On the other hand, trash cans are on the market at a decent and reasonable price.

These are the Top Rated Best Commercial Trash Cans

Rubbermaid Commercial Trash Can FG262073BLUE BRUTE Heavy-Duty Recycling Bin

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: 20-Gallon
  • Product Dimensions: 22.3 x 19.4 x 22.9 inches
  • Color: Blue Recycling
  • Integrated Clinches
  • The rim features an integrated rib structure to increase strength and resist crushing.
  • Base Handles
  • Amazon’s Choice
Rubbermaid Commercial Trash can standardize reliable garbage collection in medium-to-high traffic areas. Built tough and versatile, these garbage cans feature revolutionary venting channels that let air flow into the receptacle, making liners up to 50 percent easier to remove. In addition, integrated cinches allow bags to be attached to handles without knots for faster liner changes, while contoured base handles and rounded top handles make it easier for staff to lift and transport these receptacles in any facility.
Constructed of the highest quality materials, these crush-resistant garbage cans have heavy-duty, reinforced bases that hold up even when dragged across rough surfaces. These stackable trash cans are to save space and provide an unbeatable value with their easy-to-clean, seamless construction, UV inhibitor, and never fade, warp, crack, or crush guarantee.
commercial garbage can
Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG262073BLUE BRUTE Heavy-Duty Round Recycling/Composting Bin, 20-Gallon

Toter Commercial / Residential Heavy Duty 2-Wheeled Trash Can with Attached Lid.

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: Multiple
  • Rugged rim design and bottom wear strip provide
  • Toter Trash Can design is compatible with automated and semi-automated
  • Rugged wheels make Toter cans easy to maneuver
A heavy-duty Toter commercial trash can is a 2-wheeled container with a molded-in axle and attached lid. Toter trash and recycling can offer a service life expectancy virtually double that of other brands, and each comes with a 10-year warranty. The large footprint and aerodynamic design create superior wind and set-down stability and are compatible with automated or semi-automated collection waste truck lifters.


The rugged wheels make Toter cans easy to maneuver, and the ergonomic design leads it easy to tilt and roll, even when full. Toter cans are manufactured through a patented molding process which allows for added rigidity and extra material in critical wear areas, creating their patented rugged rim at the top edge and the wear strip at the bottom of the container.
commercial trash bin
Toter 25532-R1129 Residential Heavy Duty Two Wheeled Trash Can, 32 Gallon

Suncast BMTCW96BL Commercial Wheeled Trash Can

Key Feature:

  • Clean access handle on lid
  • Drain plug designed for easy cleanout
  • Nylon bushings for a smoother ride
  • Attached Lid
  • Hdpe for strength and rigidity
  • Cold impact construction stands up to cold environments


Suncast Commercial Trash Can

Product Description:

The blow-molded Suncast Commercial trash can with wheels is one of the toughest cans on the market. It is made of high-density polyethylene to withstand even the most demanding jobs. With a nylon Bushing between the axle and the wheel itself, our wheeled trash can will have a smoother roll with lasting durability. Unlike any other roll-out container on the market, our exclusive drain plug promotes easy cleanout in any situation.
Conveniently wash out your wheeled trash can after use to maintain a clean and odorless interior. Our lid is designed with a clean access handle so you can easily open the lid without coming in contact with the inside. The lid is also designed to eliminate pooling water and has special UV inhibitors along with cold impact modifiers for lasting durability.
commercial trash can
Suncast Commercial BMTCW96BL Wheeled Trash Can, 43.75″ Height, 31″ Width, 96 gal Capacity

Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Products BRUTE Rollout Commercial Trash Can with Wheel

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: 65-Gallon
  • Product Dimensions: 27 x 40 x 28 inches
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Easy mobility for material handling
  • Reinforced rim for superior structural integrity and robust lid

The Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE Rollout Trash/Recycling Can with Hinged Lid is the industry leader in waste and material handling applications. These seamless rectangular recycle bins are constructed of durable polyethylene with a hinged lid, integrated handle, inset wheels and are imprinted with the universal recycling symbol for increased waste management compliance. Heavy-duty polyethylene weighs less than aluminum or steel and resists cracking.


The hinged lid open fully and locks against the trash/recycling bins. A molded-in axle retainer adds strength, while inset wheels make the recycle bin maneuverable and help prevent damage to walls and doorways. A molded-in catch bar makes the trash/recycle bins compatible with automated and semi-automated lift systems for curbside garbage and recycling collection.

rubbermaid commercial outdoor trash cans
Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG9W2100GRAY BRUTE Rollout Heavy-Duty Wheeled Trash/Garbage Can, 65-Gallon

Carlisle 34103214 Bronco Round Commercial Waste Container

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: Multiple
  • Tight Sealing Lids
  • Color:Blue
  • High-strength plastic walls and double reinforced stress ribs withstand daily use in commercial environments.


Product Description:

Carlisle Bronco 32 gallon polyethylene waste container has a heavy-duty construction with double-reinforced stress ribs. Ergonomic Comfort Curve handles provide easy handling even when full. BPA free. Drag skids for ultimate durability. Deep hand holds on base for safe controlled tipping or overhead lifting. NSF Std. 2 for food contact and clean-ability. It is made in the USA. NSF listed. 18-inches bottom diameter. 22.38-inches in top diameter. 25-1/2-inches diameter with handles.


commercial trash can
Carlisle 34103214 Bronco Round Waste Container Only, 32 Gallon

Rubbermaid  Commercial Recycling Bins Stackable

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: Multiple
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Stackable for convenient use of multiple containers

Product Description:

The Rubbermaid Recycling Bin is made of post-consumer recycled resin for commercial recycling use. This recycle bin is stackable for the convenient use of multiple containers at one time and nestable for easy storage. This recycling bin is imprinted with the universal recycling logo for increased waste management compliance.


rubbermaid commercial trash can
Rubbermaid Commercial Stackable Recycling Bin, 18 Gallon, Blue (FG571873BLUE)

Safco Canmeleon Outdoor/Indoor Recessed Panel Trash Can with Ashtray

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: 38 Gallon 
  • Product Dimensions: 18 1/4″W x 18 1/4″D x 39 1/4″H
  • Decorative Fluted Panels
  • Stainless Steel Ashtray

Product Description:

Cameleon Outdoor/Indoor Recessed Panel Trash Can with Ashtray blends decorative fluted panels with a built-in stainless steel ashtray to help enhance outdoor areas while keeping them clean and litter-free. Molded from high-density polyethylene with UV inhibitors, this waste container performs well outdoors and indoors. The telescoping base hides the liner bag and includes a recessed bottom for easy maintenance.
The covered dome features four 13″W x 6″H openings that let you discard waste without touching the lid, which may help reduce the spread of germs. For weather resistance and to help prevent vandalism, the bottom of the weather-resistant trash container can be fastened to the pavement or weighted with sand or paving bricks. Ideal for use on outdoor patios, meeting spaces, cafés, hotels, recreational and picnic areas, corporate and college campuses, boardwalks, malls, tourist attractions, and other high-traffic outdoor locations.
Trash Can with Ashtray
Safco Products Canmeleon Outdoor/Indoor Recessed Panel Trash Can with Ash Urn 9477BL, Black, Decorative Fluted Panels, Stainless Steel Ashtray, 38 Gallon Capacity.

Simplehuman 50 Liter Slim Open Commercial Grade Top Trash Can

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: 13.2 Gallon
  • Heavy Gauge Brass Stainless Steel
  • Product Dimensions: 18.2 x 10.7 x 27.3 Inches
  • Amazon’s Choice

Product Description:

The Simplehuman slim, open trash can has a space-efficient shape designed for tight spaces, while its open lid makes it easy to toss in trash on the go. The heavy-gauge stainless steel construction, Lift-Off lid, and large capacity make it an ideal choice for busy, high-traffic areas such as restaurants, coffee shops, and hotel lobbies. No bunching or slipping
simplehuman commercial trash can
simplehuman 50 Liter / 13.2 Gallon Slim Open Top Trash Can, Commercial Grade, Heavy Gauge Brushed Stainless Steel with Blue Trim

Rubbermaid Commercial Collapsible X-Cart, 8 Bushel Cart

Key Feature:

  • Size:8 Bushel
  • Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 36 x 34.7 Inches
  • Cart’s width reduced by 75% when collapsed
  • Amazon’s Choice

Product Description: 

Rubbermaid Commercial 1881750 Executive Series Collapsible Basket, 8-Bushel. Robust stainless steel powder-coated frame prevents rusting and supports 220 pounds of load. The cart’s width was reduced by 75% when it collapsed. The unit stays upright in the collapsed position. The multi-stream option provides the ability to divide and sort materials easily. Premium quiet casters swivel for superior maneuverability, while bumper guards add extra protection during transport.
Rubbermaid Commercial Collapsible X-Cart, Steel, 8 Bushel Cart

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Slim Plastic Rectangular Trash Can with Venting Channels

Key Feature:

  • Capacity: 16 Gallon
  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 11 x 25 inches

Product Description:

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products Vented Slim Jim Trash Can Waste Receptacle is crafted to make waste management compliance easier and reduce strain on workers. Constructed of high-quality, commercial-grade materials, these trash cans feature 4 venting channels that make removing garbage bags up to 80% easier than traditional straight wall receptacles. By allowing air to flow into the can, liners can be pulled more easily from the garbage can, reducing strain on staff and increasing efficiency. 4 bag cinches around the rib-strengthened reinforced rim create quick, knot-free liner changes.
Sturdy handles and molded base grips make transporting and emptying contents more ergonomic, while the step design prevents jamming when containers are nested. In addition, the Vented Slim Jim waste receptacle is designed for superior durability and maximum efficiency.
rubbermaid commercial trash can with wheels
Rubbermaid Commercial Products Slim Jim Plastic Rectangular Trash/Garbage Can with Venting Channels, 16 Gallon, Gray (1971258)


To meet its needs for collecting waste from the company’s discharge, the latter can have two types of trash:

The Trash Container:

Ranging from 120 to 1100 Liter and composed of various materials, the trash container is the essential element for the management of the company’s waste.

The Construction Commercial Bin:

Made of galvanized steel or plastic, ranging from 35 to 165 L and available in several colors, it accompanies the company on all its trips and allows good management of its waste.

Namely that any company, regardless of its field of activity, is responsible for its waste. It must sort them correctly and ensure that their disposal complies with the regulations.


When the bins are not intended for commercial waste they are made available to users/individuals/employees, we find in this category:

The City Bin: It is suitable for all outdoor public spaces, streets, schools, parks. It has a beautiful aesthetic and different accommodation capacity.

The Trash Bin: The city trash but for covered spaces, such as yards, for example.

The Ashtray Bin: Presents the characteristics of the city bin with the addition of the ashtray option. It is recommended for break areas or in all places where users tend to smoke and deposit their cigarette butts on the ground due to the lack of means available to them.

The Specific Public Trash Bin: There are trash cans with options or specific utility; there is the fast-food trash, educational trash, trash for canine dejection.

The Selective Sorting Bin: Compartmented terminal for several types of waste is recommended for cities wishing to participate strongly in recycling.

Garbage Bag Support: Wall, floor, or pole is an essential tool for the standard. It is also recommended that areas with little space do not require an elaborate bin whose cost would be too high for the utility.

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